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Chapter 3 - Zhang Tieshan


When Li Hehua got home, she poured the water from the bucket into the water tank, and then put down the bucket.

She'd better not fight again.

Let's wait until the evening when no one is in there.

She cleaned the kitchen yesterday, let's clean the room today.

The original owner's room is like a pig's nest.

As soon as she said she can do it, Li Hehua filled the basin with half a basin of water, found another rag, and began to scrub the things in the room one by one.

The useless miscellaneous things were thrown out.

After cleaning, she took the broom and carefully swept the ground again.

Although the room wasn't big, it wasn't easy to clean.

She was sweating profusely, her clothes were wet, and she couldn't stop panting.

But looking at the clean and bright room, she was still very happy.

Li Hehua removed all the unclean sheets and pillow covers on the bed, put them in a large laundry basin, moved them to the yard, poured half a basin of water into the basin, prepared to soak them first, and then washed them clean.

Just when Li Hehua was going to find a mallet to wash clothes , there was a loud noise outside the house, followed by a shout, "Li Hehua, come out for me!" 

As a result, Li Hehua didn't need to go out, and many people came in in the yard.

Li Hehua noticed that the woman, who had just been by the well, was also among the group, and was wiping tears at the moment.

Obviously this is to seek revenge.

Huh, it seems that the villain intends to complain first.

The leading man, who looked to be in his twenties, pointed at Li Hehua and said angrily: "Li Hehua, how dare you beat my mother I think you are tired of living!"

Another man also shouted angrily "If we do not receive a satisfactory explanation today, we will teach you a lesson!' 

 Li He Hua shook the water off her hands, "How are you going to teach me a lesson What did I do You guys better give me a good explanation for this!'

The first man to speak gasped, "You still ask what's wrong What a shameless woman! You beat up my mother, and you asked us what had happened!"

"Ha!" Li Hehua snorted coldly, " Which eye of your see me beating your mother Which of you saw it with your own eyes The one who saw it stood up and tell me what you see."

The people around looked at each other, because no one really saw it.

The crying woman's expression also stiffened, and she secretly wondered why Li Hehua felt wiser today.

She used to be straightforward and spill the beans directly, but now, she remembered to look for witnesses.

But no matter what, she won't make this bitch feel any better today.

The woman rolled her eyes, she then whimpered and grabbed her eldest son's arm, "Zhuzi, you have to seek justice for your mother, Li Hehua really hit me and pushed me hard.

I almost can't get up with my poor old bones, whoo hoo..."

Wu Dazhu patted his mother's hand, "Don't worry mother, Mother, don't worry, I'll make sure that she gives you an explanation!" After speaking, he turned his head and glared at Li Hehua, "You bitch, you beat people up and don't want to admit it right! My mother said that you beat her, so what are you arguing about!"

Li Hehua was not afraid at all, "What a joke! Your mother said I beat her, so I beat her Then where did your mother get injured Why not show it to everyone" She didn't hurt the woman at all , but she wanted to see how she hit someone.

The woman couldn't stand it, so she immediately wiped away her tears and cried, "You pushed me hard and pushed me to the ground.

Where do you think the injury is How can I show this injury to people What kind of heart do you have!"

Li Hehua felt that she had really gained a lot of knowledge, and she finally realized what shamelessness means, well, since she is shameless, then she will not be polite.

Li Hehua simply stretched out her bloody hands, covered with blisters, that was now more scary after being soaked with water just now "Okay, you said I beat you up Then you broke both of my hands.

Let's settle this then."

When the woman saw Li Hehua's hand, her eyes narrowed, and the next second she retorted loudly, "Nonsense, when did I hit you You got hurt by yourself!"

Li Hehua laughed and returned Wu Dazhu's words just now.

"You beat people up and don't want to admit it right! I said that you beat me, so what are you arguing about!"

"You!" Everyone in the Wu family was choked by Li Hehua's words.

At this moment, some of the crowd watching the excitement shouted, "Tieshan is here!" 

The next second, the crowd gave way, and a man walked in from outside.

Li Hehua only glanced at the person who came, and couldn't help shouting in her heart.

What a man! Measuring visually, he is at least 1.8 meters, tall and strong, with sharp eyebrows, starry eyes, clear outlines, and bronze skin that adds a touch of flavor to him.

He is full of masculinity.

She didn't expect such a wonderful man to exist in this small village.

In fact, Li Hehua has such characteristic.

As long as someone knows her well, they will know that she has a weak control against people with high face standard and also a senior member of the Appearance Association.

For good-looking people, it is not that she will be tempted, but she will simply love and appreciate them.

She couldn't help but want to take a second look, and another more.

She doesn't know how many times her friends complained because of that.

Now when she see the person coming, Li Hehua stared at him unconsciously, until the woman called her back to senses with an "Ow"

"Tieshan, you are finally here, you have to give me an explanation.

Li Hehua is really bullying people too much.

It is not enough that she hurt my daughter, and now she beat me, this old woman.

You can't ignore this ."

Li Hehua didn't have time to think carefully about what the woman said, and only grasped an important piece of information that had just been missed: this man's name is Tieshan! This woman had mentioned before that she had a husband named Tieshan.

Could it be him No way, how could such a man marry a woman like the original owner They didn't match at first glance.

Just as Li Hehua's mind was wandering, Zhang Tieshan was also looking at her.

Seeing that she didn't care at all, he clenched his fists, took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart, and said calmly, "Auntie, I'm really sorry about this.

I'll teach her a lesson.

For the compensation, tell me the amount, and I will pay you." 

The words made the woman's eyebrows rise a bit.

She gave Li Hehua a proud look and said to Zhang Tieshan earnestly, "Your aunt watched you grew up.

How can aunt still want your money Your aunt just want to say that his woman really can't stay, otherwise we don't know how  she will drag you down.

Hurry up and divorce her, you can't keep this kind of harmful spirit."

Zhang Tieshan didn't respond to the woman's words, but said: "Auntie, what should be compensated should still be compensated.

Look, is 50 cents enough" He took out fifty cents and handed it to the woman.

The woman looked at the money handed to her and hesitated a little, but Wu Dazhu, who was at the side, pushed the money back.

"Tieshan, we all grew up together, how can we ask for your money.

We are just here to ask for forgiveness.

This woman in your family is simply too much.

Take the money back.

If you give it, you do not recognize me as a brother."

Seeing that Wu Dazhu insisted on not wanting it, Zhang Tieshan didn't want to continue pulling and took the money back and then looked at Li Hehua with sharp eyes, and said the words with a cold and heavy tone, "Apologize to my aunt!"

Li Hehua's good impression of Zhang Tieshan began to decline because of this sentence.

Isn't this man the husband of the original owner How come he didn't ask anything and decided that it's her fault and ask her to apologize when he comes.

Is there such a husband

It seems that the original owner's husband also doesn't like her very much.

However, it wasn't her fault.

She doesn't want to apologize.

Li Hehua's expression also cooled down, and he looked at Zhang Tieshan fearlessly, "I didn't do anything, but you want me to apologize If she said I hit her, then I hit her Then why didn't she say that she hurt my hand like this Is there such an indiscriminate person like you!"

Before Zhang Tieshan could speak, the woman said hurriedly, "You are talking nonsense, your injury is none of my business, you're slandering me! How can an old woman like me beat you up Look at your body shape and then look at me again.

Look at my figure."

The people around looked at the figures of the two and agreed with the woman.

Coupled with what the original owner Li Hehua had done before, everyone chose to stand on the woman's side.

"It must be Li Hehua's slander.

She's unreasonable."

"Yes, it's already good that someone like her doesn't bully others, who can bully her"

"This Li Hehua is really getting worse and worse..


Li Hehua listened to the voices of the people around him, and felt powerless in her heart.

The original owner was really bad.

Unexpectedly, no one was willing to stand by her and no one was willing to speak for her even now, even the husband of the original owner.

Zhang Tieshan's face became more and more ugly as he listened to the words of the people around him, and when he saw Li Hehua who didn't want to apologize at all, the fire in his heart was even bigger.

This woman can really do anything disgusting.

He really regrets marrying her, otherwise his mother, younger brother, and Shulin wouldn't have had such a miserable life.

It's all because of her! If he could, he really wanted to strangle this woman to death.

Even now, she still doesn't want to repent, and still causes trouble.

Such a woman is simply disgusting.

But now she is still his nominal wife, and the matter between them is a family matter.

He doesn't want to solve it in front of outsiders.

Zhang Tieshan apologized to the Wu family again: "Aunt, Dazhu Dazhuang, I'm really sorry, I apologize to you, I will teach her a lesson later, just say what compensation you want.

Forget it this time for my face."

(T/N: This is really awkward to translate.

The "face" here that Tieshan talks about is kinda related to his dignity.

Like he is asking for forgiveness and save him from embarassment.

It's a chinese culture thing, I really can't explain it clearly.

Visit this if you want to know more: https://www.china-mike.com/chinese-culture/cult-of-face/)

After all, Wu Dazhu grew up with Zhang Tieshan.

Seeing him apologize so much, he doesn't want cause trouble for him any more.

Besides, his mother really had nothing serious.

This time, he should give his brother a face.

He patted Zhang Tieshan on the shoulder and said: " Tieshan, we will forget it this time for your sake, but there should be no more next time, or we won't give face to anyone."

Zhang Tieshan patted him on the shoulder and thanked him silently.

Wu Dazhu left with his family.

When the people who came to see the fun saw that the Wu family was gone, they naturally won't stay any longer, so they also followed, but after a while, Li Hehua and Zhang Tieshan were left in the yard.

Li Hehua didn't know how to face this man who was very unfamiliar to her.

In addition, the man just thought it was her fault.

She didn't want to pay attention to him.

She simply entered the house and continued to look for the mallet.

But as soon as she entered the room, the man behind her came in, sat straight on the chair, and said coldly, "Li Hehua, pack up your own things and leave today.

My family can't accomodate you, the great Buddha."

Li Hehua's footsteps stopped, and her heart froze for a while.

These words are obviously meant to divorce the original owner, that is, to divorce the current her.

Original owner, original owner, how can you be like this I have only been here for two days and you were either scolded or beaten, and now you have to be dismissed.

You have hurt me so badly for needing to carry all this pot.

(T/N: She is basically complaining for all the blame that she has to carry because of the original owner.)

If it were in modern times, Li Hehua would definitely nod and agree without saying a word and leave.

Anyway, he is not really her real husband, and she is not willing to take over someone else's husband, but this is not modern, this is ancient times when it was extremely unfair to women.

If she is divorced, she didn't know what the consequences will be.

After all, she doesn't know whether the original owner has a family.

She has nowhere to go.

Where can she find a shelter so easily

Therefore, she cannot be divorce for the time being, at least let her find a way to earn some money and have her own house.


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