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“He isn’t within the rules of heaven and earth, so therefore he is not subject to them.”

Su Yan, as head of the nine main gods, maintains and make rules.

Jun Yu was free from the rules of heaven and earth.

At 900 years old, he was still a baby.

At the age of 5,000, he was like a 7-8 year old child.

His growth trajectory was different from others.

Xiaohua fell silent and didn’t continue asking any more questions.

But one thing was certain; the host treated Jun Yu differently from other people.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to keep the bracelet.

And it seems that after these past few lifetimes, the host cared more and more about him.

It began to recall the information it had searched up about Su Yan.

Information about the nine main gods will be recorded in the book of the main gods before they are ready to become the main gods.

The above was based on the characteristics of each main god.

When Xiaohua looked at the information, it sighed that they were really blessed by heaven, born to walk up on the shoulders of others.

They weren’t on the same level as ordinary people.

However, when Xiaohua looked at the information about its host, the page was blank, containing only one sentence at the top.

“Before becoming one, they were already a god.”

Xiaohua was unable to react to these simple words for a long time.

What does it mean to already be a god before becoming one

It meant that even if there was no Nine Heavens, nor among the nine main gods, she would still be a god.

A mortal child turned out to be a god.

How shocking is that

In the primordial universe, in the thousands of worlds, since the beginning of the formation of heaven and earth to the present, no one like this has existed.

She was the darling of heaven and earth- countless people were jealous of her existence.

Su Yan laid in bed sleeping for the whole day.

Occasionally, Xiao Hong would come in and slither around.

Even after knowing that Donner wasn’t here, whenever it saw the bathtub, it would subconsciously avoid it.

For no reason, its tail hurt whenever it saw the bathtub!

On the other side.

Where did Donner go

Well, he swam upstream in the river, swimming back to the depths of the sea.

It took a night of effort to swim back to the sea from the small river.

When he returned to the depths of the sea, the sky outside was clear.

The light silver fish tail swished slightly in the deep sea.

As soon as he appeared, the various deep-sea creatures that had been swimming around joyfully instantly ran away.

Although the people outside were short-sighted and don’t recognize him, they did.

They would be blind if they didn’t recognize him.

As soon as he appears, they have to run away quickly.

If they are too slow, they will suffer.

Fortunately, he was the only one who could eat mermaids.

Although there was an older one staying in the deepest part of the sea, it couldn’t.

Otherwise, they would be finished.

Just a few days ago, this piranha swam away for an unknown reason.

After two days of joy, it returned.

Who made it return!

Donner didn’t care about this- he was used to these creatures avoiding him.

Sure enough, they weren’t even one tenth as lovable as his stupid lion.

While thinking about it, his tail stirred and swam quickly towards the deepest part of the sea.

He came to a very old cave.

As soon as he arrived, it was pitch black.

But when he swam in, it slowly lit up.

The walls were inlaid with large night pearls, and they became brighter and brighter the further in he went.


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