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Chapter 219: Compost

That night, the Lu family did not rest much.

The next morning, Lu Beichen woke up.

He looked at the small pair ofchicken wings on his back in the mirror and fell into a deep silence.

“So ugly.”

Taking a deep breath, this cold school hunk let out a sigh.

Moreover, the expression on his face could not be maintained anymore.

Those small wings seemed to sense their masters disdain and shook in protest.

Lu Xiaocha said, “Brother, dont say that.

What if they can still grow”

Lu Beichen was expressionless.

“If you cant grow up, then go for surgery and remove it.”

Whoever wanted these chicken wings would have them.

Wings: “…”

When the people from the heretic bureau arrived, Lu Beichen put on his clothes.

Everyone tacitly did not mention the pair of wings on his body.

“These… are all Grade C heretics.

Where did you find them”

It was Xie Suian.

Fu Ye and Yin Shian had also sneaked in.

“Theres a cliff at the back of the mountain.

They were found in a cave in the middle.”

Xie Suian said, “Take us there.”

Lu Xiaocha took a handy machete while Lu Beifeng carried the Blue Frost Sword.

The group went back to the back mountain.

Everyone had good martial strength, so it was not a problem for them to go down the cliff.

Then, everyone arrived at the entrance of the cave in an orderly manner.

Xie Suian turned on the flashlight and they walked in.

Before they could completely enter, they discovered a fat worm.

In the next second, everyone rushed up.

In a moment, the worm had become a corpse.

Xie Suian said, “Its pretty huge.”

This chubby bug looked too disgusting.

Especially when it opened its mouth full of fangs.

This time, they brought enough weapons.

Soon, the people from the heretic bureau started a massacre after arriving at the cave.

These bugs that were irrational and only knew how to devour were killed one by one.

But killing these insects was really… disgusting.

The blood was sticky and had a fishy smell.

It was disgusting to step on it.

“And the eggs on the walls.”

Xie Suianyong packed two eggs in a petri dish to bring them back to the research lab of the heretic bureau.

The rest of the eggs were basically burned.

While they were burning the eggs, a pair of scarlet eyes opened in the depths of the cave, and right on the heels of that, an intense earthquake occurred.

The sharp and angry voice of the heretic entered everyones ears.

“Prepare for battle.

This bug has probably surpassed Grade A!”

Xie Suians expression turned solemn.

Accompanied by a rumbling vibration, an insect that was fatter than all the insects he had seen before crawled up from the depths of the cave.

At that moment, Lu Xiaocha acutely felt some kind of energy increase crazily in the cave.

Lu Xiaocha: “!!!”

Spiritual energy!

Why was there so much spiritual energy here

Before they had time to think, the battle with the giant worm had already begun.

Xie Suian led his team members to fight it.

However, in the next second, they saw the big worm open its mouth wide.

Its fat body almost filled the entire cave as it barged in and bit at the people outside.

Moreover, its saliva was actually corrosive!

“F*ck! How can this be bigger”

It was so big, could they go into its mouth to fight

Wasnt that a death wish


Xie Suian turned around and escaped with his men.


The speed of his retreat was so practiced that it was as if he had done it a hundred or a thousand times.

He ran faster than a rabbit.

As he ran, he said, “This place is filled with it.

Lets think of a way to lure this big worm out.

In the cave, it affected their performance too much.

Fu Ye jumped up and poked the king insects head with the Godslayer.

“Xiaocha, you guys go first…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Lu Xiaocha running out of the cave with her brother.

Fu Ye was speechless.

‘At least let me finish first!

He quickly retreated and ran out too.

The worm king chased after him relentlessly.

The entire cave shook as if it was about to collapse.

They ran out of the cave and jumped down without hesitation.

The worm opened its bloody mouth and bit down, but its body was still falling.

Lu Xiaocha carried the two people who had almost fallen with her and jumped onto the worm kings back.

The others followed suit and turned around.

Good lord, how long and big was this body

It was comparable to a train.

The worm king twisted its body and uncontrollably crashed into the ground deep in the cliff.

However, it was not dead yet.

It was so angry that it wanted to continue fighting Lu Xiaocha and the others to death.

Fu Ye placed the Godslayer in his hand on the worm kings head and pierced it.

The worm king twisted and struggled, but in the end, they still killed it.

Xie Suian fell to the ground in a sorry state.

“Damn, its actually so big.”

“This is comparable to the Dark Golden Snake that Lu Xiaocha brought back previously, right”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Its so big.

Is the meat edible”

Everyone was speechless.

They looked at Lu Xiaocha with indescribable expressions.

This foodie really dared to eat anything.

Many people were disgusted.

“Eat worms”

They looked at Lu Xiaocha in disbelief.

“What are you thinking!”

Lu Xiaocha was silent for two seconds.

“How do you plan to deal with such a big lump of meat”

Xie Suian touched his face and shook his hand in disdain.



What the hell

Xie Suian explained, “The laboratory at the heretic bureau discovered through research that the bones, feces, and even some internal organs of heretics contained energy.

These useless things turned into ashes after being burned.

Putting these ashes in the fields not only improved the soil quality but also sped up the growth of plants.

The crops and fruits that grow are also delicious.”

Very good.

Lu Xiaocha was drooling.

“When can I eat them”

Xie Suian smiled and said, “The first batch of vegetables raised by the heretic ashes will be thrown into the canteens of the districts of the heretic bureau after they are tested and have no problems.”

“Therefore, these unusable heretic bureau corpses can also be used.”

Lu Xiaocha was no longer worried, nor did she feel sorry that the corpses of these insects could not be eaten.

After all, this insect was indeed too ugly.

It was not easy for her to eat it.

Of course, the final fate of this heretics corpse was to be composite.

It took several helicopters to drag this heretics corpse back.

They still had to continue investigating the cave.

When they reached the entrance of the cave again, the dense energy that assaulted their faces made their phones constantly beep.

Xie Suians eyes widened, and then he took a deep breath right on the heels of it.

Just this breath made him feel like the energy in his body was about to explode.

Then, Xie Suian retreated.

“What… whats going on!”

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