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Chapter 12 - Door-to-Door Invitation

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Zhang Tieshan walked out of the restaurant and went straight to the market.

Except for the meat that Li Hehua made yesterday, he hadn't had a meaty taste for a long time.

Now that he came back, he wanted to let his family live a good life.

He bought some spare ribs in a pork stall that has been in business for years.

After contemplating for a while, he also bought a catty of pork belly.  Yesterday, Niang and Qingshan said that the braised pork belly was delicious.

Even Shulin ate several pieces in a row.

He had never seen him eat so deliciously, so let's buy some more and let his mother make it for everyone to eat.

After buying good things, Zhang Tieshan was about to go back when he accidentally saw Li Hehua standing on the side of the street.

There are two baskets in front of her.

In the baskets are the pastries that are given to them every day.

At this moment, she is handing the pastries to the guests with a smile on her face.

She then collects the money neatly, telling the guests to come back next time, looking satisfied.

Zhang Tieshan thought he saw a goddess unknowingly.

(T/N: "張鐵山不知不覺看出了神." - I don't get it and what's written is my interpretation.

Here's the raw.)

This woman is still the same, nothing has changed.

However, it also seems like something has changed.

The whole person is very different from his memory and what his mother and brother described her as.

Is it true or just an act

Zhang Tieshan was suddenly doubtful.

However, thinking of what this woman had done in the past few years, he felt ridiculous for his doubts.

Why doubt What this woman has done is never worthy of forgiveness.

No matter if she indeed changed or just pretending, he had already divorced her.

She has nothing to do with their family anymore.

She can only stay with his family for a while and then, they never meet again.

She will eventually become a stranger to them.

This can be considered as giving mercy to her, being his son's biological mother.

After a while, Zhang Tieshan withdrew his gaze and took a step, heading home.

When Zhang Tieshan got home, the first thing he did was to hand over the meat he bought to Zhang Lin.

"Mother, you can cook it at noon.

Make it to make up for our family."

Zhang Lin scolded, "You, why buy something like this Even if you have money, you can't spend it indiscriminately." Although there was anger in her words, the smile in her eyes couldn't be stopped.

In the past few years when her son was in the army, she and her younger son lived terribly.

For four years, she hadn't eaten a meal of meat and never had a full meal.

Forget her as she's already old, but her younger son was still a child.

He is still growing up but does not have a full meal every day.

It makes her heart, as a mother, bleed.

Fortunately, her eldest son is back.

The pillar of their family is back.

Their life is getting better again and there is hope for life again.

Zhang Qingshan is also very happy.

He is a tall boy, with a big appetite like a cow.

His eyes will glow when he sees meat.

Now that he sees so much meat all at once, how can he be unhappy

He couldn't wait but urge Mr.

Zhang Lin.

"Mom, hurry up, hurry up.

I can't wait to eat." What he was embarrassed to say was that when he ate the braised pork made by that woman yesterday, he gain gluttonous worms stirring his stomach all day today.

He especially wanted to eat it again.

His brother was indeed his savior.

He bought meat today which means he could eat it again.

Zhang Lin pokes at Zhang Qingshan's head, "You stinky boy, all you know is to eat all day."

Zhang Qingshan rubbed his head and laughed.

Although Zhang Lin complained, she also felt very sorry for her two sons and grandson.

With that, she immediately got busy in the kitchen.

She cooked a pot of rice and the same braised pork as yesterday.

Zhang Qingshan's eyes glowed and he rushed towards the braised pork like a hungry wolf.

As a result, his brows furrowed slightly after chewing twice.

He swallowed the meat in his mouth but his chopsticks didn't move as actively as before.

Zhang Lin was puzzled, "What's the matter Didn't you say you want to eat braised pork"

Zhang Qingshan smiled.

He doesn't dare to say that the taste of the meat was 108,000 miles away from yesterday's, for fear of making his mother sad.

If it were in the past, he would eat it deliciously.

He likes to eat meat after all.

But after eating yesterday's meat, then eating the current one, he felt that it was tasteless.

It was really strange.

Zhang Qingshan looked at his brother.

He wants to see how he will react.

His brother chews as if nothing was wrong, however.

He couldn't tell whether he is satisfied or not.

Forget it, his brother has always been expressionless.

He'd better look at his nephew.

It happened that Zhang Tieshan brought a piece of meat to Shulin's mouth and let him eat it, but Shulin didn't open his mouth and was unwilling to eat it.

Zhang Lin was extremely nervous, "What's wrong with Shulin Didn't he eat a lot yesterday Why isn't he eating today Is he feeling uncomfortable"

Because of long-term starvation in the past, Shulin refuses to eat anything.

It seems that the food made by that woman is the reason why he is eating these past few days.

As long as it was made by that woman, Shulin seems to eat it.

He also eats it very well.

However, if it's not cooked by the woman, he will basically won't much.

The more Zhang Qingshan thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.

He was shocked.

Could it be that only the things made by that woman could make Shulin eat What are they going to do then Are they going to keep that woman

No, no.

This is not going to happen.

That vicious woman is not going to stay here.

She must be driven out.

Shulin will gradually get better.

He doesn't have to eat what that woman makes.

No one knows what Zhang Qingshan is thinking.

Zhang Lin's whole heart and soul are now on her eldest grandson.

She couldn't help but sigh, "What should we do, what should we do if Shulin is so unwilling to eat He is so thin already and now, he doesn't want to eat.

If this continues.." Zhang Lin couldn't say the rest, but everyone understood.

Zhang Tieshan's brows were furrowed, and there was deep worry in his eyes.

When Shulin ate a lot of meat yesterday, he was very happy.

He thought that Shulin's condition was getting better.

Who would have thought that's not the case at all.

Shulin only ate yesterday's meat and ate it very well.

Yesterday's meat was made by that woman...

Zhang Tieshan's eyes deepened.


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