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Chapter 18 -Settle Accounts

For this day, Zhang Tieshan didn't do hunting in the fields or in the mountains as usual but directly took Zhag Qingshan and his good brother Lou Er, who grew up in the same village, out of the village and went straight to Lijiazhuang.

When Zhang Qingshan heard that his brother are going to Lijiazhuang to settle accounts with the Li family, he was so happy and felt like walking in the wind.

The feeling of exaltation is can be seen all over his body.

"Ge*, I thought you would forget about this.

It turns out that you didn't intend to let the Li family go.

That's great! That family bullied us so much, we should return it!"

(TN: * directly translated as brother)

Luo Er beside him was indignant and guilty, "The Li family is indeed too much.

When you are away, that family bully your mother, brother, and son often.

All the valuable things were also taken away and people are kicked out.

I fought with them several times but there are so many people in the Li family.

The two sons are also powerful.

I am useless I couldn't beat them or even win them in quarrel. Xiong di*, I'm sorry that I didn't take good care of your family for you."

(TN: * directly translated as bro, buddy, or man.

Something that is used between close friends.

- based on my understanding hehe)

How could Zhang Tieshan blame him He knew that the villagers generally doesn't help others with these house affairs.

Most of them just watch the fun.

Like when his mother, brother, and son were bullied at home, no villagers stood up for them, only Lou Er stepped in.

When they were driven out and had nowhere to go, Luo Er also gave them his old old house to live in, which gave his mother and younger brother a place to live.

He was very grateful for Luo Er's help.

Knowing that he was going to settle accounts with the Li family this time, Luo Er also volunteered to help, afraid that they would not have enough manpower.

This brother, he did not hesitate.

Zhang Tieshan patted Luo Er on the shoulder, "Xiao Er*, I never blame you.

I am only grateful to you."

(TN: * directly translated as Little two)

Luo Er smiled in relief, then asked curiously, "I thought you would settle the accounts with the Li family as soon as you came back.

Why did you only go today"

Zhang Tieshan pursed his lips and thought of Li Hehua who left yesterday.

He said in a flat voice, "The Li family probably only learned about my return yesterday.

It's just right to come today." Although he didn't care about Li Hehua, he won't just forget about the Li family.

If they bullied his family and he ignored it, he won't be considered as a man.

The reason why he didn't immediately go to them was because of the changes shown by Li Hehua before.

If he wants to settle the accounts, it is natural to wait until Li Hehua is divorced and went home."

Luo Er played with Zhang Tieshan and grew up with him.

He knew him very well.

Hearing his words, he immediately understood what he meant and didn't ask any further questions.

The three went straight to Lijiazhuang and reached the Li family's house in a while.

Outside the gate of Li family's house, Zhang Tieshan kicked the door open with one foot, and the wooden door fell to the ground with a bang.

The loud noise shocked the Li family.

They ran out of the yard to see the situation one after another.

The source of the noise was Zhang Tieshan, who was standing in the yard with a cold face.

The faces of the family instantly turned pale.

The Li family knew about Zhang Tieshan before they married Li Hehua to Zhang Tieshan.

It can be said that no one in the nearby village did not know about Zhang Tieshan.

There was no other reason and it was just because Zhang Tieshan was extremely powerful and brave.

Others can carry one bag of rice, he can carry three bags, and he is also a famous hunter in the vicinity.

He once hunted a wild boar by himself, which is really enviable.

The Zhang family's life is very rich because of Zhang Tieshan.

No one knows how many people want to marry their daughter to him.

Zhang Tieshan is so powerful.

Naturally, no one dared to provoke the Zhang family and the Li family also did not dare to provoke them before.

However, who told them to be fascinated by money Seeing that Zhang Tieshan didn't came back for a few years, there are also rumors saying that he was dead, so they thought that he died on the battlefield.

With that, they began to go to the Zhang family to collect all the valuable things and even robbed the Zhang family's savings.

Now, seeing Zhang Tieshan coming, how can they not be afraid in their heart.

Mother Li stuttered and asked, "Tieshan, what are you, what are you doing"

Zhang Tieshan's eyes were terrifyingly dark, and his eyes slowly scanned the Li family.

Those eyes made them involuntarily want to shiver.

Where did their original tyrannical look go

Zhang Tieshan stepped forward slowly, frightening the Li family back step by step, until they retreated to the main room.

Zhang Tieshan sat down at the table, while the Li family stood not far away, watching him nervously.

Zhang Tieshan touched the table and chair in front of him and raised the corner of his mouth, "This table and chair is very familiar, it seems to be exactly the same as the one I made before I left." The Li family was instantly embarrassed, and they didn't know what to say.

Zhang Tieshan's eyes turned to other furnishings in the room.

When he saw a familiar thing, he will mention and ask about it every time , as if he was simply questioning.

However, the Li family member's head was getting lower and lower, and their faces were getting paler.

When Zhang Tieshan already had nothing to say, he looked at the Li family coldly, "Don't you have anything to say Why don't you talk about where these things come from" The Li family looked at each other and knew that today, if they didn't admit that these things were taken from Zhang's family, they might be killed by Zhang Tieshan on the spot.

After all, they had the good fortune ans witnessed how Zhang Tieshan dealt with thieves.

The Li family is not stupid and they have no intention denying where these things came from.

It's just that everyone urged each other to stand up and explain with their eyes, but no one wanted to open their mouths.

In the end, Li Changfu stood up and said, "Tieshan, this matter is my family's fault.

It's all because of my family's Hehua's ignorance.

She wanted to take something back from the Zhang's family to honor us.

We said no, but she insisted on taking it back to her mother's house, so we thought of taking it first and returning it together when you came back.

Now that you're back, we'll take it later and bring it back."

Li Changfu's wife nodded immediately, "That's right, we can't do anything about sister-in-law, she's too naive.

She came back yesterday and we even asked her to go back and apologize to you.

Our family won't let a married daughter to mess around."

After listening to what the Li family said, Zhang Tieshan was silent.

After a while, he laughed so horribly that the Li family swallowed everything they wanted to say.

"Are you kidding me like a three-year-old child" Zhang Tieshan smashed the tea bowl in his hand to the ground at the same time, making the Li family almost scream.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Mother Li quickly waved her hand to persuade, "Tieshan, at least we have an in-law relationship.

Although you have divorced Hehua now, theres still the friendship between our family from many years isn't Besides, if it wasn't for Father Li saving your father back then-"

Zhang Qingshan finally couldn't help it and interrupted loudly, "You are so shameless! You obviously took things together but now, you are saying that Li Hehua insisted on giving it to you.

You are really shameless! Also, your family used this life-saving grace to coerce my Da ge into marrying that daughter from your family.

Now, you are taking it out and using that as a reason, you have no shame!"

The Li family's face was hot but they are always been thick-skinned.

Mother Li said,

Thick-skinned, Mother Li said: "Qingshan, we had a problem with our attitude before.

Our family is all rude, we spoke and did wrong things, so we accidentally hurt you.

I'm really sorry.

We apologize to you.

Please be kind and forgive us." After speaking, she changed her words and continued, "However, my Old Li did save your father and this kindness cannot be forgotten."

Zhang Qingshan was angered by Mother Li's words.

His face turned red with anger, "You, you..."

Zhang Tieshan raised his hand and patted Zhang Qingshan, signaling him not to get excited, then looked at the Li family lightly, "Don't talk about that kindness anymore.

Speaking of it, our family has already repaid, I don't want to hear one more word in your mouth, otherwise..."

Although the words were not finished, the Li family shut up and said no more.

They didn't dare to say anything anymore.

Seeing the Li family shut up, Zhang Tieshan continued: "Now, I'm talking about these things.

I remember that these things were brand new before I left, but now they're worn out.

I don't like to use things that others have used.

It is impossible to pull it back and use it again.

Well, you can convert it into silver to compensate me, then let's forget about this."

As soon as these words came out, the Li family's expressions froze.

Zhang Tieshan asked lightly, "Why, you don't want to"

Mother Li froze and forced a smile, "Tieshan, our family's conditions are not good.

We really can't come up with so much money.

How about shipping the things back If we really can't, can we make up for you up to fifty cents"

Hearing this, Zhang Tieshan raised the corner of his mouth.

He stood up and turned his wrist casually, "This means you don't want to give the money Okay, since you don't want to give, then use your arm to pay off the debt.

One piece of furniture, one arm.

Who will come first" The Li family was so frightened that their faces turned pale.

They didn't expect Zhang Tieshan to be so ruthless that he would actually want to abolish their arms.

Li Changfu was not convinced and angryly said, "Zhang Tieshan, don't go too far!"

Zhang Tieshan was not angry, "This is too much If you are not convinced, come closer and let's discuss.

Maybe you can took off my arm.

I heard that you were very brave when you were in my house."

Although Li Changfu is strong and fights well, he is not good enough compared to Zhang Tieshan.

How dare he act wild in front of Zhang Tieshan He does not dare to take a step forward at this time.

Seeing that he didn't move, Zhang Tieshan became impatient and his face turned fierce.

He slapped his hand on the table, only to hear a "pop".

The table that had just been fine was torn apart in an instant and Zhang Tieshan slapped it away abruptly.

The Li family almost breakdown.

"I'll ask you one last time, do you want to lose money or lose your arm"

One sentence made the Zhang family tremble.

Seeing that they would die if they didn't lose money, Li Changfu's wife was afraid.

She turned around and begged Mother Li, "Mother, let's lose money.

Otherwise, wouldn't we became disabled" She didn't want to become disabled and she didn't want her man to become disabled.

Mother Li trembled, struggled for a while, and finally nodded, "We lose money, lose money!"

Zhang Tieshan nodded indifferently, "Okay, I counted the furniture, there are seven pieces in total, I won't count the small ones for you.

You can just give me a total of 15 taels of silver."

"What Fifteen taels of silver" All the Li family members exclaimed in surprise.

"Tieshan, I'm afraid you're going too far.

This furniture is worth two taels at most, so how could it be fifteen taels" Mother Li lowered her head and asked.

Zhang Tieshan raised his eyebrow, "Since you think the price is wrong, let's count the missing savings of my family.

According to my mother, she was robbed of more than ten taels of silver.

I would like to ask you about this money.

Where is it now"

The Li family remembered the money, and the dissatisfaction in their throats were swallowed back.

Zhang Tieshan shook his head and walked to the corner of the main room in front of the Li family.

He picked up an axe lying there, held a flower in his hand, and walked back slowly, "How is it Have you thought about it I don't have so much time to hang around with you guys.

If you haven't made up your mind, don't blame me for doing it."

Li Changfu and Li Changshou were frightened.

They reached out and tugged at their mother's sleeves at the same time, motioning for their mother to take the money.

They don't want to fight this evil star.

They can't beat him even if the two join forces.

Mother Li pursed her lips tightly, staring at the axe in Zhang Tieshan's hand and sweating coldly.

Seeing that Zhang Tieshan was about to walk forward, she finally said, "I'll give it, I'll give it.

I'll go get the money right away."


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