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On the stone platform, Qin Le looked at the distant scene and murmured, “Then, is that the sea” 

Lingshan was located in the Central Plains, surrounded by hills, and the nearest water area was Yinlong Lake, which was a hundred miles away.

Could one really move Lingshan, isn’t it just a petty trick

But someone had to come and see.

Mu Xiyun’s golden core had just been formed, and he had not tried riding a sword yet.

However, he was already skilled at this in his previous life, and when reborned, he naturally remembered how to do it, therefore manipulating the sword was not a problem.

Immediately, he pulled out his long sword, cast an enchantment, and the sword really floated smoothly.

Mu Xiyun jumped on the sword and flew down the mountain.

Most of Qingcheng Mountain’s disciples had just built their foundations, and a flying sword was very attractive to them.

Mu Xiyun’s speed was very fast.

The young men were full of excitement and jumped while watching him go away.  The two females looked at this group of lively brothers.

If they didn’t need to maintain their image, they really wanted to roll their eyes in front of them.

Really shameless.

Not before long, he turned around.

In the early morning, the sun rose, and golden light shone and became a backdrop to the Immortal with fluttering white robes as he came back in a  sword.

The sun shone on his face, and the originally pale complexion was imprinted with a light glow.

Under the crow’s feather-like eyelashes, the slightly indifferent eyes were soft and peaceful.

The wind blew his black hair, and his robes flew up.

After a moment, he descended to the ground, really looking like an immortal, coming from the end of the earth to ride the wind.

Qingcheng Mountain’s sisters sighed softly, blushed, and silently joined their junior brothers team.

Mu Xiyun took back his sword, almost missed a step, but was immediately pulled by Gu Qingqiao, who was by his side.

His soul was not fully fused with his body yet, and it took a lot of spiritual energy to fly the sword.

He was a little stiff for a while.

Gu Qingqiao asked, “How are you, are you okay” After speaking, he released his divine sense and carefully checked whether he was injured. 

“I’m okay.” Mu Xiyun replied.

Deng Xian also came over at this time, and hurriedly asked, “Senior Brother Mu, how are you”

When Mu Xiyun looked back, he saw that the villagers were curled up beside the fire, sleeping soundly.

He gestured to Deng Xian and went to the side to speak.

“I didn’t go very far just now, but there is no way down the mountain.”

 “There is no way How can there be no way”

 “Qin Le is right, the bottom of the mountain is already a vast ocean.”

Qin Le, who accidentally guessed the answer correctly, pointed at himself in disbelief.

“How could this be”

Mu Xiyun looked at the waterfall in front, and his delicate eyebrows gradually fell into a frown.

“This water is strange.

It is reasonable to say that a sacred mountain such as Lingshan exists independently in the world.

The water runs through the mountain and the mountain accepts water, and there is a certain amount between the two.

It is said that Lingshan does not change therefore there could only be so much water.

But you see, compared with the previous streams, the water volume now has increased a lot, and it may have exceeded the storage capacity of the mountain.

And the enchantment outside Lingshan, after we came in, was already closed.”

“So….” Zhu Yicheng grabbed his hair, “It’s like watering a flower pot, too much and it will overflow”

“Yes,” Mu Xi glanced at the golden light in the sky again , “Either break the barrier, or find the source of the water, otherwise…”

 “Otherwise,” Gu Qingqiao understood.

“In three days at most, Lingshan will become an underwater mountain.”

“My God, what should we do” 

The disciples of Qingcheng Mountain panicked for a while.

“Can we break through the barrier and go out”

 “Where did this water come from, and will it really flow out and drown Lingshan” 

“Wuwuwu, I don’t know how to swim..” 

Suddenly, a disciple slapped his forehead and exclaimed in surprise, “The Jade tablet! It is a teleportation array, and we can go out using this!”

As if a word awakened their dazed state, the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain each took out their jade tablets one after another.

Seeing the teleportation array, they immediately felt at ease.

“There’s no problem going out,” Deng Xi said in a deep voice, “It’s just…”

“Senior Brother Deng, just what”

Mu Xiyun and Gu Qingqiao looked at the villagers in the distance in unison.

“What should we do about these villagers” 

The sky was already bright, and many villagers had woken up.

After a night of fright, the villagers were all distressed and looked haggard.

The old people leaned their bodies, and the children looked around in panic with their big innocent eyes.

Zhu Li had already stood up, took care of himself and Huzi, and looked at the immortal cultivators gathered around, and seemed to have guessed something.

But he didn’t move, just stood there quietly.

Mu Xiyun and the others walked towards Zhu Li. 

“Excuse me, Brother Zhu, is there anyone in your village who’s a cultivator”

“No,” Zhu Li said with a wry smile.

“The mountain villagers rarely have a cultivator.

The mountain residents all do hunting and farming for a living, and only occasionally go down the mountain to Fufeng Town to barter food and clothing.

“Fufeng Town”

Gu Qingqiao’s eyes jumped, “You mean Ningzhou Fufeng Town” 

“Yes, Ningzhou Fufeng Town.”

Ningzhou was located in the northwest, and Lingshan Hongye City was in Xiangzhou, the two were thousands of miles apart.

Why do mountain people from a small town in the northwest appear in Lingshan, thousands of miles away

“But everyone speaks with a Jiangnan accent.”

“Don’t you know, the ancestors of Linxi Village went to Jiangnan, and the villagers made a living by making weapons.

Fifty years ago in the war in Linmo Abyss, the village chief led the whole village to travel thousands of miles to help the local ordinary residents with the immortal family in Jiangnan who participated in the war in resisting the demons.

After the battle in Linmo Abyss, some people chose to stay in the local area and found a beautiful valley to live in.

Over the past few decades, some families have intermarried with the locals and moved out of the valley.

The remaining were all Jiangnan people who were left behind.”

For a time, Deng Xian already felt that his head was as big as a bucket.

Several people thanked Zhu Li and slowly walked back to the edge of the cliff.

Deng Xian said, “The life experience of this group of people is really bizarre, and we can’t tell the truth from the fake.” 

He looked up at Mu Xiyun.

“What do you think, Senior Brother Mu”

“It is unnecessary to distinguish between them.

What is the benefit of lying”

Zhu Yicheng patted his head and asked in confusion.

“What are you talking about Aren’t we discussing something What does it have to do with their life experience”

“Fool,” Gu Qingqiao patted Zhu Yicheng on the back of the neck and said with a smile, “You have one piece of a jade plate, if you don’t care about these villagers, of course you can go out.”

“Can you ignore these villagers” 

Zhu Yicheng felt that the river had been poured into his mind, and he could only struggle to repeat the other party’s words.

“This is Lingshan.

No one in Lingshan’s illusionary realm knows whether the other party really exists, right These villagers say that they live in Ningzhou, but they appear in Lingshan, which really makes people suspect that they are only an illusion!”

“But what if, indeed, they are just ordinary villagers”

Zhu Yicheng said with difficulty.

“So, we shouldn’t have doubted it!” 

Mu Xiyun’s cold voice sounded.

“Immortal Sect disciples should save lives and heal the wounded.

That night, the elder Nie also said to stick to the principles in your heart, and don’t give up your own standards of doing things because of who the other party is.”

After speaking, he took out his jade plate and placed it on the stone platform in front of him.

Gu Qingqiao hooked the corner of his mouth, and the people next to him were stunned.

The mountain wind brushed past his pale face, but his dark eyes were filled with determination.

Deng Xian was the first to react and smiled heartily.

“Well said! This is the mind and spirit that an immortal should have!”

Deng Xian beckoned to summon the disciples of Qingcheng Mountain, and conveyed their concerns and discussed it to them one by one.

The disciples of Qingcheng Mountain exploded immediately! 

“You want to give the jade plate to those villagers”

“Then how can people who don’t have the jade plate get out”

 “Senior brother, can’t two people use one jade plate” 

“Maybe the water will soon stop, let’s wait a little longer, maybe we can all go out!”

Deng Xian didn’t make a sound, just waited quietly.

The voices of the crowd slowly fell silent.

Deng Xian looked at the silent disciples, took out his jade plate, and placed it on the ground in front of him.

“Senior brother, I’m with you!” Xiao Ke, who blushed when he saw a senior sister, suddenly spoke, took a step forward, and put his jade plate next to his senior brother together.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

After a while, more than a dozen jade plates were raised high, reflecting the fine light in the sunlight, illuminating the clean and clear faces of the Qingcheng Mountain disciples. 

Gu Qingqiao chuckled and said, “Only that ox-nosed Jingci can teach such a group of disciples.”

The scene of that year suddenly flashed in front of him.

The same green bamboo Taoist robe and the funny hair bun.

The ox-nosed old Taoist put him on the high platform, although he did not express any kindness, he did not mock or ridicule, but solemnly instructed his disciple, “Although this person needs a public trial, he should be regarded as innocent before he is convicted, and should not repent.” He admitted that he was kind, because this sentence saved him from a lot of torture.

Someone had already called Zhu Li and carefully explained the situation in Lingshan to him.

Zhu Li looked at the jade plates on the stone platform, his face was pale, and he said repeatedly, “How could this be….how could it be used… “

How could it not be used Immortal cultivators have spiritual energy that would enable them to stay in the mountains for a few more days. 

“Right, when you guys go out, quickly tell the Nie family and the immortal disciples waiting outside of the situation, and let them find a way to break the barrier.” 

The strong sense of responsibility stirred in their hearts.

The disciples of Qingcheng Mountain had completely accepted the choice of staying in Lingshan, and in turn comforted Zhu Li.

Mu Xiyun said warmly, “Brother Zhu doesn’t need to delay, please report the number of villagers, and we can arrange it.” 

Zhu Li quickly relayed that there were eight families who escaped, with a total of twenty-one people.

The twelve Qingcheng Mountain disciples present, plus Mu Xiyun’s group of five, only had seventeen jade plates in total.

Even if all the jade plates were given up, it would still not be enough.

Deng Xian frowned.

“A child is light, can he share a jade plate with an adult” 

This has never happened before, and no one knew if it was feasible. 

“That, that…” 

A small voice sounded, and Qin Le raised his hand timidly. 

“Xiao Le, what do you want to say, say it loudly.”

When a senior sister saw this, she urged.

 “I, I, I think…”

More than a dozen pairs of eyes were all fixed on his face.

Qin Le only felt that his whole body was hot, and the words were stuck on his throat.

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and said, “I think I have a way to use jade plates to form a teleportation array, which can teleport a lot of people.

This way everyone can go out.”


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