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Lu Xiaocha hugged her mother back.

Her eyes flashed when she thought of what she had said.

Before her uncle returned, Pei Qin and her daughter had better not cause any trouble.

Otherwise, dont blame her for being rude.

In the conference room…

No one had ever looked forward to President Lus return so much.

They wanted to know what had happened and if President Lu had fought with Madam.

After all, Madam Lu was famous for her bad temper.

She had even beaten up the mistress of the Liao family.

Just as their imaginations were running wild, Lu Zhan returned.

As they watched him walk to the master seat and sit down, many veiled eyes fell on him.

His clothes were clean and he wasnt injured.

He didnt look like hed been in a fight.

Lu Zhan frowned and unleashed his aura.

Everyone quickly retracted their gazes.

However, they were now certain that the couple had not fought.

“Lets continue the meeting.

Remake that previous plan for me…”

This time, Lu Zhan spoke very quickly and pointed out some loopholes and mistakes in the project plan.

He didnt scold anyone and decisively dealt with all the problems.

“Okay, todays meeting is over.”

After saying that, he turned around and left without staying for another second.

The employees were speechless.

It was outrageous.

This meeting had ended a little too quickly.

In the past, when their plan had gone wrong, he would mock people with a cold face.

Although he said little, every word stung.

After mocking someone, he would point out the general direction and let them modify and ponder it themselves.

He would not give them the instructions directly.

After all, he wanted to train talents, not a bunch of stupid pigs.

If he had to do everything, why would he need this group of people

But this time… President Lu directly pointed out the direction and mistakes of several small reports.

And… and he left in such a hurry.

He didnt even mock or scold them.

For a moment, they werent used to it.

However, this also made the group of people even more eager to know what had happened.

While Lu Cha Xiaocha was eating the velvet cake, Lu Zhan pushed the door open and entered.

Looking at the two women he cared about the most in the office, his cold eyes suddenly softened.

“Honey, is the meeting over so soon”

She got up and made Lu Zhan coffee.

The coffee he drank was never brewed by anyone but Pei Anran.

He would rather not drink coffee when his wife was not around.

Once, when Pei Anran was not around, a scheming secretary ignored his instructions and made coffee for him.

In the end, that secretary was fired.

Later on, when this matter spread throughout the entire company, no one tried to be smart anymore.

Lu Zhan sat down beside his daughter and patted her head.

“Do you like it here”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Yes, I like it.”

She liked everything about this world.

Pei Anran smiled and handed the coffee to Lu Zhan and a glass of milk to her daughter.

The girl cupped her hands and drank slowly.

“Dad, what does coffee taste like”

She licked her lips and asked.

It smelled good and she wanted to drink it.

“You want one Mom will make you one.”

“Drink.” Lu Zhan pushed his coffee in front of his daughter.

Pei Anran was only surprised for a moment before she laughed.

Her husband looked cold.

Who would have thought that he was a daughters slave

Mind you, no one had ever touched his coffee before.

Of course, she had never drunk it herself either, because her husbands coffee…

Lu Xiaocha took a small sip and smacked her lips.

Her exquisite face instantly became wrinkled.

“How bitter!”

For once, a foodie like her encountered something she didnt want to drink.

Lu Xiaocha quickly placed the coffee in front of her father and unilaterally decided that the coffee would be on her blacklist from now on.

Pei Anran couldnt help but laugh.

Thats right.

Lu Zhan didnt put any sugar in his coffee.

She didnt need to drink to know how bitter it was.

She wanted to try it.

Lu Zhan took a sip and smiled when he saw his daughters wrinkled face.

“Is it I dont think its bitter.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Her daddy was the devil!

Pei Anran didnt want to go to work anymore.

She wanted to accompany her daughter shopping.

In the past, there was no one to accompany her, but there was now!

Thus, the mother and daughter heartlessly abandoned Lu Zhan and prepared to leave.

Pei Anran kissed the man on the cheek.

“Hubby, youve worked hard.”

Lu Xiaocha was picked up and kissed her father on the other cheek.

“Dad, youve worked hard.”

With that, the two of them held hands and left valiantly with the black card.

It was as if they were preparing to go to the battlefield.

The abandoned Lu Zhan.


The mother and daughter attracted a lot of attention as they walked out of the company.

People waited for them to leave before they began their discussion.

“Madam looks so young.

How did she manage to look so good”

“Our President Lu looks very young too.

I even suspect that this couple has taken some anti-aging medicine.”

“Their daughter seems so well behaved and cute.”

“Shes so cute and beautiful.

If I had such a well behaved, soft, and beautiful daughter, Id wake up laughing in my dreams.”

Pei Anran could vaguely hear their discussion.

The smile on her face grew wider as she held her daughters hand.

She was extremely happy to see her daughter.

Her life was complete!

Not far from the company, an uninvited guest made Pei Anrans face fall.

“Sister, why didnt you want to see me You even got someone to kick me out!”

Pei Qin appeared out of nowhere and blocked their way while questioning them.

Pei Anran and Lu Xiaochas faces fell at the same time.

Pei Anran said, “Oh, really Probably because I was in a bad mood when I saw you.”

She totally doesnt want to play nice with her now!

Pei Qin hadnt expected her to say that, and her face froze.

“Sister, thats not good.

Women should be gentle and kind.

If you continue like this, what if Brother-in-law despises you for it”

Lu Xiaocha pouted.

“Youre so gentle and kind.

Did you see my father look at you”

Pei Qins expression immediately turned ugly.

“Why are you interrupting us adults!”

Pei Anrans eyes turned sharp.

“Have I given you permission Does my daughter need you to act like an elder to her”

Pei Qins face turned pale at her rude question.

Her fingers secretly clenched into fists, and jealousy flashed in her eyes.

“I… thats not what I meant.

Sis, whats wrong with you It wasnt like this before.

Mom told you to take good care of me before she died.

Is this how youll treat me”

Pei Anran was even angrier.

How dare she mention Mom!

She laughed angrily.

“She asked me to take care of you, but thats assuming youre human.

You should be happy that I didnt beat you up, ungrateful b*tch!”

Pei Qin looked at her in disbelief.

“Sis, what are you talking about!”

She panicked.

Did Pei Anran know something

No, absolutely impossible.


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