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Chapter 13 - Banquet [1] (2)


Li Hehua hurriedly said hello, "Dajie, I'm here."

Cao Simei turned around and saw that it was Li Hehua.

She smiled and immediately put down the chicken feed in her hand.

She greeted her, "Oh jiejie. Come in.

Come in quickly!"

Li Hehua was pulled into the main room.

After sitting down and drinking a sip of water, Cao Simei packed up and the two headed immediately to the village where her brother is living - Caozhuang Village.

Caozhuang Village is very far from Lianhua Village.

It was already dark when they arrived.

Li Hehua's feet were blistered and the pain was unbearable as they walked.

She can't take it anymore.

Cao Simei was embarrassed and apologized to Li Hehua, "Jiejie, are you alright My maiden's family home is too far away and I rarely went home.

This time is an exception.

It's my nephew's wedding ah, I can't help it."

Li Hehua wiped the sweat on her forehead.

She shook her head with a smile, "It's alright.

Are we almost there"

Cao Simei took a few steps forward, "It's here.

It's this house." She then led her into a door.

"Mother, brother, I'm back." Cao Simei shouted.

The people inside came out immediately.

"Yo, Simei*. Why did you arrive so late It's getting dark." An about sixty years old woman asked aloud.

(T/N: For clarification, Simei means fourth sister. Sì means Four, mèi means sister.

So in english, Cao Sìmèi means Fourth Sister Cao.)

Cao Simei wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

"I'm late because, aren't I bringing the chef who's going to prepare the banquet Come, let me introduce her.

This is the chef that I'm taking about, Li Hehua.

Her crafts are absolutely amazing." Cao Simei said, pulling Li Hehua from behind her as she introduce her (LH) to the family.

Li Hehua smiled and nodded.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Li Hehua's appearance.

They didn't expect her to be such a fat woman.

Cao Simei's mother took Li Hehua's hand and said, "What a blessing."

Li Hehua felt embarrassed inwardly.

She smiled and said, "Auntie, my figure is what a chef eat.

I grow so fat because I eat well."

Cao Simei's mother laughed even more happily.

"That's why.

How can a chef lacks food."

Cao Simei interrupted her mother's greetings, "Mother, we are tired and hungry now.

Get us something to eat so that we can rest early.

We will be busy tomorrow."

Cao Simei's mother nodded quickly.

"Yes, yes.

I forgot about it.

Hurry in and I'll get you something to eat."

Cao Simei's mother and sister-in-law made some noodles for Cao Simei and Li Hehua.

After eating, they boiled some water to wash themselves.

They went back to the room that the Cao family had cleaned up for them and rest together.

Li Hehua and Cao Simei lived together for the past few days.

She's been busy and constantly running around today.

Li Hehua was so tired that she immediately fell asleep after she lay on the bed.

She slept until the next day and was awaken by Cao Simei.

The dishes to be prepared for today's banquet is not much as there are only six table.

The custom here is like this.

Before the children get married, they have to invite their relatives to have a meal.

On the day of the marriage, the man and the woman's relatives will have another meal together.

Therefore, there are six tables today and fourteen tables tomorrow.

Li Hehua first went to the kitchen to look at the ingredients.

Shen then arrange them and instructed the assigned person to wash and cut them.

She prepared the seasonings that would be used later and put them in a good position.

When it was almost time for lunch, Li Hehua started to stir-fry.

Today, there are a total of eight large dishes and eight small dishes, which is a total of 16 dishes.

This is a very good banquet in the countryside.

Li Hehua fired two pots at the same time.

One pot for large dishes, and one pot for small dishes.

She is working in an orderly manner smoothly.

The people who were helping on the side were amazed.

Ordinary people would not be able to cook so many dishes by themselves, let alone cook two pots at the same time.

This speed of serving dishes is the fastest they have ever seen and they are all so fragrant.

They have never smelled such foods so fragrant their whole lives.

They endured and drool painfully while helping the chef.

It was uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Li Hehua kept a little of every dish for the people who helped in the kitchen.

Let them eat it at the end of the banquet.

She couldn't expect that something will be left behind at the table in front of her.

The people at the front was still eating in full swing, when Cao Simei's mother came in in a hurry.

When she saw Li Hehua, she praised, "Oh, your dishes are well-made.

Not only is it beautiful but the taste is also so delicious that your tongue might get swallowed with it.  Don't you know Everyone are praising today's banquet, eating while grabbing from each other."

Cao Simei's mother's face was full of pride and complacency.

Because of that, she took a time out of her busy schedule and immediately came over to thank Li Hehua .

Li Hehua is very happy that the dishes she made are appreciated by the host, but she's still a bit modest.

"Auntie, you are very polite.

Since I have received the money from your family, I must do the best.

Guaranteed to make you look good."

After hearing this, Cao Simei's mother was even more happy.

She kept complimenting her and then finally went out to work in a hurry.

Li Hehua worked hard for nearly an hour to cook all the dishes.

When the last dish was taken away, she breathed a long sigh of relief.

Shen then saw the other people who helped her, they were all too tired.

Li Hehua hurriedly brought out the remaining dishes, "Come here, everyone is hungry.

We are finally finished, let's eat."

This remark made everyone who had been tired for a long time become energetic.  After staying in the kitchen for so long, they become greedy and was secretly looking forward to eating.

Now, they can finally get what they want.

Cao Simei and her two sisters-in-law quickly came over with chopsticks, and couldn't wait to reach for the vegetables and put them in their mouths.

Before she could swallow the first bite, Cao Simei gave a thumbs up, "Jiejie, I'm really right for choosing you.

Your craftsmanship is amazing!"

"This is the best dish I've ever eaten.

It's delicious!" Cao Simei's eldest sister-in-law complimented her.  She ate while praising, for fear that it would be gone.

Cao Simei's second sister-in-law took time to say while eating, "If my boy gets married in the future, I'll look for you too. Jiejie, you can't refuse it."

Li Hehua smiled.

Although she was tired, she was still very happy.


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