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237 Dealing With the Pei Family

After a month, The Liao family and The Leng family were completely squeezed out of the first-class aristocratic families.

In just a month, they became third-class aristocratic families.

This difference was too great.

At this point, the Lu family had also stopped.

Such a lesson was enough for them to suffer for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, as long as the Lu family was around, they would never be able to stand out.

Moreover, what was the point of settling it all at once For some people who were high up in the air, such an outcome was the most unacceptable to them.

The wealthy families had been sitting this one out and reaping the spoils later.

When they saw this result, they could not help but sigh.

In their hearts, the Lu family was the existence that they could not afford to offend.

The others were all watching the show, but the Pei family, who had been bewitched by the Liao family and indirectly participated in this matter, seemed to have a knife hanging above their heads.

Every day, they were afraid that the knife would fall.

After seeing the fate of The Leng family and The Liao family, Pei Linping and the mistress rushed to the Lu family to apologize.

Using their relationship with Pei Anrans, they hoped that the Lu family would bypass the Pei family on account of his daughter.

However, the Pei family could not even enter the Lu familys house with the gifts.

They were so anxious that blisters appeared at the corners of their mouths.

After waiting at the Lu familys entrance for a few days, they finally ran into Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha, who had just returned from school.

They no longer acted like elders and tried their best to play the emotional card with the two children.

“Xiaocha, these are all gifts from Grandpa.

Take them.”

“Beichen, you have one too.

Come and take a look.”

Lu Beichen stood in front of his sis and looked at them coldly.

“You dont have to ask us anymore.

Do you really think we can just forget about what youve done”

Pei Linpings expression changed instantly.

He could no longer maintain the fawning smile on his face.

His face turned pale and he broke out in cold sweat.

“This… No matter what, Im still your mothers biological father and your grandfather.

Even if I did something stupid, you can forgive me.”

Lu Beichen sneered.

“Blood relations Do you want to see what happened to mygood grandfather”

Pei Linping was so frightened that he trembled.

Lu Zhan was ruthless and decisive.

Back then, he could deal with the Lu familys illegitimate children and even sent his biological father to the mental hospital to be guarded.

Of course, he would not care about the blood relationship.

Lu Zhan did not even show mercy to his biological father, let alone his father-in-law, who he did not have a good relationship with.

At the thought of this, Pei Linpings face turned green and pale.

His eyes were filled with deep fear.

He turned his head and slapped the mistress beside him to the ground.

That slap was really loud.

“Its all your fault, b*tch.

If you hadnt been whispering nonsense into my ear to make me believe in the Liao family, I wouldnt have done such a stupid thing! Also, if you hadnt seduced me back then, Anrans mother wouldnt have passed away so early!”

Pei Linping was also a ruthless person.

In a short period of time, he managed to push all the blame onto a woman.

Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha watched coldly.

They felt that this man was really disgusting.

The woman covered her face and looked at him in disbelief, as if she had just met this person.

“You… you hit me.”

Lu Beichen grabbed his sisters hand and was about to leave when Pei Linping quickly chased after him.

“Little Chen, Xiaocha, Im your grandfather, your biological grandfather.

Can you bear to see your father deal with me Grandpa was also deceived.”

Lu Beichen said, “Get lost.”

Did he really think that they were easy to deceive Grandpa Ha… He didnt even think that his parents had done anything wrong when his biological grandfather was locked up in a mental hospital.

Pei Linping wanted to continue pestering them, but the Lu familys bodyguards came out and stopped him.

Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha, who were walking home, quickly heard the cursing and arguing from behind.

It was Pei Linping arguing with the woman he married later.

A dogfight.

After the rest of the Lu family came back and found out about this, Lu Zhans face turned cold.

“I was planning to deal with them later, but they cant wait to have a death wish.”

The next day, the Pei familys companys capital chain was cut off, and several companies were in trouble.

Pei Linping was overwrought and went everywhere to borrow money.

He even went to the bank to borrow money.

Of course, the bank did not dare to lend the Pei family money.

From the looks of it, if they really lent him money, he would probably not be able to return.

His good friends who used to call him brother were all snobs.

It was already good enough that they did not step on him in this situation, but they still lent him money

Previously, when he relied on the Lu family to show off in front of them, he probably did not expect that he would end up like this one day.

What surprised Pei Linping even more was that his wife, who had always been gentle to him, also betrayed him at this critical moment.

Not only did she take away a large amount of the familys funds, but she also ran away without a trace.

Pei Linping was completely dumbfounded.

So… what had he done all these years Didnt that woman always say that she didnt love him for his money but for his personality

And that was it

Pei Linping was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent to the hospital.

After returning from the hospital, he was completely dispirited.

After dealing with those companies, only a small company was left to support him.

He had also moved from the big villa to a small apartment.

Other than Pei Xue, who had nowhere to go, there was no one around him.

Faced with the Pei familys complete decline, many people did not understand why the Lu family would touch the Pei family for no reason.

Those who received news from the spirits knew that the Pei family and the Liao family were close and wanted to harm the Lu family.

This news made people sigh.

If it were them, they really didnt know how this persons brain worked.

However, there were also people who felt that the Lu family had gone too far.

After all, they were all relatives.

This behavior was too vicious.

Everyone had their own opinions, but the Lu family did not care.

They closed the door and continued to live their lives in harmony.

After resolving the family crisis, Lu Xiaocha finally did not have to worry about anyone staring at her family at all times.

Of course, she would find the Ancestor who had escaped sooner or later.

Lu Xiaocha was going to the audition in October.

Moreover, she had taken her brothers private plane to Country M.

It had only been two to three days since Lu Beiqing was defamed in the country.

In the end, because of a photo, he had completely become a top celebrity.

As a director, he had more fans than celebrities.

This was really the ceiling of the director world.

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