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Not only did she not believe that Lu Xiaocha could tame that horse, but even those on Lu Xiaochas side were not that confident.

Lu Beichen patted his sisters furry head.

“Good luck.

These can buy you more rice than youll ever eat.”

Lu Xiaocha was instantly motivated.

Everyone was speechless.

His good friend, Gu Xiao, had a complicated expression on his face.

Was this really her biological brother

When Lu Xiaocha followed the owner to fetch the horse, Gu Xiao spoke hesitantly.

“Class monitor, did Xiaocha annoy you or something”

Lu Beichen looked at him with awhat nonsense are you talking about expression.

“My sister is well behaved.

Why would she annoy me”

Gu Xiao was puzzled.

“Then why are you sending Xiaocha to her death Dont you know that horses personality!”

The other students next to him looked at him accusingly as well.

Lu Beichens lips twitched.

“My sister is very powerful.”

“No matter how powerful she is, shes only a 13-year-old child.

With her short legs, she wont even be able to reach the stirrup…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Xiao felt a murderous aura.

He turned his head and faced Lu Xiaochas death glare.

Gu Xiao shrank his neck and quietly approached Lu Beichen.

“Thats… thats a long way.

Xiaocha can hear me”

He also knew that Lu Xiaocha hated being called short and short-legged.

Although it was the truth.

Lu Beichen smiled.

“What do you think”

Gu Xiao tried his best to comfort himself.

It should be… inaudible.

Lu Xiaocha did not argue with Gu Xiao, who said that her legs were short.

At this moment, she was looking at the Ferghana horse in the stable.

As proud as it was, it seemed to be fighting the little girls stare at this moment.

It did not retreat.

Instead, it snorted with fighting spirit.


It was not afraid.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up with interest.

Inside the racecourse…

Word spread quickly that someone wanted to tame Andre.

People who came here often knew about Andre, and even more about its glorious record.

Previously, many horse trainers had been thrown off its back.

Those who were lucky had fallen off their horses and quickly ran away.

Some unlucky ones fractured their bones after a few kicks from Andre.

Even the best horse trainer would be helpless against Andre.

Who had the temerity to try to tame Andre today

Soon, the number of people on the racecourse gradually increased.

When they saw that it was a petite and an obedient-looking young lady, their eyes widened in disbelief.

“This is a joke, right You want a kid like that to tame horses”

“Has she ever ridden a horse What a joke.

To send a child like that to tame Andre.

Must be some kind of sick joke.”

Bai Yunyi happened to be here today with a new friend to learn how to ride a horse.

As there were horse riding scenes in the upcoming scenes and she happened to not have any scenes to shoot today, so she wanted to come and learn.

She did not expect to see such a scene.

It was her, Mr.

Lus sister.

The owner of the racecourse was also very helpless.

When he heard the news, he called the Lu family.

However, the Lu familys attitude was very strange.

‘Let her play if she wants to.

Thats right.

All he got in return were a few light words.

It was simply unreasonable.

Didnt he hear that the Lu family loved this little girl who had been found They even auctioned a lot of things for her at the auction.

‘Could those have been superficial

In this situation, it was hard for the owner of the racecourse not to believe that the Lu family was using his territory to kill this young lady.

In the panic of the racecourse owner, Lu Xiaocha, dressed in black riding clothes, was already walking towards Andre in full view.

The beautiful fiery red horse looked at the little person in front of it and stuck out its hooves in disdain.

Of course, it could feel the murderous aura from Lu Xiaocha, but as arrogant as it was, not only was it not afraid, but it also raised its fighting spirit.

As Andre struggled, Lu Xiaocha grabbed the reins and mounted.

Her movements were clean and efficient, forming a strong contrast with her obedient and exquisite appearance.

The onlookers cheered her beautiful mounting action.

However, this was only the beginning.

Andre was very unconvinced and began to jump violently.

The commotion felt like the entire racecourse was shaking.

The onlookers could feel the fear.

But even more shocking was the pretty young girl on horseback.

Ever since she went up, she had been holding the horses reins with both hands and her legs between the horses belly.

Her body had been straight the entire time, and she had not moved at all!

“What the hell!”

At that moment, their eyes widened in disbelief, their mouths hanging open as if they could fit an egg inside.

S-she was not thrown off!

In their imagination, this delicate girl would definitely be thrown off the moment she went up.

But they saw something else!

The owner of the racecourse quickly pushed through the crowd and ran to the front.

His eyes were wide and almost burning as he looked at the girl on the horse.

“How is that possible How!”

With the commotion Andre had caused, even the best horse trainers body might have already been flung away.

Leng Xinrui was recording with her cell phone.

She originally wanted to take a video of Lu Xiaocha in a sorry state.

She didnt want to take a photo of her valiant and heroic appearance!

Lu Beichen looked at his sisters confident and calm expression and smiled proudly.

The teenagers standing beside him, who had been worried sick, looked dazed.

“Is that Lu Xiaocha”

“Is it really Lu Xiaocha from our class Class monitors sister”

Even someone as calm and steady as Lu Beichen couldnt help but show off at this moment.

“I told you, my sister is very good.”

After coming back to their senses in disbelief, the group of youths began to cheer.

“Xiaocha! Come on, Xiaocha!”

“Whooo!! Xiaocha youre the best, come on!”

“Its just a horse, tame it!”

The sound of the teenagers voices broke the eerie silence.

The rest of the onlookers were also excited by the atmosphere.


“Andre might actually be tamed today.”

“God, is that girl really not a goddess I love how heroic she looks.”

There were many foreigners in this racecourse.

Most of them had come to see Andre.

But they did not expect to see such an unforgettable scene today.

A girl so beautiful that one couldnt take their eyes off her.

A tall, handsome Ferghana horse.

The combination was beyond belief.

At this moment, Andre seemed to realize that he could not easily throw the person on his back off.

He began to run quickly through the racecourse.


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