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It was already past noon when Li Hehua arrived at Shangshui Village.

Evey household had already eaten lunch and the village was quiet.

Everyone must have taken a nap after lunch.

Li Hehua can't go in even if Zhang Tieshan and Zhang Qingshan aren't there because Zhang Lin must have been napping at home.

She doesn't want to meet her.

Aside from the little guy, she doesn't want to meet anyone from the Zhang family.

Li Hehua's stomach calls out at this moment and she's very conflicted.

Should she come again next time or should she wait until Zhang Lin goes out after her nap

If she goes back first, Li Hehua felt reluctant to part with the little guy and also wants to give him the food she brought.

However, if she waits here, she doesn't know when Zhang Lin will wake up and goes out.

Does she have to endure and starve herself to death And if she waits for too long, she won't have the time to go back and make pastries.

Tangled and confused, Li Hehua waited for almost half an hour but Zhang Lin still hasn't left the house.

She couldn't help but give up and planned to go back for today.

However, she saw Zhang Tieshan come out while holding the little guy in his arms.

Li Hehua was startled and hurriedly hid behind the tree.

It was fortunate that the trees are thick and connected with each other.

It would not be able to hide her burly figure otherwise.

She saw Zhang Tieshan go straight to a big tree not far away while holding the little guy, where a swing was set up at some point.

He put and sat the little guy on the swing, letting him (ZS) grab the ropes on both sides.

He then went around and help him gently push the swing.

The little guy floated gently.

Li Hehua's current position is quite close to their side.

She can clearly see the little guy and everything from the gap between the trees. 

The little guy was swayed by the swing.

Although he was still expressionless and didn't laugh, the expression on his face was no longer empty.

Obviously, the little guy was actually experiencing the experience of swinging on the swing in reality.

(TN: If it's quite confusing, she just wants to say that our little Shulin is not isolating himself in his own world as before.)

Unexpectedly, a big man like Zhang Tieshan was so careful.

He knows that making a toy for the little one will make him (ZS) happy.

Li Hehua originally wanted to leave but seeing the little guy play on the swing, she wants to quietly watch him again, planning to wait until the little guy played enough before leaving.

In the end, Zhang Tieshan accompanied the little guy for a quarter of an hour.

He then squatted in front of the little guy and said something to him.

He then walked away and went home, leaving the little guy alone.

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I'm waiting for you, muah!

Li Hehua thought that Zhang Tieshan left to get something but she didn't see him after waiting for a long time.

She couldn't help but think, did something happen to Zhang Tieshan Or had he forgotten that the little guy was outside

If so, should she take this opportunity to go and give the little guy something to eat  But what if Zhang Tieshan suddenly came out and saw her Wouldn't he think that she has bad intentions again

Li Hehua was caught in an infinite entanglement.

She simply observed for a short while but she still did not see Zhang Tieshan coming back.

Seeing that it will be too late if she wait any longer, Li Hehua gritted her teeth and decided to go.

As for what will happen when she exposed herself Let them see if they see.

Is visiting a child considered as breaking the law

Having this in mind, Li Hehua slowly walked out from behind the tree.

She went straight to the little guy and squatted down.

She greeted him with a big smile.

"Baby, did you miss me I miss you so much!"

The little guy originally has his head lowered as if he was contemplating about something.

But when he was called by Li Hehua, he moved slightly, then slowly raised his head to look at Li Hehua.

Li Hehua was stunned.

This was the second time that the little guy reacted to her words.

Last time, he had only reacted when she brought the bibimbap to him.

She just said hello this time and he looked up.

This had made her much more excited than when she shake her idol's hand in modern times.

Does this mean that the little guy currently doesn't reject her that much He is gradually accepting her right He can feel that she was kind to him, didn't he

Li Hehua was so excited, but her time was limited.

She hurriedly struck while the iron was hot * and lifted the cloth on the basket.

She took out all the food inside.

"Baby, I brought you something delicious.

There are tanghulu, hawthorn cake, and lotus seed paste pastry.

They are all delicious." L Hehua picked up a lotus seed paste pastry and handed it close to the little guy's mouth.

" Come on baby, open your mouth and take a bite."

(TN: idiom meant to do something immediately while there's an opportunity to do so.)

The little guy's eyes slowly moved to the pastry beside his mouth.

After a moment of silence, he slowly opened his mouth and took a bite.

The corners of Li Hehua's mouth became more and more upturned.

She probably even laughed like a fool but she didn't care.

It is because she was so happy that the little guy was willing to eat what she fed him and there was no crazy rejection like the first time.

Li Hehua couldn't help but said, "Little guy, you know that I'm not the one who treats you badly, right You are not afraid of me now, right"

Although the little guy didn't respond, Li Hehua was still happy.

After the little guy finished eating the lotus seed paste pastry in his hand, Li Hehua knew that she couldn't stay anymore, so she had to put all the food on the little guy's lap, "Baby, it's getting late.

I have to leave, but I'll see you next time.

You have to eat well, alright Goodbye baby." 

The little guy stared at her quietly with his big black eyes, his lips pursed tightly.

Li Hehua smiled at him, took two steps back, and then turned around.

Seeing that no one found her, she hurried along the path to Lianhua Village.




Sorry for not updating for a month.

I was caught off guard after actually experiencing 'the' real college life lol.

The first week was hectic due to continuous changes in my schedule, the second week was my first ever 'face-to-face' classes and my body was still adjusting to the long ride and exhausting hunt of our classrooms, third week basically made me fill too 'full' of assignments or books to read and the fourth week of august was definitely the time that my body fully adjusted with all of this pressure and I was happy. 

I'll try to update 2 to 3 chapters a week from now on.

Thank you for supporting this translation still hehe. 


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