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Chapter 63

‘I need to find out if its sold to anyone besides the empress.

I followed the empress who left the hall to take medicine.

As she approached the empress who had just left, she asked her,

“Why did you follow me”

“I want to be with you.

There are so many people in the hall, Im scared.”

Not many people dislike having a child chasing after them.

The empress laughed when she saw me desperately following after her, like a chick chasing their mother.


“Your Majesty.”

A familiar voice flowed into my ear.

I looked back in surprise.

‘Its Adolf, the priest.

Five years ago, he was the man who pressured the Dubbled with spinel and persistently tormented me in my first life.

“Why dont you hang your neck when youre revealed to be a fake Cant you see how damaged the church reputation is because of you”

The empress looked pleased, but soon glanced at me and said,

“Whats going on here The Dubbleds will be mad if they see you here.”

“Ive brought more medicine.”

“Thats great.

It was a shame that it nearly ran out of stock.”

While the empress was laughing, Adolf gave the box to her maid.

The empress pushed me slightly on the back.

“Its the child of fate.

She has grown a lot, right”

The person who said that she would not call the priest to the castle when I came earlier received the medicine, then she introduced me to the priest.

The empress was this kind of person.

She would change sides immediately if someone gives her something even bigger.

Adolf looked totally uninterested in me, but greet me to please the Empress.

“Nice to meet you, little miss.

Im Adolf from the central church.

Youve indeed grown a lot.”


Adolf, who glanced at me as if seeing a parasite, smiled and looked back at the empress.

“You look much better.”

“Its all thanks to you.

The efficacy of the medicine are amazing.”

“I was desperate to manufacture it for you because the original medicine sells limited stock.”

He is also shameless to steal the manufacturing methods of mine.

The Adolf from then and now, would always steal from others.

It was several times that he stole the sacred formula that I desperately completed and reported it to the Vatican.

“Thanks for everything.

The top of hope produces low in quantity, and if I dont go myself, I cant get it.”

“Dont worry.

Ill prepare a lot of medicine before it runs out.”

“Selling a good medicine would be a good thing, but wouldnt you be too busy to take care of an old woman after you start selling it”

“No way.

I only make medicine for the Empress.”

Thanks to the two, I was able to find out the situation.

‘What is happening.

Mina looked at the efficacy of the Luminous drug and say:

“Ah, I see steroids come from medicinal herbs here.”

That was a drug with serious side effects if abused.

If they use it moderately, this is a special medicine, but if they use it incorrectly, they will die in the worst case.

It wasnt for a reason that I put the doctors stationed and sold the luminous medicine only if they really need it.

It was to protect them.

‘If he only gave it to the Empress, the others will be safe.

The people are given a very small doses of medication, depending on the orders of the doctors I have stationed, so they are less likely to have side effects.

However, if Adolf made so much medicine, the empress will suffer from the side effects.

My medicine doesnt have any side effects because of the small dose, but its another story if they put big doses.

This means that he should take full responsibility for the empress suffering from aftereffects.

The empress laughed and told me.

“Isnt the priest really nice”

“Yes, hes really nice!”

I spoke brightly as the priest smiled.


Returning from the party, I looked around and went to the corner of the dressing room and grabbed the communication device.

I connect my device to Serias and explained what happened today.

“Theres going to be a case involving Luminous medicine soon.

Build trust so that the customers cant cut off the medicine right away.”

‘Because its dangerous if they suddenly stop taking them.

[Yes, little miss.

But what about the empress]

“Well, thats none of my business”


Im not a good person.

The good Leblaine who was worried about the life of the Empress who destroyed my life many times, was not here.

‘All I have to do is wait.

Thanks to Adolfs greed, all I have to do is watch him digging his own grave.


A week later.

I got out of the room and walked in the hallway.

‘I have to look around the mansion!

Since many events are ongoing, there was no time to look around the mansion properly.

Even though my brothers came to play every day, I pretended to be tired, dug myself in the blanket, and read books.

The scenery of the mansion and the castle was very different.

The castle was always crowded with many employees passing through the corridor.

I dont know why, but thats the rule of the servants.

The owners said that they were like tools, so they had to go around without getting in the way of the owners eyes.

So was in the Valluas mansion.

‘This place seems like a lonely landscape.

Wouldnt the person living here be lonely

The servants said,

“You can go anywhere except for your aunts room.”

The mansion was so spacious that I could run freely.

Walking around on the second floor, I found a room decorated with a slightly different pattern.

‘Where am I

I opened the door slightly and found a small room with no windows.

I thought it was a warehouse, but it couldnt be it.

There are tables, pretty chairs, cupboards, and a small bed.

‘Is this the servants room

But is there a servant who can have a room in the mansion

Its definitely not Javelins room.

I sit in the chair.

There was a small drawer under the table, so when I opened it, there was a bundle of letters.

Should I read it I thought about it for a while.

But soon, I got my thoughts organized.

They said its okay to go anywhere, so if theres anything I shouldnt read, I shouldve put it away, right But…

[Apologize to me.

You were rude!]

[I dont know why its rude to drop the weeping lady down because you were scared.

If its because of seeing your tears, dont worry.

You are not special enough to keep in my memory.]

[I didnt cry! I was just practicing horseback riding! It was rude enough to grab me by the nape of my neck while practicing horseback riding.]

[You stuck your whole body to the horse like a flying squirrel while weeping.

Its not horseback riding.]

Its a neat adult handwriting.

The note was endless.

[Im sorry I screamed yesterday.

I was just going to put some medicine in the bathroom at the request of the butler to recover from fatigue.

I never dreamed youd come to the bathroom naked during the day.]

[I will leave it again because my apology didnt seem to be delivered well in the last letter.

Im sorry.

And Ive never made a rumor about your cobra.]

[One more talk about cobra, Ill burn your room.]

[Im sorry if I did, but Im really not.

Its scary, so I hope you dont stare at me like before.

Its true that my words about cobra in the bathroom before refers to your cobra, but I really didnt make a rumor.]

[I really will start a fire in your room.]

I giggled and read another note.

[Are you okay with yesterdays injury If you dont get treatment, the wound will worsen.]

[Its none of your business.

Dont leave anything useless in front of my room.]

[Its not useless, its medicine.

Speaking of which, I want a cold pudding today.

Please tell the butler about it.

I owe you, but Im sorry to ask you such a favor.]

[You owe me.]

[Thanks for the pudding.]

[Do you know how happy I would be to have my feet in ice water in the shade of a tree in summer]

[Thank you for the ice water.]

They were suddenly being respectful to each other, but I felt love in both their handwriting and sentences.

[Why didnt you come out yesterday]

[If your body is sick, say it hurts.

Also, dont just endure it.]

Right now, the other side seems to have started writing the note first.

My heart was pounding.

Is this a love letter

[Im not getting married.]

I was right!

[Why are you telling me that]

[Then, when we meet, please relax your eyes.]

[Its because of an eye infection!…But are you really not going to get married]


The letter became sweeter.

[I want you to relax a little bit.]

[Thats not an apology, is it If you knew I almost jumped into the lake because you kissed me in front of the house, you would have never apologized like that.]

He mustve kissed her!

My heart was pounding and I wrapped my flushed cheeks.

[Were you feeling well yesterday]

[Im not that weak.]

[Three months.]

What three months

‘Is he sick

There was no note that followed.

I touched the tip of the note with a worried face.


I just peeped at their letters a little, but my heart aches and I wonder how theyre now.

I tried to put the note back in the drawer.

But I can feel something in the corner of the drawer.

When I took it out, it was a pair of rings.

There was nothing on the side, but on the middle there was a ruby.

I looked around the ring with a wide circumference and found the inscriptions on the inside.



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