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Chapter 24.2


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry


The next moment, Meng Changjin felt her soul being violently yanked out.

Before she floated, a violent falling sensation hit her again.

When there was a tangible feeling, she felt someone holding her head and filling her mouth with something.


When the liquid entered her mouth, the bitter taste from the tip of her tongue let Meng Changjin know it was a drug.


She didn’t know whether she should drink the medicine or spit it out for a while.


But before she could even analyze the situation, she found that the bitter liquid had slipped down her throat and into her esophagus.

She, in fact, had no control over the body she was now in.


Meng Changjin suddenly released her divine sense and found that the body she was in was a 15 or 16-year-old girl wearing a soft white dress.

A middle-aged woman with a sad face was feeding her medicine.


Looking around the area, it seemed completely homely.


“Xiao Si, are you there” Meng Changjin could only call Xiao Si directly.

If anyone could give her an answer to her questions now, it would be Xiao Si.


“I’m here.” Xiao Si’s young boy’s voice sounded soft.


“What’s going on” Meng Changjin asked directly.


“This is your own body.

After the mission is completed, you will return to your own body temporarily first.” Xiao Si explained.


Meng Changjin looked at the little girl on the bed.

That face was unfamiliar.


“I think you are talking nonsense, and I have the evidence.” Meng Changjin expressionlessly spoke.


Wouldn’t she know if it was herself Just a random little girl and claimed it was her.

Bullying her that she could not even recognize her own face, right


“It’s like this.” Xiao Si organized the speech, and the young boy’s voice began to explain seriously.

“Your original body is already more than dead, so your current body is this.

You should remember that you entered this body before it sunk in the river, right”


Meng Changjin thought about it and had a memory.


She remembered complaining that God had let her be reborn just to let her die again.


She was immediately sunk into the river after being sucked into this body.

So, of course, she was extremely unfamiliar with this face.


“Where is the soul of this body” Meng Changjin asked.


“Already reincarnated.” Xiao Si said.


“How did she die” Meng Changjin wondered.

She remembered that it hadn’t sunk into the river when she was sucked into this body.

That meant that the actual owner of this body died before it plunged into the river.


“This when you completed the mission using this body to come back to life.

The body’s residual memory will tell you.” Xiao Si said seriously.


He was determined not to let Meng Changjin know that, in fact, he did not understand what was going on.


“You don’t have no idea at all, do you” Meng Changjin’s tone was full of suspicion.


“I, how could I not know But I can’t tell you, hmph ╯^╰” Xiao Si retorted loudly.


Meng Changjin stopped talking and even tried to squint her eyes.


It was a pity that her eyes were closed the entire time.

She had no control over this body now.


But she had detected Xiao Si’s guilt in his tone.

Although he retorted super loudly, the louder he was, the more guilty he appeared.


Meng Changjin did not continue to dwell on this issue but asked something else.

“How many missions do I need to complete, and when will the next one start”


She did not want to lie here like a dead person, only tasting some bitter medicinal liquid daily.


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