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The girl began to speak again.

“You dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.

What can you give us Dont use cheap goods to fool us.”

“Why did you bring a cat in Who would bring a country bumpkin cat with them to visit How uncouth!”

Nightmare Cat:Who the f*ck are you calling a country bumpkin Ill slap your face!

“Yunxuan, dont be rude!”

Nangong Yunhuan berated.

The girl put down the teacup in her hand angrily and glared at Lu Xiaocha and the others, especially Lu Xiaocha.

There was no other reason.

They were of the same gender, and she was even prettier than her!

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

“Second Brother, I didnt say anything wrong.

What can they give us as compensation Moreover, I dont know what kind of random pills they want you to refine.

Only you have a good temper and agree to see anyone.

If it were me, I wouldnt have accepted them.”

Fu Ye couldnt bear to see her like this.

They were here to ask for someone to refine medicine, not to be scolded.

He looked at the girl.

“If it were you, you would have to refine it too.

Can someone like you refine medicine What a joke.”

It could be considered as returning what she had just said.

Nangong Yunxuan was furious.

“What kind of attitude is that This is the Nangong Family.”

Lu Beifeng said, “Were here to find someone to refine medicine, not to be scolded.

Why do you feel that youre superior when your surname is added”

Lu Beichen said, “Were paying you to refine pills.

This is a fair deal.

Why do you think youre God”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at the girl.

“You deserve it!”

“You… you guys!”

Nangong Yunhuan stomped her feet in anger.

As the young lady of the Nangong Family, she had never been humiliated like this.

She was so angry that her eyes turned red.

“Get lost! The Nangong Family doesnt welcome you!”


Nangong Yunhuans expression darkened.

It was unknown if it was because of Lu Xiaocha and the others or Nangong Yunxuan.

The young man in yellow sat at the side and watched the show.

When he saw Yunxuan stomping her feet in anger, his eyes were filled with mockery and he did not go forward to help.

“They are my guests.” Nangong Yunhuan put down the teacup.

Nangong Yunxuans eyes were red.

“But Brother Yunhuan, didnt you hear what they said about me Im from the Nangong Family.

Are you just going to watch me get bullied like this”

Nangong Yunhuan said, “Who asked you to be rude first You made others think that the Nangong Family has a bad upbringing.”

Nangong Yunxuans face turned pale.

“What happened Who bullied my granddaughter”

An old man walked in.

Nangong Yunhuan and the yellow-clothed youth both stood up and bowed.

“First Elder.”

Nangong Yunxuan ran over as if she had found her backbone.

She hugged the old mans arm and wheedled.

“Grandpa, theyre all bullying me!”

With that, he gave Lu Xiaocha and the others a provocative look.

The old man stroked the girls head and comforted her.

He looked at Lu Xiaocha and the others in disdain and disgust.

“Get lost! The Nangong Family doesnt welcome you.”

Nangong Yunhuan narrowed his eyes.

“First Elder, they are my guests.

Im afraid its not good to let you chase them away, right”

The First Elders face darkened after being humiliated by a junior.

“Why Now that the family head has changed, even my words as the First Elder are useless You juniors even dare to be disobedient!”

Nangong Yunhuan said calmly, “I wouldnt dare.

Its just that theres no reason for my guest to be chased away by you.

Even if youre the First Elder, you cant interfere in anything between us juniors.”

“How dare you!”

The First Elders expression became uglier and uglier.

The yellow-clothed youth grinned at the First Elder.

“First Elder, you dont even know what happened.

Im afraid its not good to come to a conclusion so early.”

Seeing that her two brothers were helping outsiders instead of her, Nangong Yunxuan immediately shouted angrily.

“Am I from the Nangong Family or are they from the Nangong Family Why are you taking their side”

Nangong Yunhuan and Yunyis expressions changed.

Nangong Yunyi sneered.

“Fifth Sister, youre really good at using your words.

Unfortunately, you used it in the wrong place.”

Hearing his words, the First Elders expression turned even uglier.

Originally, this was an argument with a few outsiders, but now it seemed more like an internal conflict within the Nangong Family.

Nangong Yunxuan never expected these two people to go against her for these outsiders and even dare to disobey her grandfather.

In the past, even the old patriarch had to respect her grandfather.

If not for the fact that the patriarchs position was almost taken away and she was reminded to get closer to the grandchildren of the other Elders, she would not have come to embarrass herself.

In the past, who didnt flatter her when they saw her!

Amidst Nangong Yunxuans anger, the First Elder looked at Lu Xiaocha and the others with a fake smile.

“Since youre guests, its indeed rude to chase you away like this.

But Yunhuan, as the next generation of the Nangong Family, you cant make friends with just anyone.

You have to keep your eyes open.

Dont let others laugh at you for refining some messy and tasteless medicine.”

“Also, what kind of remuneration do you think these children can offer Dont go for wool and come home shorn.

That wont be worth it.”

Nangong Yunhuan smiled.

“Thank you for your reminder, First Elder.”

Nangong Yunxuan snorted.

“My grandfather is doing this for your own good.

Dont be deceived by them.”

She looked at Lu Xiaocha and the others disdainfully and arrogantly.

“The Nangong Familys remuneration is not something that anyone can afford.

You must be the young masters and young ladies of rich families, but we dont lack money either.

Those secular things are the most intermediate in the Nangong Family.”

Lu Xiaocha pinched the Nightmare Cats tail because this fellow already wanted to rush up and scratch their faces.

She looked at Nangong Yunhuan and asked, “What do you want I have points from the heretic bureau, two kinds of materials from Grade A heretics, a thousand-year-old ginseng, and some jewelry and antiques picked up from the Imperial Preceptors underground palace.

And why dont you see if this cat is rare”

Nightmare Cat: “!!!”

“Lu Xiaocha, you heartless thing.

I treated you so well, but you actually stabbed me in the back!”

The Nightmare Cat was so angry that its whiskers trembled!

Lu Xiaocha was not afraid.

She pinched its ear.

“Dont you like good-looking people Isnt he good-looking”

The Nightmare Cat fell silent and glanced at Nangong Yunhuan with its golden eyes.

Nangong Yunhuan was a Young Master with a gentle appearance.

There was no need to mention his appearance and figure.

“No, there are a few ugly people here.

Not only do they look ugly, but their hearts are also ugly.

I dont want to stay here.”

The Nightmare Cat glanced at Nangong Yunxuan and her grandfather as it spoke.

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