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From the kitchen, Mother Zhang was a little surprised seeing Li Hehua walking out of the door with a burden (t/n: her things) on her back.

She thought that this poisonous woman wouldn't leave so easily but she really left.

She couldn't help but feel happy.

"She's really gone That's good." Zhang Lin said to her two sons.

Zhang Qingshan was also a little surprised, but he was more happy than surprised.

He nodded in agreement with his mother, "She should be.

And even if she doesn't really leave, we won't let her come back, right"

Zhang Tieshan did not answer Zhang Qingshan's words.

His face calm, he went straight to the stove and saw the grains of rice sticking to his son's mouth.

His eyes moved to the bowl on the stool again, which contained unfinished meat and rice.

Zhang Tieshan pursed his lips and watched for a while, then slowly bent down to pick up the spoon that had fallen on the ground.

After some thought, he straightened up and went to the cupboard to pick up a clean spoon and handed it to Shulin, "Come on Shulin, here's a spoon for you, let's eat."

Shulin didn't move so did Zhang Tieshan.

He is still holding a clean spoon and waiting for Shulin to take over.

After a long while, Shulin slowly raised his arm, stretched out his small hand to take the spoon in his (ZT) hand.

He raised his head to look at it then lowered his head again.

He slowly put the spoon into the bowl and picked up a spoonful.  The rice was put into his mouth and he chewed.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Tieshan's eyes darkened.

Zhang Linshi and Zhang Qingshan, who were also watching, opened their mouths in disbelief.

They had never seen Shulin take the initiative to eat, and he eat it so good!

Naturally, this meal was not made by Zhang Lin for Shulin.

Only Li Hehua, who had just left, could cooked at home.

Zhang Lin obviously thought of this and remembered Li Hehua's explanation just now.

She felt a little embarrassed in her heart, but if she was asked to admit that she was wrong, she won't do it.

Where that woman meet Shulin, Shulin shrank back in fear.

She's probably going to hit Shulin.

She wasn't wrong.

As if to prove something, Zhang Lin said, "Tieshan, this woman is just being pretentious.

She was reluctant to give Shulin a little food before, but now she gives it so generously.

She might not be planning anything right now but it is best that she leave.

With that, we don't need to worry about her doing something bad."

"Mother!" Zhang Tieshan looked at Zhang Lin, his voice was a little stern.

This made Zhang Lin swallowed the rest of her words and didn't dare to add more.

Zhang Tieshan turned his gaze back and continued to watch Shulin eat.

He didn't want to listen to his mother's thoughts anymore.

He knew that in the past few years, his mother and Qingshan had suffered a lot.

They still have a lot of resentment in their hearts.

They hated Li Hehua so much that they didn't want to live under the same roof with her anymore.

They couldn't help but want to drive her away.

Although he also hated Li Hehua, he also knew that his mother had misunderstood what happened today.

Li Hehua didn't lie.

She really just made some food for Shulin.

However, he didn't stand up to speak for her because what she did in the past really hurt his mother and Qingshan.

She even caused Shulin to be like this.

Although she behaved like she had completely changed these days, can a person really change her temperament in a short period of time He don't believe it.

So in the end, he didn't say anything.

It's alright to leave.

They'll be separated from each other in the future.

Thinking like this, Zhang Tieshan involuntarily glanced outside the gate again.

No one's there.

On the other side, Li Hehua walked around after leaving the Zhang's.

She have no idea where to stay for a while.

She only has 200 cents on hand.

It's okay to buy some things but the accommodation is really not enough.

When she asked in the town last time, the worst room in the inn cost 10 cents for a night.

The money on her body is not enough for a few nights.

There is also no kitchen in the inn so she can't make pastries to sell.

This is not good.

There are also rented houses in the town, but the rent is at least half a year.

It costs more than two silvers.

For now, she can't afford it at all.

Li Hehua bit her lip and was so worried.

However, if you thought about it, she really haven't decided where to go before.

The original owner's reputation was too bad and it was impossible for her to have a good friend that will take her in.

The only place that he could count on was the original's relatives  - her parents' home.

She didn't want to contact the original owner's maiden family originally, but she has no choice now.

She can't sleep on the street.

She can only go back to the original owner's maiden's family to see the situation.

If it doesn't work, she will try again.

Making up her mind, Li Hehua began to think about how to find the original owner's family.

After all, she had no memory of the original owner.

Of course, she didn't know where the original owner's family was.

While thinking about it, Li Hehua walked slowly in the village with her burden in her arms.

The villagers she met along the way cast complicated glances at her.

Most of them were gloating, as if to say, 'oh, she was finally driven away'.

Li Hehua automatically ignored the unkind eyes of these people.

She moved her steps slowly and then, again, met the woman who she had a dispute last time, that is, Wu Dazhu's mother, Wu Fangshi.

"Yo, who is this supposed to be It turns out to be Li Hehua.

Why is she carrying a burden this time" Wu Fangshi asked knowingly.

Li Hehua ignored Wu Fangshi and continued on her way.

It's a pity that Wu Fangshi didn't want to let her go so easily.

Seeing that she is being ignored, her tone became even more ironic, "Oh, I forgot.

Haven't you been divorced a long time ago Of course, a woman who was divorced must pack up and go back home to her mother's house, hehe..."

Li Hehua didn't want to pay attention to the woman's words.

But when she heard the word 'mother's house', her heart was affected and her footsteps stopped.

She doesn't know where the original owner's maiden family is, but others may know.

Women in the village generally know each other's news.

The woman in front of her probably also knows.

If she can properly control the conversation, she will be able to know where the original's maiden family house then.


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