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251 The Godslayer Wants to Feast


Fu Yes heart beat violently.

He could clearly feel the pain from the bones in his body, as if they had been shattered and reassembled.

No one noticed that under the terrifying lightning, the body of the youth lying on the ground gradually changed.

First, his eyes turned purple-black, and his pupils dilated.

His black hair gradually grew longer, and black fur began to grow on his deformed face.

It kept growing larger, bursting his clothes.

Amidst the lightning, the originally silver-white color gradually had a hint of purple-black.

It lingered in the black cloud like a spirit snake.

As the second bolt of lightning descended, no one realized that the small purple-black bolt had left the lightning and headed not far away.

In the end, it landed on Fu Ye.

The lightning dissipated, and the person lying on the ground disappeared.

In his place was a huge black wolf more than three meters tall.

The black wolfs chest heaved violently, and he stood up right after that.

At this moment, Fu Ye did not know what state he was in.

He ran into the lightning without caring about his own safety.

‘Little brat, arent you usually so powerful Please dont…

‘What the f*ck was that!

Seeing a black shadow smashing towards him, Fu Ye perfectly used his bloodline advantage and dodged at lightning speed.

Then, the black shadow brushed past his fur and smashed behind him.

boxn ovel.


Fu Ye turned around and took a look.

Good lord, he looked a little familiar!

It was mainly because the red clothes looked familiar, but his entire body had turned into a charcoal-like existence.

Fu Ye stopped suddenly.

The already charred ground was scratched by its steel-like wolf claws, creating a few deep scratches.

The huge black wolf ran back and lowered its head to pull at the black thing.


He seemed to have died.

Ignoring it, Fu Ye turned around and continued to run into the lightning.


A painful roar came from ahead.

Fu Ye became more and more anxious, and his heart beat faster and faster.

‘Lu Xiaocha, if you die…

How can I explain this to the Lu Family.

Before he could figure out the rest, Fu Ye looked at the scene in front of him in a daze.

Fu Ye, who had transformed into a wolf, could see even in the dark.

Therefore, at this moment, he could clearly see the person he had been looking for.

At this moment, she had black curly hair and a dirty face.

She carried the Godslayer and knocked on a huge skeletons head.

It was like knocking on a wooden fish.

“Ha… Say that again, ant!”

Fu Ye, whose hearing was especially sharp now, heard Lu Xiaocha say this.

Fu Ye was speechless.

The skeleton general was only left with its head stubbornly standing on the black scorched earth.

Its aura was so weak that it was almost nonexistent.

Lu Xiaocha knocked on it again and again until the skull cracked.

In the end, the skeleton general died unwillingly.

Fu Ye didnt know if it was his imagination, but he felt that he saw grievance on the skulls face.

It had indeed died too aggrievedly.

Without Lu Xiaocha, even if the humans set up the array and attracted this lightning, it would at most weaken it by half.

It could still continue to cause trouble.

However, because of Lu Xiaocha, it died of anger.

After confirming that the skull was silent, Lu Xiaocha turned around and saw the big black wolf standing not far away with a complicated expression.

The eyes and teeth of the little girl, who had been struck black by lightning, were exceptionally bright as she stared straight at him.

Fu Ye opened his mouth to call Lu Xiaocha, but he realized that the sound was a low wolf roar.

Fu Ye was speechless.

He suddenly panicked and had a bad feeling.

The killing intent suddenly attacked him.

Fu Ye instinctively leaned over and rolled, successfully dodging the shot with his intuition.

The dark-haired girls eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent.

“There are still fish that escaped the net!”

Fu Ye: Sh*t!!!

‘I didnt die by lightning, but Ill be beaten to death by you!

Unable to speak now, Fu Ye quickly moved his claws wretchedly on the ground.

A few minutes later…


Fu Ye quickly dodged Lu Xiaochas attack and kept pointing his claws at the ground.

Lu Xiaocha put away the Godslayer forcefully.

In fact, she had realized that this black wolf had no ill intentions towards her after two to three rounds.

She had actually planned to stop, but the Godslayer seemed to be too excited.

Moreover, it was the Godslayer who led her to fight.

She looked at the ground and stood a little further away before she could see it clearly.

It took her a while to recognize it.

“Fu Ye”

These two words were written crookedly on the ground.

The black wolf collapsed to the ground.

He was f*cking exhausted.

For the first time, Fu Ye hated his name because it was too hard to write.

Hearing his name read out from the little girls mouth, Fu Ye quickly nodded.

Lu Xiaocha blinked and looked at the wolf and then at the words on the ground.

“You know Fu Ye”

Fu Ye was speechless.

Well, he couldnt blame her.

After all, who would have thought that he would suddenly turn into a wolf

The black wolf pointed at the name on the ground and then at himself.

Lu Xiaocha was stunned for a few seconds before her eyes widened.

“Youre Fu Ye!”

The black wolf nodded helplessly.

It was too vexing that he couldnt speak like this.

The worst thing was that he didnt know if he could change back!

Lu Xiaocha said, “Youre not human anymore!”

Fu Ye was speechless.

Why did her words sound so weird

Curious, Lu Xiaocha ran over with the Godslayer and circled him twice.

“Are you really Fu Ye Then why was the Godslayer so excited just now that it wanted to kill you immediately”

Fu Ye paused for a moment, then his sharp eyes stared straight at the Godslayer in Lu Xiaochas hand.

‘Good lord, so it was you!

Godslayer: I dont understand what youre talking about.

Im just a weapon.

Now that the misunderstanding was resolved, Lu Xiaocha actually wanted to know how Fu Ye had become a wolf.

However, Fu Ye could not speak now, so she could only give up.

“By the way, have you seen Yin Shian He couldnt stand the lightning and was thrown out by me.”

Fu Ye nodded.

Not only did he see him, but if he went out now, he could probably dig a hole and bury the Zombie.

Fu Ye didnt think too much about Yin Shian.

Instead, his eyes landed on Lu Xiaochas… ears from time to time.

The reason why his gaze frequently landed on her ears was mainly that her ears had turned into two pitch-black ears that resembled lop-eared rabbits.

He did not know if the original color was this color, but it was definitely not this shape!

So she had also awakened her bloodline

A rabbit!

Thinking of how she had carried the Godslayer and knocked on the skeleton general, Fu Ye quickly looked up.

Although rabbits could bite when they were anxious, there was no such fierce rabbit!

So what did she awaken

Fu Ye leaned over and nudged her ear with his nose.

Lu Xiaocha subconsciously reached out to touch it.

Her hand was covered in dust and she belatedly realized that her… ears did not feel right.

She clenched her fist and squeezed it.

It hurt a little!

Lu Xiaocha: “!!!”

Her ears!


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