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Chapter 61

TL: Zimming

Then she said to the clerk who was with me.

“Ill order that dress in red.”

“I saw it first…”

All of the dresses in this place were produced low in quantity.

The customers could not buy it right away because they need to select the design, color, fabric material and decoration.

However, it is usually polite to choose something else if someone is holding the clothes first.

The girl said while frowning.

“I told you I ordered first.

So you pick another one.”

Then came a middle-aged lady.



“Whats going on”

“I ordered first, but she complains that she saw it first.”

The middle-aged lady looked closely at my face and dress.

“Please give up.

Eugene and I were invited to this years flower festival.

Wouldnt it be better for the dress to be shown off in a more glamorous place”

The dress I wore was so plain that they thought I was not someone who could attend the flower festival.

“Im going to the flower festival too.”

“Yes, I understand your desire to say so.

But you shouldnt lie.”

“No, I really—”

“Hey, how can you talk back when an adult talks You have no education at all.

How did your parents teach you”

When Eugenes mother made a stern expression, Eugene laughed.



Just in time, Henry and Isaac approached them.

There was Melvin behind them.

Melvin looked at both of them.


Lyon, are you here to purchase your dress”

“Yes, because my Eugene is playing the pipe organ in the festival this time.”

Her face was full of pride.

Wrapping her daughters shoulder, she laughed and said to Melvin.

“Please take good care of me again.

Ill pay the bill by summer—“

“What, whats wrong with your expression”

Isaac, who had cut off the womans words, looked into my face.

I had a stiff face just now because the woman called out my education and parents.

Henry saw my face.

“You must be in a bad mood.

What happened”

The two narrowed their brows and looked at both Mrs.

Lyon and Eugene.

Melvin asked to the clerk who was with me the whole time,

“Whats going on”

“Well, thats…the dresses they chose overlapped.”

The clerk who pointed at Eugene and me with both hands, continued,

“The lady in the yellow dress over here was holding the prototype first, and Lady Lyon placed the order first.


Lyon told her to give up to Lady Lyon…”

Melvin was startled and ran over to the brothers.

Then he began to press the clerk with exaggeration.

“You should have taken care of the situation first!”

“Thats not it, I couldnt think quickly because I was surprised by Mrs.Lyon, she suddenly scolded the young lady about family education and even parents…”

As soon as he heard the story, Isaacs face quickly became scary.

I was quick to hang on his waist because I thought he was going to go on a rampage.

“No, no, no! Its a Lady!”

I was upset about what happened earlier, but I couldnt let Isaac become a scumbag that threatens women.

I desperately hanged onto him as Henry said,


Hearing Henrys low voice and me clinging to him, Isaac gritted his teeth and calmed down.

“Isaac I heard the name somewhere…Oh my!”

The mumbling lady stood in a panic and covered her mouth with both hands.

“The Dubbled brothers! And shes uh…aah, she…”

Their reaction was the same as Melvin.

Even after several regressions, when I introduced myself, the reaction of the people was the same.

‘The fake.

Even though my divine power had increased, the prejudice that I was already a fake was embedded in their minds.

The lady smiled awkwardly and said,

“I committed a disrespectful act.

I made a mistake because I didnt know, so please forgive me generously.

My child will choose a different outfit.”


Eugene shouted, but Mrs.

Lyon said, “Shut it!” with her mouth, as she pulled her daughters arm.

“Of course.”

Henry nodded his head gently.

‘Good thing Henrys a rational person.

Honestly, I was a little worried that he might go on a rampage like Isaac.

But he was just standing still and looking at the mother and daughter, arm in arm, choosing a new dress.

“Isnt this okay, too My daughters skin is white, so shell look great in dark brown cloth.”


It was when the mother and daughter were about to choose a design and call a clerk.

“Well buy that.”

Henry said.

The lady looked at Henry again and pulled her daughters hand.

“Then well go with something else… Oh, the dress with this ribbon on both sides is also adorable.”

“Well buy that too.”


I glanced at him in bewilderment, but Henry just smiled.

“Lets pick the dress next to it.”

“Ill buy that too.”

“Then, the dress behind you….”

“That one too.”

The lady looked back at Henry.

“Well, sir…”

“Choose, though youll never be able to buy anything again.”

“Wha-, what do you mean”

“Of course, its not just about those dresses.

A house to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear, medicine to daily necessities.”

As the lady hardened, Henry closed his eyes and said,

“How long do people have to starve to death”

‘Thats right.

Henry was much scarier than Isaac when he got angry.

Then Mrs.

Lyon hung on to Henry.

“I-, Im sorry.

We really didnt even know that this kid is the young miss of Dubbled…!”

We were only children without a guardian, so I tried to forget about it with an apology, but I was afraid when Henry became like this.

My hands were shaking.

Henry looked at Mrs.

Lyon with a bored look.

“Youre wrong to apologize.”

It was pointless, even though they had apologized properly to me.

We sat on the sofa in Melvins wardrobe with an apology from more than a dozen people in Lyons family, including Lyons mother and daughter, Eugenes grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, aunt, uncle, and so on.

Melvin and the clerks watched with a shudder.


Melvins dress arrived a few days later.

Much more colorful than the one I chose, several garments shouted luxury.

Because of what happened last time Melvin was scared, so he must have been working desperately.

The clothes Melvin made with such enthusiasm were wonderful.

The brothers smiled at me as I walked around in my dress.

“One more turn, Leblaine.”

Henry spoke fondly as I turned again to the left and around him.

The employees took a video of me.

“Dont miss even a single shot.”

When Isaac warned his employees fiercely, everyone swallowed as they fixed the video.

‘Oh my….

I was starting to worry about the banquet now.

I was afraid I would make a mistake at the banquet.

No, I was worried someone was going to die at the banquet hall.

As I remembered so, I reached out to my brothers sleeves.

And I looked at them with a serious face.


Henry and Isaac stopped, as I said in a stern voice.

“You shouldnt hit people at parties.”



The two men were silent.

I said again firmly, “No.”

“But in case of emergency…”

“It is impossible to predict what will happen in a place where the nobles gather, so its a definite answer.”

Again, these sentences didnt work.

However, I knew what to say when this happens.

“Im going to sleep in my blanket.”



Isaac and Henry stood up, shouting in order.

A few years ago, I caught flu while sleeping in a blanket.

I was young, and I went back and forth between life and death.

When my family returned, I was nearly dead.

I gave up my dignity to save the doctors because of it, “Brothers, I love you!”

When I thought about how much Ive done, tears were covering my eyes.

Anyway, after that, it became a very useful threat.

“Okay! Im not going to hit anyone.”


In the end, the two answered and I nodded in satisfaction.


Leblaine kept emphasizing to Henry and Isaac not to hit anyone.

After that, she went up to her room to prepare for the banquet.

Isaac said with a sullen face.

“How can I protect her if someone hits her”

Although they succumbed to Leblaines blackmail, Isaac and Henry were good brothers who kept their promises with their younger sister.

Henry with a melancholy voice said,


“She told us not to hit them, that means we can kill them.”


Only then did Isaacs expression lighten up.

“If we kill them in one blow, we dont have to hit them.”

“Yes,” Henry said with a wicked laugh as he looked at Isaac.

The employees who were watching the scene gulped.

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