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Chapter 30: The Difference Between Smart and Stupid

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“Bigamy Dont tell me youre already married” Mrs. Qins eyes turned red as she clenched her fists tightly. At this moment, her doubts were greater than her anger.

“Yes, Im married, so I cant marry Young Master Fu anymore. This method wont work anymore.”

“You got married With whom When did you get married”

“You dont have to worry about who I married. Its none of your business when I got married.”

If it wasnt for the interests of the Qin family, not to mention getting married, even if Qin Ran died outside, Mrs. Qin would probably not care. “No wonder you dared to run away from home. To think that I thought you had become independent. I didnt expect you to rely on men outside. The Qin familys honor has been thrown away by you,” Mrs. Qin said through gritted teeth.

“Ive severed ties with your Qin family a long time ago! I reiterated at the banquet a few days ago. Have you forgotten” Qin Ran finally turned her head around and glanced at Mrs. Qin before saying coldly.

“Get a divorce,” Mrs. Qin blurted out.

“I wont.” Qin Ran didnt hesitate either.

“Then Ill use the first gold bead to ask for a divorce, and the second gold bead to ask you to marry into the Fu family. Is that okay”

Qin Ran shook her head repeatedly, her eyes filled with disdain.

Even though Mr.Qin didnt have any grand ambitions, with his diligent and cautious attitude in the business world, he had earned a place for the Qin family. However, his position was already on the verge of collapse. Among the descendants of the Qin family, only Qin Yang was barely satisfactory. Qin Fei and Qin Xiang had never suffered. They were already 25 or 26 years old but they were still unable to achieve anything.

The future of the Qin family would become more and more muddy. At that time, the Qin family would have many things to ask her for, so there was no rush.

“Let me give you a piece of advice. Dont be a stubborn mule. Isnt the most fundamental reason why you want me to marry into the Fu family to resolve the situation of the Qin family But on the other hand, is marrying Young Master Fu the only way to solve the Qin familys predicament”

The cleverness of smart people lay in their flexibility, while the stupidity of foolish people lay in their stubbornness and insisted on walking down a path until the end.

Mrs. Qin was still confused and could only listen to Qin Ran.

“The Fu family is willing to annul the engagement. Isnt this another way”

“Do you think youre a god or are you thinking that the Fu family are fools Do you think you can get them to annil it just because you ask them to” Mrs. Qin felt that she had been sitting there and listening to nonsense for a long time.

“Actually, you guys know very well that getting the Fu family to cancel the engagement is definitely the best plan. Firstly, the Qin family doesnt have to bear the infamy of breaking their promise, and secondly, the Fu family cant openly make things difficult for the Qin family. At most, you can reduce the contact in the future. Anyway, it wont have a fatal impact on the Qin familys business.”

Ignoring the irritable Mrs. Qin in front of her, Qin Ran continued to speak unhurriedly, “Its just that you guys cant do it. However, just because you guys cant do it doesnt mean that others cant do it as well.”

“What How could you do it when your father and I are helpless”

“Ms. Zheng Rong, please mind your words. Ive already severed ties with you and Qin Yun.” Qin Ran did not have them as her parents.

When Mrs. Qin heard this, she rolled her eyes. She didnt expect this girl to really keep her word. “Then tell me, is there any way”

“Of course I have my ways. Otherwise, I wouldnt be sitting here and wasting my breath. Anyway, tell me in advance when you arrange to meet Mrs. Fu. Ill get her to agree.”

After Qin Ran finished speaking, she raised her hand and looked at her watch. It was getting late. She had only applied for the morning leave, and she still had to rush to the bookstore to work in the afternoon. Therefore, she raised her hand and signaled the waiter to pay the bill before leaving.

Of course, she only paid for her cup of coffee.

Qin Ran was escorted by her two bodyguards all the way to the bookstore to continue working in the afternoon.

On the other hand, although Mrs. Qin didnt like Qin Ran, she still told Mr. Qin everything she said when she returned home. Meanwhile, Qin Xue and her three older brothers were also sitting at the side and listening quietly.

“I really cant guess what shes up to” Mr. Qin thought for a while before saying.

“Dear, should we do as she says” Mrs. Qin was at a loss.

“Dad, Mom, although Sis is devoted to our family, she is still young. The adults cant do anything about it. What can she do”

Actually, no matter how beautifully she put it, in the end, Qin Xue was just worried that Qin Ran would do some cheap tricks. She was truly afraid she would be embarrassed again just like what happened at the banquet.


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