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Agareth’s mouth twisted.

“Paul, you are blocking my way again this time.

Without fear.”

As Agareth’s gaze became fierce, the wind became sharp.

The rain was swept away by Agareth’s aura, and soon Pur groaned and stopped his power.

It was not only Pur who was pushed back by Agareth’s aura.

On the other hand, it seems that Bardin’s fear is also out of control.

 He clicked his tongue.

Boone’s condition was not much different.

Agareth was indeed one of the strongest of the 72 pioneers.

Those proud devils were nervous.

Except for Baal.

If Agareth was a sea with strong waves, Baal was like a huge mountain range.

It’s silent and majestic.

“Don’t get too agitated, Agareth.”



The earth shook greatly in Agareth’s anger.

Amidst the sharp wind, people stepped back.

I couldn’t open my eyes because of the sharp wind that seemed to cut my whole body.

When I covered my hair with my arms and groaned, Baal slightly moved his hand as Agareth’s mighty wind was pushed away at once.

Agareth’s expression hardened.

As he gritted his teeth, Pur giggled.

“He must be afraid.

Agareth has ever defeated Baal.”

Bardin snorted in reply.

“You still talk behind Baal’s back.

Why don’t you attack Baal like in the battle a thousand years ago”


Pur gets agitated as Boone says, “Oh!”  and clapped his hands.

“It’s a good idea.

Please do it soon.

I’m asking for revenge!”



Pur frowned at Boone’s words, and Badin smiled.

Pur growled and whispered towards Boone.

“You sarcastic asshole.”


Boone was noticeably paler.

Cheol-soo was exhausting him as he kept talking nonsense.

Even in this situation, I burst into laughter when I saw the devils exchanging nonsense.

I felt like I could relax a bit.

As the blood rushing to my head went away, things started to come to light.

‘I can leave Agareth to Baal.

Pur and Boone will be able to stop Badin if they work together.”

How much is the remaining divine power

How much more power do I have to maintain them

What about Mina How much power did she have left

I quickly think about the situation in my head.

‘At this time, it is visible that Agareth is greatly agitated, Mina is unable to bring out another devil.’

It may be because of the lack of divine power.

Since she used up a considerable amount of  divine power before.

‘It’s a chance to attack.’


Upon hearing the news that the temple and Dubblede had begun a battle, the Empress Dowager, Godmother Camilla, and Deglid quickly walked down the halls of the palace.

Empress Dowager said with an anxious look.

“What will happen to me if Dubblede loses”

The godmother frowned.

“Is your safety more important in this situation”

“You’ve won’t be affected, so it’s easy to say!”

“Don’t worry.

Didn’t you diligently attend the temple’s events when the temple was dominant The temple can’t abandon you either.”

At the sarcastic remarks, the face of the Empress Dowager was severely distorted.

“Hey, what are you talking about It’s all about the empire, so I-!”

Deglid cut off the two of them.

“Stop it.

Do we have time to talk leisurely in this kind of situation”

The Empress Dowager closed her mouth and stared at the godmother as she sighed.

When the three people who arrived entered the room,


The nobles who watched the magic mirror cheered.

Godmother Camilla asked in amazement.

“What’s going on”

“Lady Dubblede summoned a strong devil.

Those temple devils are done for.”

When they looked at the magic mirror, a red-haired man was in the midst of a battle with the indigo-haired man.

The relaxed side is definitely the man with indigo hair.

A man with red hair clenched his teeth and rushed to him, but failed to overcome the barrier of the man with indigo hair.

The barrier and attack collided fiercely, the red-haired man was pushed back.

On the other side, a deer and a man in black robes were dealing with an old man.

When the old man blocked the sword of a man in black robes, the deer rushed to the side.

It broke his balance.

The soldiers of the temple were blocked from all sides by the Dubblede soldiers and were unable to do anything.

The three brothers and Javelin Ariage are dealing with the cardinals.

The military force of only one family surpassed the state religion.

“No way.”

“How could a family hide this level of power…”

As the godmother and the Empress Dowager murmured, Deglid burst into laughter.

“I will help you. So, Deglid, please help us too.”

A nine-year-old girl came to mind.

A small girl who confidently spoke to a powerful person behind the screen, which even the emperor could not do.

That child was really unique.

“Lady, the word ‘help’ can only be used by the strong on the weak.

I’ll ask you, is the lady stronger than me, the aunt of the emperor”



“I will be.”

“You’re really mad.”

“So, invest in me.”

That was true.

‘What a great kid indeed.’

Everyone dreams, but few are confident in their dreams.

Of course, very few people truly achieve their dreams with confidence.

Leblaine Dubblede finally made it happen.

So perfectly that no one can raise an objection!

It was then.

A sharp sound was heard on the magic mirror.


The arrow passed past Mina’s cheek.

Mina looked at the direction in which the arrow flew with a pale face.

It was Leblaine.

When Leblaine fires an arrow once again, Mina steps back.

Mina looked around.

There was no one who could properly escort their side.

As soon as Mina faltered, she tore a teleportation scroll which Leblaine was holding with one hand.

She moved Mina to the front at once.

Mina hurriedly grabbed the sword with her bare hands she put in her waist.

From the palm of the hand, blood flow out.

[You you…!]

[Did you think you would win if you fought without magic!]


Deglid said,

“Your Majesty, please allow 10,000 soldiers belonging to my palace to participate in the battlefield.”



Deglid kneeled before the emperor. She added in her firm tone.

“I will take the lead.”


At that time, Godmother Camilla also knelt down.

“The 5,000 soldiers of Grand Duke Locard, which the emperor has given me, will also join in to help the Dubblede.”


The emperor did not immediately allow it, and the nobles raged.

“You must disallow it!”

“The magic mirror is working.

If the people see the imperial army defeated, the people will be out of control—”

Godmother Camilla cried out.

“Why is it that the people call the you the ‘father of the empire’, Your Majesty”


“Isn’t it because the imperial family is obligated to treat the people like their children The children went to the battlefield.

Which parents only pray to heaven for their children’s victory”


Both of them bowed their heads at the same time.

Deglid said,

“I owe her a debt.

I’m not the only one who got the favor.”

Godmother agreed.

“How much help have we received whenever disaster strikes our country How could we, who still hope for that child’s help, not thank her”

The hall became quiet, and the emperor slowly closed his eyes.

The emperor, who raised his body, let out a sigh.

“I grant you the permission.”

“Your Majesty!”

The nobles shouted, but the emperor resolutely said.

“Dispatch 30,000 elite soldiers to the battlefield!”

“Your Majesty…!”

“I will also bear the burden of everything that will happen in the future.”

It was the moment when the emperor give them their soldiers.



What came out of Mina’s mouth is like a beast’s voice.

Her pupils turn red and the whites turn black.

I stepped back.

‘Maybe this……’

Even though I stepped back, Mina kept her body curled up and let out a painful moan.

“Ah, uh, uh… ahhh!”

Mina quickly covered her mouth.

The black blood dripped from between her fingers.


“Ah, uh, ah… it’s me.”

Tears of blood constantly flowed out of Mina’s eyes.

Horns are formed in her temple, cloth covering her back is torn, and bizarre wings appear as if her bones were connected.

“Ugh, ahhh! I, I…”


“My, I… the world, the world’s savior…”







Mina grabbed her hair with both hands and screamed.


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