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255 Exit

“Do you know how to get out of here”

The little skeleton, Nan Qingyu, shook his head.

“I dont know.

When I came here, I was already dead.

Everything here was designed by my father and mother.”

Nan Qingyu looked at them.

“Why do you want to go out Cant you just stay here”

Lu Xiaocha touched her stomach.

“Its fine for you to stay here because you dont have to eat, but we have to eat.

Im already hungry!”

Her expression was a little devastated.

It had been a long time since she had experienced hunger in this world.

Now, she felt that she could eat a cow.

Nan Qingyu was stunned for two seconds before she suddenly remembered that humans had to eat.

He had been dead for thousands of years and had long forgotten about this.

He scratched his round bald head.

“Ah… I forgot.”

There was no more food in his ancient tomb.

Even if there was, they definitely could not eat it now.

“Then look around.

There should be an exit.”

After all, those who designed the ancient tomb needed an exit too.

boxn ovel.


When Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye went to find the exit, Nan Qingyu climbed up her clothes to her shoulder.

“Ill go with you.”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Youre not staying here anymore”

Nan Qingyu said, “You can try staying here for a few thousand years and see if you want to go out.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Alright, but when they reached the pile of gold ingots, Nan Qingyu stopped them.

“Pick up a few gold ingots for me!”

She did not know if it was an illusion, but she felt that the light in the skeletons eyes had brightened.

But now that Nan Qingyu was so small, he could only hold one ingot, let alone a few.

He immediately became anxious.

“Forget it, forget it.

You guys go find it yourself.

Put me on the mountain of gold!”

It looked like this was a little skeleton that loved money!

“You like gold so much,” Lu Xiaocha muttered.

She picked up the little skeleton and placed him on the mountain.

Like a dragon that loved gold, he lay on the neatly stacked gold ingots and rolled around.

He hugged the round and cute gold ingots and rubbed them against each other.

“Gold is so beautiful.

Its a pity that my bones arent golden.

Otherwise, it would be even more beautiful.”

Imagine how beautiful his golden bones would be!

Lu Xiaocha placed the gold ingot in her hand on it.

“So all the gold in this ancient tomb is because you like it”

Nan Qingyu raised her head.

“In my short life, I only had this little hobby.

Of course, my father and mother satisfied me.

They even gave me a gold mine.

All the gold dug out is mine.”

The little skeleton was very happy.

It hugged a gold ingot happily.

“I thought I would never be able to touch gold after I died.

I didnt expect to wake up one day, hehe…”

He had been deeply in love with gold since he was young.

Because he was the first child of his father and mother, and because he was a premature child who had been poisoned, his father and mother were especially tolerant and indulgent towards him.

They would get him anything he liked.

However, he liked very few things.

Gold was one of his little hobbies.

He liked this bright golden color.

With the permission of the tomb master, Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye began to look for the mechanism that might be hidden.

However, this ancient tomb was really built tightly, as if there was no other exit other than the place they came from.

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Is there anywhere else we havent checked”

Fu Ye looked at her and finally looked at Nan Qingyus coffin.

“Nan Qingyu, could the exit be at your coffin”

Nan Qingyu, who was happily burying himself in the gold ingots, tilted her head.

“I dont know.”

In the end, he reluctantly gave up his gold and ran behind Lu Xiaocha with his short legs.

The coffin was vermillion in color.

It looked like the color of a tree itself.

There were many jewels and gold embedded in it.

Moreover, this coffin was really big.

It was not a problem for three people to lie side by side.

After the coffin was opened, it was exceptionally clean.

Nan Qingyu whined, “Of course its clean.

I got up to clean it.”

He was also a little skeleton who loved cleanliness.

When he first woke up, he almost suffocated when he saw the environment in the coffin.

Even a skeleton could not stand it!

The rotten flesh and clothes were stuck together.

The coffin was dirty and disgusting.

On the first day he woke up, he almost cried from disgust.

It took him a lot of effort to clean his coffin and put some treasures inside.

There didnt seem to be anything unusual in the coffin, so tney could only move it away.

This was not much trouble for Lu Xiaocha.

She easily moved the heavy coffin away.

After moving the coffin away, there didnt seem to be any problems.

“Is there really no exit”

Nan Qingyu circled the realm gate twice and even knocked on it with his finger.

“What is this thing I seem to have woken up because of it.”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at him and replied, “The world is in the process of recovering spiritual energy.

The appearance of the realm gate has brought a huge amount of spiritual energy to the world.”

Nan Qingyu said, “I feel like theres something powerful inside, but it cant get out.”

Lu Xiaocha leaned against the coffin dejectedly and fiddled with a red bead on the coffin.

“Im so hungry…”

She really wanted to eat…

As she spoke, the read bead clicked.


With a series of cracking sounds, the ancient tomb began to tremble slightly.

Fu Ye: “!!!”

Nan Qingyu: “!!!”

In the next second, a hole appeared under their feet.

Then, the small skeleton was a little slow to react and rolled down the stone steps.


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