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Li Hehua's craftsmanship allowed the Cao family to earn enough face.  They kept on thanking her and became more polite to her.

Early the next morning, Li Hehua and the Cao family got up earlier.

They need to prepare 14 tables for the banquet today which is twice as many as yesterday.

Because of that, they need to get up earlier.

Many guests came one after another.

It was more lively than yesterday.

A lot of noise sounded in the front.

Li Hehua has no idea how the ancients got married.

She wanted to watch it herself.

However, her main battlefield for today is the kitchen.

She has no chance to go out.

It is regrettable.

She can only wait for an opportunity to see it herself next time.

Seeing that it was almost noon, Cao Simei's mother came in in a hurry and said, "Hurry up, we can start cooking.

The bride has already been picked up and all the relatives from the in-laws are here.

The banquet is about to start."

Li Hehua heard this.

She nodded and agreed, "Don't worry, Auntie.

I'll start cooking right now and won't delay the banquet.

It will be served soon."

Aunt Cao smiled and nodded, "I believe in you.

Please go on."

Li Hehua not only has a good attitude and never complains, but she is also polite to the people who help her cook.

Her words are full of comfort which made the Cao family have a very good impression of her.

They couldn't help but think of Zhou Laogen who had previously prepared banquets for the eight villages.

It can be said that Zhou Laogen's and Li Hehua's attitudes are 108, 000 miles apart.

Since no one can prepare banquets in the eight villages, they even need to beg for him to do it.

His attitude is the same as that of an uncle.

You have to ask him three times and say all the right things.

In addition to the money that should be given, you also need to give him a lot of good wine and food.

After all that, he will show you a bad temper.

He shouts at everyone who helps him in cooking as if they are his subordinates.

However, what can they do His (ZL) craftsmanship is good and no one can prepare a good banquet.

They can only endure it with a smile.

This time, their family also invite Zhou Laogen to do the banquet.

Originally, he (ZL) already agreed half a month ago, but when they went to him again a few days ago, his attitude changed.

He picked up the Qiao's and said that too many people invite him to do the job.

He is too busy and really has no time.

Who can't see that he is just asking for more benefits in disguise He wanted to charge more money and other things.

This behavior made the Cao family angry, scolding him at home for so long.

However, who made his craftsmanship so good They can't prepare the banquet without him.

How can they prepare a good banquet without a table full of good dishes

So they have no choice.

No matter how angry they are, this person has to be invited.

The Cao family discussed it for a long time and finally decided to prepare a few bottles of good wine to invite him again.

Cao Simei went home this time and heard about the issue.

She was so angry and then suggested replacing Zhou Laogen.

She then recommended Li Hehua.

At first, the Cao family didn't believe in her (LH).

She was just a young woman after all.

Her experience can't be compared with Zhou Laogen who had been cooking for decades.

They had never heard of Li Hehua's name so she is definitely not famous.

This is not good.

If they use someone like this so rashly, the risk is also great.

The Cao family is against it.

Cap Simei saw that they didn't believe in the person she recommended.

She then immediately told Li Hehua's story during her visit to Wang Laotou's house in Lianhua Village.

She describes the scene of Li Hehua making the sauerkraut fish that day so vividly, especially its fragrance and the Wang family's greediness while eating, which made the Cao family believe it.

They gritted their teeth in the end and felt that they should gamble.

They finally invited Li Hehua.

This is their situation now.

The Cao family was still worried yesterday.

They are afraid that Li Hehua will not be able to do the job, but who knew that she will give them a surprise instead This woman's crafts were not ordinary and left Zhou Laogen's behind.

With Li Hehua's cooking, Zhou Laogen's skill is nothing at all.

They really don't know how he could be so arrogant.

With Li Hehua, seeing how proud Zhou Laogen is, she will definitely shatter that man's spirit in the future.

Li Hehua is unaware of the inner thoughts of the Cao family as was still cooking with all her heart.

For today's banquet, there are also eight major and eight small dishes.

The ingredients are the same as yesterday.

According to the Cao family,  she just needs to cook the same dishes as yesterday as everyone does this anyways.

However, Li Hehua thinks that this is not good.

In her opinion, this is only done by a failed chef so she proposed to change the menu.

Of course, the ingredients will not change.

When the Cao family heard that Li Hehua could use the same ingredients to prepare completely different dishes, they didn't agree and nodded vigorously.

Li Hehua's craftsmanship fully gained their trust now.

After Li Hehua got the owner's consent, she remixed all the ingredients to form different dishes and started cooking.

Cooking for today's fourteen tables of dishes, Li Hehua's speed is still fast and was finished at about the same time as yesterday but people are a little more tired.

However, thinking that her task is over, she doesn't feel tired anymore.

Because she was in a hurry to go home, she said her goodbye immediately after it was over.

Aunt Cao took time and come to the kitchen.

After thanking her thousands of times, she gave Li Hehua 100 cents.

She also filled a lot of melon seeds and candies and give them to Li Hehua as a token of gratitude.

She then packed a basket of vegetables for her to take home.

Li Hehua refused but Aunt Cao insisted.

"You keep it.

Don't refuse.

If I invited others, these things are not enough and we will need to spend a lot of money.

You have helped our family so much.

I gave you something to eat so don't refuse it.


Li Hehua saw that she couldn't do anything about it and accepted it.

She left the Cao family's house and hurried home.

It was already dark when she reach and returned to the Zhang family's house.


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