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231 Conspiracy

On this day, Lu Xiaocha did not go to the realm gate with her brothers.

She felt her scalp itch, and she especially wanted to sleep, so she did not go.

She had originally planned to stay at home and watch television and the script that Therode had given her.

However, when she sat on the balcony, she found a sneaky servant digging something in the garden.

Lu Xiaocha could feel the heavy aura of death in the thing in that persons hand.

After the servant buried the things and left sneakily, Lu Xiaocha raised her chin.

“Go pick it up and see what it is.”

The Nightmare Cat, which was lying comfortably in the cats nest, got up and stretched its back.

With a flick of its long tail, it jumped onto the balcony railing.

Right on the heels of that, the Nightmare Cat jumped down from the fourth floor in the blink of an eye.

Those who didnt know better would think that he was going to commit suicide.

After landing easily, it jumped up with the thing in its mouth and walked to Lu Xiaochas feet to put it down.

Lu Xiaocha tapped the thing with the tip of her foot.

It looked like a jade Buddha statue, and it was quite old.

However, the Buddha statue was wrapped in an ominous black aura of death.

Not to mention herself, even her two brothers who had awakened their bloodlines could tell.

Needless to say, the person who could create this evil thing must be the person behind the scenes who wanted to steal their familys luck and the Golden Light of Merit.

“Go follow that person and see who hes interacting with.”

The Nightmare Cat wagged its tail.

“No, I want to sleep under the sun.”

After coming out of the Poison Fog Swamp, its favorite thing to do was to find a place to sunbathe and sleep.

Lu Xiaocha glanced at it.

“The cat is big.

Its time to undergo sterilization and pluck its balls.”

In an instant, the Nightmare Cat, which had been curled into a pancake, was frightened.

Its furry cat face was filled with accusation as it looked at her.

“You cant treat the great Nightmare Cat like this.

Why do you have such dangerous thoughts!”

Lu Xiaocha ate the melon on the table unhurriedly.

“Are you going or not”

The Nightmare Cat shook its whiskers and stood up while cursing in its heart.

“I might as well go to the heretic bureau than stay with you.

Look, my little brother, crow, has become the mascot of the heretic bureau!”

Lu Xiaocha chuckled.

“Why dont you see how serious the crow is Its still on a mission! Why dont I send you to the heretic bureau too”

The Nightmare Cat immediately stopped talking.

The heretic bureau was good, but they had too many missions.

The people they saw were definitely not as good-looking and pleasing to the eye as the Lu family.

Forget it.

It was actually quite good here.

“I want some dried fish when I get back.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Got it.

Go quickly.”

The Nightmare Cat was finally satisfied and disappeared from her sight.

After the Nightmare Cat disappeared, she looked at the Buddha statue in her hand and narrowed her eyes.

After Second Brothers movie was broadcasted, Bai Yunyi won an award for Best Female Lead for that movie.

According to the original plot, after dad and Big Brothers plane crash, the Lu family also died one after another.

If not for the amulet he had prepared for his family, Third Brother might have died at the hands of Shen Wenyan and the Black Gu Saintess.

Second Brother would be exposed for a series of scandals, and then the news of his location would be frequently leaked.

He would then be chased by anti-fans and die in a car accident.

Fourth Brother had long been sent out on a mission and had never returned.

As for the youngest brother, after the Lu familys providence and Golden Light of Merit were stolen, his physical condition gradually deteriorated.

In the end, when he went to take revenge, he was ruthlessly taken revenge by the Leng family.

Then, he died.

All of this happened in just two months, which meant that it was about time now.

However, in this world, everyone in the Lu family was still alive and well because of her interference, so that person must be anxious.

The corners of Lu Xiaochas mouth curled up into a smile, but this smile looked dangerous.

She suspected that there were such things elsewhere in the Lu family, so she stretched and stood up to walk around the Lu family.

Then, she found a wooden Buddha statue in the vase in the living room and a fish-shaped jade pendant in the artificial pool.

When her family returned that night, Lu Xiaocha took out the Buddha statue and what she had found and told them what she had seen.

The expressions of everyone in the Lu family became dangerous.

“Wait, Xiaocha, show me the Buddha statue.”

Pei Anran felt that the Buddha statue in her daughters hand looked so familiar.

Lu Xiaocha handed it to her, and Pei Anran knew that it was not her imagination.

She had seen this Buddha statue before.

“The day before yesterday, your grandfather asked me to go back.

He said that he had something that my mother left for me.

Although I dont know if its true, I still went.

After taking the items, he took out this Buddha statue and wanted to give it to me.

He wanted to apologize to us for what happened to Pei Qin, but I didnt accept it.”

She was furious.

She slammed her hand down on the table.

“I knew they were up to no good!”

The fox may grow gray but never good!

Lu Zhan laughed coldly.

“Hes really my good father-in-law.”

He wanted to get benefits from him and was scheming to harm the Lu family.

“Take out what they call mother-in-laws belongings and examine them.

See if theyve mixed anything in.”

Pei Anran wanted to do this even without Lu Zhan saying anything.

She got up and went to the bedroom to take out everything.

Compared to the jade Buddha, the other things did look like Pei Anrans mothers belongings.

They were all womens jewelry.

The Pei family probably felt that the Buddha statue was a little incompatible with those relics.

They were afraid that she would be suspicious, so they did not put it in.

However, to the Pei familys surprise, Pei Anran had always been vigilant against them.

She would not accept anything that did not belong to her mother.

Qin Jiu was also called over to help see what the Buddha statue was.

After Pei Anran took out everything, he pointed at one of the jade bracelets.

“These things should be burial objects dug out from the tombs of the dead.

Moreover, they are tombs filled with resentment.

In ancient times, the royal family liked to bury living people with them after they died.

If Im not wrong, these two things appeared in the tombs where living people were buried.

The resentment on it did not dissipate for a long time.

These things were placed in the Lu familys to form a fiend formation.

The fiend formation gathered fiendish qi and would suppress your luck.

You might be unlucky for a period of time.

Also, if this bracelet is placed in your room, not only will it destroy the feng shui of the entire Lu family, but ordinary people will fall sick if they come into contact with these things for a long time.

Moreover, its an illness that cant be detected by medical technology.”

After Qin Jiu finished speaking, Pei Anran really wanted to run back to the Pei family and tear hergood fathers face apart!

Lu Zhan comforted her.

At this moment, the Nightmare Cat returned and licked its claws.

“Here, these are all photos of the person who came into contact with that person.”

The Nightmare Cat took off something that looked like a choker from its neck.

Lu Beihuai took out his computer and pulled up the photos.

After the servant left the Lu family, he went to a secret place to meet a middle-aged man.

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