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Chapter 38

Translator – Zimming, Editor – Sasha

“I want jewels!”

I answered cheerfully.

He snorted.

I thought a demon could give me a whole bunch of jewels.

With his hand wrapped around his chin, he sighed loudly.

“We have different kinds of powers.

Some can produce love, others can kill enemies.

Its easy, but I dont have the power to make jewelry.”

“Ywo can ask a dwevil who can make jewelries.” (You can ask the devil who can make jewelries.)

Boone tapped my nose and said,

“But we cant meet each other without another medium.”


I nodded and looked at Boone.

My eyes shone to show I really wanted jewelry.

After watching the man for a while, I nodded and asked what was most important.

“Ten, what awe you gwoing to do fow me” (Then what are you going to do for me)

He raised the corners of his mouth.


The next day, at the greenhouse.

At breakfast, I put the sautéed lamb I was given, in my mouth.

There was a lot of food on the table, but my fork always went towards the meat.

Then to another meat dish.

Next, next, and also next my hands went towards the meat dishes.

[Child, eat a balanced diet to make sure youre healthy.]

I could hear the voice of Boone in my head.

I was wondering what to do if he kept his human form and someone saw him, but fortunately, it was possible to make his body disappear.

‘Its noisy.

When I answered curtly, I could hear Boone sighing.

But I was depressed too.

When summoning a devil, divine power is very, very, very much needed, making it difficult for me to maintain my adult-like thought process due to exhaustion.

I needed to eat and sleep three or four times due to that.

I learned a lot about the devil summoning from the Q&A session I had with Boone yesterday.


The devil must have a special stone (or gem) to serve as a medium.

You cant just pick a devil you want and then summon them.


When a devil is summoned, the stone (or jewel) that became the medium will lose its function.

3.Only one devil can be summoned at a time, and if ones wishes come true, it will disappear.

4.During the summoning period, I can use the power of the devil through my divine power.

However, because summoning and maintaining itself also uses divine power, I must make them disappear as quickly as possible.

If all my divine power is gone, Ill go crazy.

Boone couldsummon the soul of the dead. But he needed a medium to manifest his ability, which was the Goddesss tears.

‘I wish Boones ability was teleport or something that I didnt know about.

Boone, who heard my thoughts again, sighed sadly.

But really, it was me who was really sad!

‘How can I steal the Goddess Tears

Of all people, it was only the church that owned it.

‘The church that owns it is nearby, should I steal it

My specialty as a beggar in my last life was stealing.

As soon as I thought about it, someone came into the greenhouse.

“Hello, little miss”

My eyes went wide.

It was Cattlea.

“How awe you hewe” (How are you here)

“Last night, I went out of the castle and fell.

I was urgently moved to the ward in the castle to receive treatment.”

“I see.”

I nodded and put the last piece of lamb meat in my mouth.

Lea asked, “Do you want more” I nodded, and she left.

Only Cattlea and I were left in the greenhouse.

She put her hands together and said, “Oh, right.”

“I have some good news.”



The church was very happy to know that you have a huge amount of divine power.”


“A letter has arrived telling you to come to a nearby church to check your divine power.

With that divine power, you might be called to the central church right away.



“I will take good care of you in the central church.”

Cattlea then stroked my hair.

“All right, you idiot”

‘The Baron and his wife must have told the church this story.

They failed yesterday, so theyre trying to drive me out by using the church.

Cattlea continued while smacking my cheek.

“You are only a commoner and an orphan.

Just because you have a huge amount of divine power, do you think you can erase your origins”


I had seen quite a lot of people like Cattlea before.

Because shes just a child, what shes doing doesnt really hurt me.

But I was not very patient.

The good LeBlaine was now gone.

It happened when Cattlea hit my cheeks once again.


I exaggerated.

Hence, I fell off the chair and screamed.

“Little miss!”

Nearby employees and officers rushed in.

In the meantime, Henry came from the other side while holding a book.

“Whats going on!”

I pointed to Cattlea.

“Shwe hit me.” (She hit me.)

She turned pale and shook her head.

“Wha, what,….No!”

Henry, who strode up, grabbed Cattleas wrist.

There was oil on her palms.

It was the oil of the meat on my face.

“No, Im not, I, thats…..!”

This was just one of the many tricks I learned when I was a beggar, I, unfortunately, stayed alive by using many tricks such as the blackmailing and the intimidation technique.

‘Dont mess with the bluffing king of this area, you little rascal.



and Mrs.

Walston were called in at once.

The couple was very shocked to see Cattlea in the greenhouse.

Isaac and Henry glared at them with a fierce look on their faces.


As soon as Cattlea saw the barons wife, she burst into tears, and the couple, hugging their daughter, asked,

“What is going on”

“Leblaine fell.”

Henrys cool words hardened the barons eyes, and Cattlea shouted.

“No, I was wronged! I was just trying to get the dirt off her face,…..!”

The Baron suddenly stared at me and said,

“Little miss, do it in moderation! Are you going to hurt Cattlea again like yesterday Im afraid that Cattlea-“


Isaac slapped him on the cheek.

The man who was hit by the palm of the hand that carried an aura harshly fell on the grass of the greenhouse.

He wrapped his cheek in disbelief.

“Wha, what…..This is…..”

“Look, I hit you.”

Then Isaac proceeded to take a speck of dirt off the Barons face with his index finger and thumb.

“I took it off.”


“If your daughter wants to clean the dust off the kids face, what will she use”

“Of course your fingers·····.”

Isaac grabbed Cattleas wrists, shaking her shoulders, and held them out to the baron.

“Then how did your daughter get oil on her hands palm”

The baron gulped when he saw her palm twinkling.

When he couldnt answer, Isaac muttered,

“Oh, Ill have to give you a demonstration again.”

The baroness looked at her daughter with a shocked expression.

“Are you serious”



Realizing that there wasnt going to be excused, Cattlea bit her lips hard.

“I only wanted to pat her on the cheek!”

“Why did you do such a thing!”

Its rude to touch others however you like, but its worse to slap them on the cheek.

Besides, I was a young miss from Dubbleds main family.

Cattlea glared at me with tears in her eyes.

“Shes the bad one! Shes lying!”


“Shes a commoner orphan! She is way worse than I am, Im the one who should have been Dubbleds young miss! My mother, my father, and Lord Roman, they all said the Duke will have no choice but to accept me,….!”

The baron couples faces grew pale.


Cattleas words were like bombs.

If you interpreted those words maliciously, itsI tried to make a plan to overthrow the Duke. In other words, this was challenging the Dukes authority.

Isaac and Henry looked at Cattlea and the helpless baron.

“Leave it to me.

The guys who hurt LeBlaine will be punished.”

Isaac ran out of the greenhouse.


Yes, tell your father.

It was needless to say that the Walstons were doomed.


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