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Chapter 12 - Door-to-Door Invitation (2)

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Not long after the meal, the Zhang family was planning to take a siesta when there was a sudden knock on the door of the house.

A strange woman's voice sounded, "Is anyone there"

The Zhang family was puzzled.

The person doesn't sound like someone from the village.

Zhang Qingshan was the first to stand up and walk out of the main room.

He saw a middle-aged woman standing in front of their house.

She is not from their village.

"Who are you looking for" Zhang Qingshan asked.

The middle-aged woman said, "I'm looking for a person named Li Hehua.

Does her family live here"

Li Hehua Isn't it that woman Why is this person looking for her

Even though he didn't want to get involved with that woman, Zhang Qingshan still said reluctantly, "Yes, she lives here."

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman seemed to feel relieved.

A smile then appeared on her face, "I'm not mistaken then.

I have something to do with her.

Can I go in and talk to her"

Zhang Qingshan replied, "She's not at home, she's gone out." That woman usually went out before dawn and then return every afternoon.

He also doesn't know what she's been doing.

Hearing that Li Hehua was not at home, the woman was a little disappointed.

However, she already traveled all the way here.

She couldn't just leave.

She wanted to ask when she (LH) would be back.

It was then that Zhang Lin and Zhang Tieshan both came out of the house.

Zhang Lin asked what was going on, and Zhang Qingshan gave a general introduction.

Zhang Lin was about to say that she didn't know when Li Hehua would come back when Zhang Tieshan spoke first, "Come in first, she will be back in a while."

After hearing this, Zhang Qingshan and Zhang Lin didn't say anything.

They then let the middle-aged woman in.

This middle-aged woman is none other than the eldest sister who Li Hehua talked to when she first went out to work on banquets, known as Cao Simei.

Zhang Lin held out a chair for Cao Simei to sit down.

Out of curiosity, she took the initiative to ask: "I don't know but for what reason you are looking for Li Hehua"

Cao Simei said, "Are you Li Hehua's mother-in-law Well, my maternal nephew (sister-son) is getting married and wants your daughter-in-law to prepare the banquet."

As soon as these words came out, everyone present was shocked.

Zhang Lin thought that she heard it all wrong, "Prepare the banquet"

Chefs are the only ones who can prepare a banquet.

Without decades of experience, how could someone invite you to prepare the banquet This banquet represents the face (reputation) of the family, so how could Li Hehua prepare it

Cao Simei only thought that Zhang Lin was asking simply.

She then said, "Yes. Lao jiejie*, you are blessed.

Your daughter-in-law's craftsmanship is amazing.

Last time, she went to our village and cook a dish in Wang Laotou's House called sauerkraut fish.

It's very fragrant and hooked out the appetite of our entire village.

The Wang family didn't even let the soup remains."

Zhang Lin felt that her knowledge is not enough.

What Wang Laotou** What sauerkraut fish

(T/N: *Directly translated as 'Old Sister'

** Directly translated as 'Old Man')

Cao Simei looked at the faces of the Zhang family and realized that they didn't know it yet.

Learning this, she was speechless and silently thought, she didn't ruin the girl, didn't she Could it be that she (LH) wants to earn some private money without telling her family

However, now that everything has been said, the words cannot be retrieved anymore.

She can only keep saying good things to Li Hehua, "Lao jiejie, you are truly lucky.

Your daughter-in-law's craftsmanship is really good.

Our village's Wang Laotou also invited her to prepare a banquet.

I'm also here today for your daughter-in-law's good craftsmanship.

In my opinion, this banquet cannot fail and then I think of your daughter-in-law.

We want to invite her and prepare the banquet in my brother's house."

The Zhang family now understands everything, but they are even more suspicious.

They don't understand.* When did Li Hehua become good enough to prepare a banquet The others even take the initiative to invite her in person.

Why is this so unbelievable

(T/N: What an awesome repetition author.)

Zhang Lin looked at his eldest son, not knowing what to do next.

Zhang Tieshan was also a little surprised, but soon returned to normal and said to Cao Simei, "Li Hehua is not at home.

Wait for a while and she will be back soon.  You can discuss it with her when she comes back."

Cao Simei smiled and nodded.

After a bowl of tea, however, Li Hehua came back from the town with two empty baskets in her hand.

Seeing Cao Simei sitting in the room, she was also very surprised and rushed in.

"Dajie*, why are you here"

When Cao Simei saw Li Hehua, her attitude changed.  She patted her hand affectionately, "Jiejie**I came to find you today to prepare a banquet."

T/N: *Directly translated as 'Elder Sister'

** Directly translated as 'Sister')

"Prepare a banquet" Li Hehua asked.

Cao Simei explained the matter again, "My eldest nephew is going to get married.

My brother was going to find Zhou Laogen originally.

However, I think your dishes are much more fragrant than Zhou Laogen, so I want to ask you to do it.


This matter is completely unexpected for Li Hehua.

A business has been delivered at her door.

How can she not be surprised or unhappy So she immediately said: "Okay, thank you dajie for trusting me so much."

Cao Sime smiled.

"You must be good at your own craftsmanship.

When you showed your ability that day, it smells so fragrant.

Although I couldn't eat it, I know it must be delicious.

I choose you for your craft, not you ah." After saying this, she talked about the situation at the banquet, "Jiejie, my family has more people than Wang Laotou's.

There are twenty tables at the banquet, and it will be busy for two consecutive days.

Can you handle it "

Li Hehua was happy when she heard that there were twenty tables, but it was a lot of work.

She could only cook by herself.

It will take too much time to things such as cutting and washing vegetables.

She needed someone to help but she didn't know if the host could help or not.

She immediately asked, "Dajie, I can only be responsible for cooking.

Is there someone else who can take the task of washing and cutting vegetables"

Cao Simei nodded, "We know that.

My sister-in-law and I will be on your side to give you a hand.  You're only in charge of cooking." Some chefs do all the kitchen work but the price is more than five cents per table.

Of course, ordinary people are reluctant to spend that much, so the women in the family will come into the kitchen to help.

Li Hehua was relieved.


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