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The womans hair stood on end under her cold gaze.

However, she still liked Lu Beihuai too much and couldnt help but question her.

“What right do you have to disagree with me being Lu Beihuais girlfriend Who do you think you are”

Lu Beichen looked over indifferently and sneered.

Lu Xiaochas tone was light.

“Because Im Lu Beihuais sister, his biological sister.

My brother said that I have the right to choose his future partner.

I have to like her, but I dont like you.

I dont like you very much, so stop dreaming.”

When Xu Yuan heard that she was Lu Beihuais sister, she froze, especially when she heard what she said later.

After being stunned for a while, she stammered.

“This… How can this be Your brother is the one looking for a girlfriend, not you.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled.

“Because my brother loves me.

Im his biological sister.

Of course, he has to consider my opinion.”

Xu Yuan was unwilling to admit this fact and shook her head repeatedly.

“I dont believe it.

Call Lu Beihuai.

He will definitely like me when he sees me.

We are a match made in heaven.

We should be together.”

Everyone couldnt help but laugh.

Who did she think she was Did she really think she was a princess

“I dont care.

Ask Lu Beihuai to come out.

What right do you have to speak for him”

Xu Yuan was persistent, but Lu Xiaocha had no patience to deal with her.

Lu Beichen was about to call more security officers to throw her out when Lu Beihuais voice sounded from behind.

“Because shes my sister.”

The young mans voice was cold, like a glacier that could not melt.

It pierced towards Xu Yuan with a sharp intent.

When Xu Yuan saw Lu Beihuai, her eyes lit up.

However, when she met his cold gaze, she retreated in fear.

Lu Beihuai was wearing a black and gold shirt and pants.

When he walked, he looked even better than models.

He had a strong aura and his assistant and secretary followed behind him.

“Mr… Mr.


Xu Yuan stammered and her gaze uncontrollably landed on him.

He was so handsome and so rich.

Only such a man was worthy of her.

Even now, Xu Yuan was still very confident in herself.

Lu Beihuai did not respond.

He walked to Lu Xiaochas side and stopped.

His gaze was indifferent and his voice was even colder.

“Miss Xu, I warned your father not to let you appear in front of me.”

Xu Yuan immediately felt wronged and looked at Lu Beihuai eagerly.

“Beihuai, how could you do this to me If I did anything wrong, can you tell me Ill change!”

Not to mention Lu Beihuai, even the people around them were disgusted by her coquettish voice and tone.

“Get lost.”

Lu Beihuai was very direct, not giving Xu Yuan any face at all.

Xu Yuan was so frightened by this cold and vicious roll that her face turned pale.

“Throw her out.”

Since the boss had already spoken, a few more security officers came over and said rudely, “Miss Xu, please dont force us to take action.”

Xu Yuans face alternated between green and white.

She looked at Lu Beihuai as if he was a heartless scumbag.

Lu Beihuai said, “Dont let this woman appear in the company in the future.


He looked at Xu Yuan and said cruelly, “If this happens again, Ill make the Xu family disappear from Upper City.”

Hearing his threat, Xu Yuan finally knew to be afraid.

Xu Yuan was still in a daze after being thrown out of the company.

“How could this be How could this be…”

In her imagination, this should not be the case.

Those outstanding men should all like her.

She was the Xu familys little princess.

“Miss Xu, after you leave, please dont spread rumors about your relationship with Manager Lu.

Otherwise, I cant guarantee what will happen to the Xu family.”

Lu Beihuais assistant smiled slyly like a fox.

His tone was gentle, but his words were not light.

Xu Yuan came to look for Lu Beihuai happily and finally left in a sorry state.

What she did not know was that from today onwards, the collaboration between the Xu and Lu families had completely collapsed.

The Xu family was overwrought over this matter and had no idea why the Lu Corporation had suddenly changed its attitude.

After asking around, the reason turned out to be his own daughter.

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