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Urso did something that could be criticized for generations.

‘The divine power inherent in the child was even more than before.

Like a lake with spring water, her body was filled with purity and divine power.

He couldnt confirm the exact amount, but at least 21 priests in the central church- no, it was a tremendous divine power comparable to a cardinal.

And all of that while maintaining the devil.

Whats even more bizarre was that the terrible girl knew how to manipulate the divine verification.

“Fabricate the result That cant be possible!”

“Vewificatwion is a way to cweck how much my divine powel is.

But what if you draw my divine powel towads you during the verification So in the end, my divine power will not be enormous ” (Verification is a way to check how much my divine power is.

But what if you draw my divine power towards you during the verification So in the end, my divine power will not be enormous.)

As confident as they were, the priests did not notice their tricks.

“Evil Bitch.”

‘Do you think I will silently keep suffering like this

Ursos eyes shone wickedly.


Urso cant tell anyone what happened in the chapel today and the identity of LeBlaine.

One of the contracts clauses from yesterday was this.

‘In other words, if I dont tell what happened at the chapel yesterday—

Ursos lips curled up.


When he shouted, an old man with a broad back came in.

“Ha, have you called Ur, Urso.”

“Come here and write a letter to tell them something before the priests arrive.”

“Ho, how should I write the letter”

When Urso explained the whole situation, Krux said, “Ah!” and nodded quickly.

“The child of fate lessened her divine power on purpose, would that be enough”

Urso grinned at Kruxs words.

It was Krux who repeatedly sent fake letters to the system to extort money from the people around him.

They were in perfect harmony without saying much.

As Krux finished the letter and grabbed the doorknob, Urso beckoned him.

“Bring in girls to a few bedrooms before you leave the church.”

“Wh, who shall we go with”

“Young girls taste good.”

Seeing Krux scurrying out, Urso raised his lips.

‘Who dares to threaten whom.

So far, their level of intelligence seemed to be a lot different.

The moment her limbs get torn in the church, she will realize who she had touched and would come to regret the arrogance she had shown previously.

Urso left the room with a smirk.

After a while, Urso opened a bedroom door and went in.

Krux had placed the girl on the bed.

Urso closed the curtains and approached the bed.

“This girl has no sense.

You should have taken off your clothes before I came–“

Suddenly, a sharp fingernail pierced through his chest.

“I got bored while waiting for you, old man.”


Red blood dripped on his back pierced by the sharp fingernails.

“Wh-,why…Promise, you had promised to keep me….Aliv…”

At Ursos words, Boone answered as he twisted his hand further.

“The promise…”

“It meant that the child wouldnt kill you, but I never said that I would spare you.”

The staggering Urso shuddered and collapsed.

“It is natural for molesters and sexual assaulters to die,” Leblaine had said so before.


Boone arrived at the chapel where I was waiting with a bright smile.

“Ive done all the work you told me to do.”

Then he handed over a letter.

I opened the envelope and quickly went through what was written.

It was a statement about the child of fates divine power.

‘He behaved as I expected.

I shrugged my shoulders and burned the letter with the lighted candle placed in the chapel.

“As you said, I met his assistant and moved him to the perverts room.”

A man named Krux was forced to follow Ursos words, and Boone tried to save him.

However, Kruxs face, who left the room with the letter, was clearly happy.

“Thi, this time I can buy a big house and leave.”

“Good job.”

With a proud expression, Boone grinned.

“Little miss is very clever.”

Boone was strangely naive, even though he was a devil.


She opened a box and a piece of jewelry came into her view.

She had made Urso unlock it yesterday, so the possibility of something being wrong with it was unlikely.

It was the Goddesss tears.

She took it out of the box and went back.

With this, she could send Boone back and she also wont be taken to the central church.

In the process, she had also dealt with a bad guy.

‘Its killing three birds with one stone.

When I thought that, Boone said,

“Youre so wicked, just like the devil! As expected, youre evil enough to call me.

I hope you will continue to do your best and become even more evil.”

When I saw his eyes glistening with satisfaction I was a little dumbfounded.


The northwest church was in turmoil.

Urso, the churchs leader, was found dead, and his servant, Krux, was named the murderer.

In addition, Kruks confession was carried out, and Ursos sins were fully revealed.

Some even said that Urso was responsible for the Goddesss tears disappearance.

It was he who had terminated the barrier, so it was only a matter of time before it was confirmed.

“Little miss, a problem came up, so we couldnt get permission to get out.”

Lea said with a troubled look.

Before Krux admitted to his sins, they couldnt get anyone out of the church.

It was within my prediction so I nodded.

“If I tell the master this news, hell take care of it soon.

Please wait and play with the soldiers here for a while.”


“If you behave nicely when we go back to the castle, Ill give you ten strawberries.”


When I answered loudly, Lea laughed and left the garden.

I took a walk in the churchs garden while the soldiers followed me around.

The child in me wanted to run like a wild horse in this huge garden, but I held back and walked slowly.

“Little miss always behaves well.”

When a Dubbleds servant said that, I responded with a storm of nods.

‘Yes, I behave nicely, so please tell Lea when she comes back.

Then Lea will give me 10 strawberries with cream on them.

I laughed brightly.

But it was strange.

As I walked forward, I saw marks of water on the dry grass, and my bag became wet like it was raining.


It was wet like this, but there was no mud on my shoes.

I blinked as I thought I saw something, and I was amazed.

It was the fish made of water that I saw yesterday.


As I shouted unintentionally, the servants and soldiers looked up at me.


Usually, people might get surprised seeing a fish like this, but they were quiet.

[It seems like the others cant see it.]

‘I think so.

The fish swirled around me, wagging its tail.

‘You want me to come with you Where to Did something happen to their master, Adrian

[Its none of your business.]

Boone was right.

Theres no need for me to care.



‘It is hard because my mind, which was of a childs, still has a conscience.

I looked back at the servants and soldiers as I sighed deeply.

“I want to pway hide and seek.” (I want to play hide and seek.)

I put my hands together and looked up at the people of Dubbled with a desperate expression.

This was my special move that had even captured Dubbleds family.

“Hide and seek, right now!”

“Hurry up!”

Nodding satisfactorily, I pointed to the man who had to be gone if I wanted to go look for Adrian.

“The lwieutenant genewal will be the twagger, count to a hundwed.”

(The lieutenant general will be the tagger.

Count to a hundred.)”


The lieutenant general, who answered as if he was under the command of the Duke, hide his face while turning towards a tree and shouted, “One, two, three—“

I ran in a rush.

‘Lea said shed give me ten strawberries if I behave well.

I wont let those fishes go if it turns out to be nothing.

The place where the fish were headed was in front of the huge wooden floor.

Adrian was sitting alone while holding something.

Another fish made of water lay still in his hand.

‘Its made of divine power.

Like the pair of fish that came to pick me up.

I wondered if Adrian was seriously injured, or it could be that his divine power was diminishing, but it looked like it was time for the fishes to disappear.

Something created by the condensation of divine power does not last long.

It disappears just as the power is scattered into nature.

His eyes were blank and seemed worn out.

I crouched down carefully and looked at him.

“Ywo can cweate it awgain.” (You can create it again)

So dont make that face.

It bothers me when a child has such an expression.

Adrian looked up at me.


Adrian quieted down.

Excuse me, making a barrier, and making things from divine power was different.

You could learn how to make a barrier from a church or a book, but no one teaches you how to make things from divine power.

It is useless because it is not as sturdy as a real human being or animal.

Even if it was created by a priest, it could only last for three days.

Above all, it took a lot of hard work.

“How did you make the thing”

When asked, Adrian looked at the fish that was in his hand.

“I just… woke up and it was next to me.”


“In the morning when I was recovering from Rubella.”

“Youre sending our kids to Prince Adrians birthday party My God, honey! Would you like to see our kids in the eyes of Empress Yvonne The prince got rubella!”

I remembered the words of the Duchess Vallua.

‘If its rubella, it happened when this kid was six years old.

Theres no way I couldve misheard that.

‘So, you kept the fish for two years

Usually, no matter how long, a week is the limit.

Indeed, he owns a huge amount of power to be appointed as the youngest cardinal.

Adrian looked at me.

“Can you save it again”

Boone grumbled at the boys words.

[He is a strange human being.

Why did he focus his mind on something that is made with divine power Child, lets go back.]

Boone tried to persuade me, saying,

[Your ten precious strawberries are disappearing.]

But I couldnt move easily.

There is only one case in which a child who does not own a friend can create a thing.

It was because they were desperate enough for it.

Adrian must have been desperately hoping for someones company when he suffered.


The empress and his maternal grandfather regarded their grandson as just a tool of power.

The emperor did not take care of his son, and many people repeatedly plotted against him.

No one spoke to the child trapped all alone in the great palace.

Neither did someone reach their hand out to him nor did anyone want the child to live.

Thats why he had created those things unconsciously.

‘Just as I did in my first life.

Of course, I wasnt as strong as Adrian at the time, so they disappeared in less than an hour.

I remembered crying silently under a blanket because of their disappearance.

Im sure Adrian feels the same right now as I did back then.

I reached out to him carefully.


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