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Chapter 21 - New Pastries


Cao Simei woke up very early the next day.

When Li Hehua got up, she had already prepared breakfast and was waiting for Li Hehua to set off.

Seeing her so active, Li Hehua didn't dare to delay and move quickly.

She hurriedly wash and eat.

She then went to the town with Cao Simei holding the two baskets of pastries.

Li Hehua didn't immediately set up her stall and first sent Cao Simei to a crowded place in the west side of the street.

She picked her a place to put her baskets and took the lead in shouting, "Selling pastries! Very delicious! Inexpensive red bean cake and bahulu! Everyone is welcome to taste it for free!!

Li Hehua tried and demostrated for Cao Simei.

She only shouted twice and let Cao Simei follow her way.

In a while, someone came over due to curiosity.

Li Hehua took a piece of both pastries and shared it with those who are interested to buy.

" Everyone, have a taste! If it doesn't taste good, you don't have to buy it!"

What Li Hehua made is naturally delicious and no one said that it isn't after a taste.

Most people ask for a piece or two and Li Hehua hurriedly responded.

She bend over and pick up an oil paper bag, wrap the pastry and handed it to the guests, collecting the money afterwards.

Since the first person already bought one, the others also followed.

Li Hehua gradually stopped moving and stood aside.

She let Cao Simei take her place and do it herself.

Cao Simei is also a kind of person who is used in working.

She is very quick as usual and can now be comparable to Li Hehua's style of doing things.

She is good in handling the pastries and collecting money.

"Then I'll leave you here Da jie.

I'm going to the east side and sell."

Cao Simei took time to respond to Li Hehua, "Go and do your work.

I'll be fine here.

Let's go back together when it's over.


As everything is already settled, Li Hehua carried her two baskets of pastry and went to the place where she often sell the pastries.

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I'm waiting for you, muah!

When it was almost noon, Li Hehua's pastries were all sold out, so she went to the west with her baskets to see Cao Simei.

As a result, she met Cao Simei who also came to look for her.

She couldn't help but ask with a smile, "All sold out"

Cao Simei was obviously very happy, "It's sold out, it's sold out very quickly."

Li Hehua nodded, "Then let's go buy some ingredients for the pastries and go back together."

Li Hehua not only bought the ingredients for red bean cake and bahulu today but also bought the ingredients for hawthorn cake and lotus seed paste pastry.

These two will be made to sell from tomorrow onwards.

Because she bought hawthorns, Li Hehua once again thought of tanghulu and so decided to make some tanghulu to sell.

Children likes to eat them and they are easier to make than pastries.

It's better to make some and sell them.

Although there's a lot people selling tanghulu in the street, her tanghulu are different from ordinary ones.

She dares to guarantee that her tanghulu are a hundred times better and they will definitely won't fail (to sell).

When they returned to the He family's house, He Daya, Cao Simei's eldest daughter, had already prepared lunch and the two of them could directly eat after sitting down.

For the first time, Li Hehua felt that it was nice to have her own home and then remembered her current situation.

She couldn't help but sighed secretly.

After eating, Li Hehua began to prepare the pastries to be sold tomorrow.

She made red bean cake and bahulu first, and then started to make hawthorn cake and lotus seed paste pastry.

But when she was dealing with hawthorn, she deliberately left a part of them for making tanghulu.

Cao Simei's family are all kind-hearted people.

They thought that this method of making pastries is an ancestral method and cannot be easily passed on, so they consciously did not go to the kitchen.

They didn't want Li Hehua to think that their family was unkind and wanted to steal from her.

Cao Simei only saw that Li Hehua is so busy and offered to take care of the fire for her, but she only sat by the stove and talked to her.

She didn't even looked at the stove for fear of Li Hehua thinking that she came to steal recipe.

Li Hehua didn't know what the family was thinking.

If she knew, she would definitely be dumbfounded.

In fact, she didn't plan to hide it at all, otherwise she wouldn't do it in their family's kitchen.

If people in Cao Simei's family want to watch it, they can watch it.

If they can make it delicious just from watching, then that's their ability.

One must know that when she first entered the kitchen, her grandfather gave her all the recipes of the Li family and taught her hand-to-hand, but the taste was not the best in the first time.

She tried and adjust again and again, and finally adjust the taste to the best.

So cooking is something that still requires talent.

When you have the talent, you still need unremitting efforts.

If they were those natural kitchen killers, even if they were taught a hundred times, they will never be able to adapt.


Photo for the candied hawthorn.

Some of you might be more familiar with the term tanghulu so I used the term for the translation.

Candied Hawthorns / Tanghulu

*This translation is own by Rossetranslation from wattpad.

If you are reading this in different site, don't hesitate to join me here at watty.

I'm waiting for you, muah!

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