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“Qian Qian!”

Cen Baihe found that he was not holding a child, but Qi Yan’s bloody arm.

He had never seen him like that.

His face was almost transparent, without a trace of blood.

Qian Qian smiled at him and pushed his hand away.

With a swift motion, he made a gesture and clapped his hands together in the center of the formation.

In an instant, the blood at the center of the formation became alive and spread to the surroundings.


The white tiger let out a deafening cry, and the chains on his body snapped.

Its body exuded a pure white light.

The blood mist dispersed little by little and the wind blew gently.

The stars and moon shone beautifully in the night sky.

The four mythical beasts bowed to Qi Yan, who was half-kneeling on the ground, and disappeared into the sky, returning to the mountains.

“The moon is so beautiful today,” Qi Yan propped on the ground with his uninjured hand.

He turned to look at Cen Baihe, his eyes were dark and translucent, “It’s a pity that the Mid-Autumn Festival is almost over, and I didn’t have time to eat moon cakes.”

Cen Baihe stretched out his trembling hands to hold him up.

Qi Yan smiled at him, leaned forward, and fell into the pool of blood.

The moment he fell, Wangxiang Town regained its light, and the Heavenly Sacrifice Formation and the Locking Tiger Formation were broken.

“Qian Qian…” Cen Baihe thought he was shouting, but the voice could only be heard by himself.

“Qian Qian! Qian Qian!”

Master Zhao opened his eyes and saw a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

The renowned and respected Fifth Master Cen was filled with horror as he rushed towards the center of the formation.

Qi Yan was lying there, his whole body soaked in blood.

He reached out and touched his forehead, where there was a half-dried drop of blood.

He finally understood.

He sensed that something was wrong when Qi Yan talked about the Nine Cauldron Formation yesterday because it sounded too easy.

Even with the help of extremely noble people, it was impossible to destroy the two formations created by the lives of hundreds of thousands of people so easily.

He used Master Cen’s purple energy as power to break the shackles that bound the tiger, and the spiritual energy and blood as sacrifices in exchange for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

He had sped up the completion of the Heavenly Sacrifice Formation.

As long as heaven received the sacrifices it needed, there was no use for the formation.

“Don’t touch him,” Master Zhao spat out a mouthful of blood, clutching his chest and said to Cen Baihe, “He used too much spiritual energy.

His body couldn’t bear such a load and collapsed.

Touching him is like cutting his flesh.”

The chance of survival was slim.

But when he saw Cen Baihe’s eyes that were almost bleeding, he couldn’t tell him.

He felt that he would collapse if he said that.

“Qian Qian…”

Cen Baihe knelt on the ground that was stained with Qi Yan’s blood, and carefully stretched out his hand to brush away the blood-stained hair in front of Qi Yan’s forehead.

Without looking at Master Zhao, he said, “Save him.”

Master Zhao stood silently on the spot, “I’m sorry.”

“Amitabha.” Abbot Yun stood up holding his staff.

When he saw the tragic scene in front of him, he closed his eyes and put his hands together without saying a word.

Cen Baihe turned his head to look at the masters who were rescued by Qian Qian, with a dark expression on his face, “Why can’t you save him, aren’t you all respected masters!”

The eight masters were so embarrassed that they lowered their heads in unison.

They all knew that in this situation, there was only one outcome.

Master Qi rescued them, but they couldn’t help him but watch him die.

The moonlight fell on each of their shoulders, but no one had the heart to appreciate this stunningly beautiful scenery.

Cen Baihe had never experienced this kind of feeling, the feeling of an empty heart but indescribable pain.

He choked and his eyes seemed to be burning with heat.

He didn’t know what he had lost.

He only felt that the whole world had lost its color.

Only by looking at Qian Qian could he feel something in his empty heart.

Just when everyone thought that Qi Yan had passed away, Cen Baihe saw his finger move.

Qi Yan had never felt so much pain in his body before.

It was an indescribable sensation of burning and freezing at the same time.

He felt that he must be lying in the wrong position, and wanted to turn over and continue to sleep, but his whole body seemed to be paralyzed and he couldn’t move at all.

After an unknown amount of time, he felt the ice and fire combined and turned into a warm current that swam through his limbs and veins.

He felt like he was soaking in a hot spring, and he was extremely comfortable.

“The satellites are back on!” Zhao Zhicheng looked out the window.

In the dark night, the street lamps radiated soft light, illuminating the streets.

“The power supply has also returned to normal.” He took out his phone and looked at it.

The signal was back up and the monitoring equipment showed normal reading, as if what happened in the previous few hours was just an illusion.

“Master Qi and the others succeeded!”

There was no death and no weird events that happened.

They were even greeted by the most beautiful moonlight of a new day.

Zhao Zhizeng suppressed his excitement, turned his head to Gao Ronghua and said, “Call for an ambulance immediately.” He was both excited and scared at the moment, because the lives of the people on this land had been saved, but he had no idea if the masters were safe.

At six o’clock in the morning, Zhao Zhicheng and Gao Ronghua took their team members and medical staff up the mountain on time.

Before they reached their destination, they smelled a faint smell of blood.

Zhao Zhicheng’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help speeding up his pace.

When they arrived at the scene, everyone was stunned to see the blood-stained land.

The eight masters sat on the ground in a circle.

Fifth Master Cen and Master Qi, who were surrounded by them, were sitting and lying down respectively.

It seemed that the situation was not good.

Zhao Zhicheng hesitated for a moment and approached these masters carefully, only to see  the great formation that was drawn on the ground with blood.

Even after several hours had passed, he could still feel the rich spiritual energy coming from this formation.

“What’s wrong…with Master Qi”

The morning wind blew stronger, making Zhao Zhicheng’s arm feel a little chilly, but none of this was as cold as when he saw Qi Yan, who was covered in blood.

He froze for a few seconds before turning his head to the medical staff and said, “Quick, come quickly.”

He can’t die!

Because Qi Yan was covered in blood, and the medical staff did not know where he was injured, they were very careful when putting Qi Yan on the stretcher, for fear of causing more harm to the injury.

“Sir, please rest assured, we will take good care of him,” The nurse explained after seeing a particularly good-looking man following them into the ambulance, “The mountain road here is steep and you will be uncomfortable in the car.

Cen Baihe’s face became even darker when he heard that, “Since the road conditions are so bad, can the patient be in the car”

“Um…” The nurse was also a little dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.

“You check him first,” Cen Baihe took out his phone, “I’ll take care of the rest.”

Half an hour later, everyone heard the sound of a helicopter, and the nurse was confused, “Why is there a helicopter here” As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Cen Baihe jumped out of the ambulance and gestured into the air.

Cen Baihe turned to Zhao Zhicheng and said, “My private plane is parked at Xugou Airport.

Please talk to the authorities so that we can take off in one and a half hours.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to my superiors immediately.” Zhao Zhicheng agreed immediately, then turned around and sent a message to his superiors.

Soon they replied, saying that they would do everything in their power to save the master who had dedicated himself to the country.

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Qi Yan quickly was sent to the helicopter.

After arriving at Xugou City Airport, he was sent to Cen Baihe’s private plane and flown directly to Capital City Airport.

As soon as the plane took off, the ambulance was already waiting at Capital City Airport.

The moment Qi Yan got off the plane, they would give him the best treatment.

“Master, can we fly with our swords after trainig”

“No, Taoist priests can’t fly, only birds and planes.”

Qi Yan seemed to hear the sound of the plane taking off, but the feeling of soaking in the hot spring was so comfortable that he didn’t want to open his eyes at all.

In the darkness, he felt someone grab his hand.

He thought to himself, even if he fell asleep and fell into the bottom of the hot spring, someone would bring him up, right Thinking of this, he fell asleep at ease.

“Baihe.” When the Cen family rushed to the hospital, Qi Yan had already been taken to the emergency room.

Third Master Cen looked at his brother who looked lost, bent down and patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, Master Qi is so powerful, it will be alright.”

“Brother…” Cen Baihe looked up at Third Master Cen blankly.

He was in a daze for a few seconds before looking at the doorway of the emergency room, “The doctor said that Qian Qian lost too much blood.

They are trying to revive him.”

“He kept saying that his hand hurt, and he asked me to blow on it, but I ignored him.”

“It’s my fault.”

“If… I had grabbed his hand earlier…”

“Baihe” Third Master Cen noticed that something was wrong with his younger brother.

He put his hands on Cen Baihe’s shoulders, “Baihe, this has nothing to do with you, it’s not your fault!”

“Brother…” Cen Baihe bent down, held his head, and said in a choked voice, “If something really happened to Qian Qian, what should I do”

These words were like a heavy punch to Third Master Cen’s heart.

He stared blankly at his brother, not knowing what to say.

He had never seen his calm and cool brother look so helpless.

In addition to the Cen family, the eight masters were also waiting outside the emergency room, as well as Zhao Zhicheng, Gao Ronghua, and Xiang Qiang.

These people all stared at the door of the emergency room, hoping to get good news.

A few hours later, the lights in the emergency room finally went out, and a few tired doctors came out.

Facing everyone’s expectant eyes, the doctor walking at the front shook his head, “The patient’s condition has stabilized, but he has lost too much blood and needs to be observed in the intensive care unit… Whether or not he will recover, we can’t say for sure.”

“Thank you,” Zhao Zhicheng bowed to the doctor, “The patient was injured because he was saving the country.

Please do your best for someone like this.”

“Captain Zhao, I understand,” The doctor said emotionally, “Please rest assured, we will do our best.”

When Zhao Zhicheng turned around, he saw Cen Baihe looking into the emergency room through the palm-sized window.


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