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‘It’s weird.’

Her attitude is not rational at all.

I hid Isaac behind my back and grabbed the etwal.

“Do you want this”

When I asked that question, Mina opened her eyes and looked at me.


“I just felt pity seeing you act desperately to attract my brothers.”

Mina looked sadly at the corpses scattered around her as if she was genuinely thinking that way.

The eyes that had once shone were clouded like mist.

Then, I saw something on her neck…


When I thought about that, suddenly,


Henry exclaimed.


Something flew towards me.

Bang! I groaned, being tied to something and got stuck in the wall.

What binds me is a strange form that looks like a thorny vine or an octopus’s leg.

It came out from Mina’s back.


It was Jonathan who appeared with an eerie sound.

No, to be precise, a monster that looked like Jonathan.

He was so strangely twisted that only his face was barely recognizable.

The vines around me tightened more and more.

As I screamed in agony, Isaac rushed over.

He hurriedly cut down the vine, but the more he cut it, the more it grew.

“Ah, no.

We’re talking.”

Mina grabbed Jonathan’s ‘shoulder-like part’ with a troubled expression.

“I’m sorry.

It’s been a while since I’ve been blessed.”

“… Did they even use paladins as ingredients for holy beasts”

As Henry muttered, Mina quickly waved her hands.

“They’re not ingredients.

This is a blessing.”

“Is being a monster a blessing”

“They have the honor of making a noble sacrifice.

It’s a blessing.”

Mina pulled down her top and showed us her collarbone.

There are hideous scales attached to her beautiful skin.

“Look, Leblaine.

I’m different from you.”


“I did not avoid responsibility, I chose to sacrifice myself.”


“I’m different from you.

I’m different…”

Whenever Mina’s eyes shook, Jonathan grumbled.

Just then, my eyes became white, and Boone appeared.

“Go away.”

A sword appeared in Boone’s hand.

It was a sword that could be owned by a devil with the power of necromancy.

When Boone wielded a sword, the vine shrunk and soon disappeared.

After being released, I sat on the floor and grabbed my chest.

The terrible feelings were more painful than when I was being held back by the vine.

I quickly raised my head and looked at Jonathan.


Black tears filled his eyes.

As if he was begging me to kill him.

“How is this a blessing”

As I muttered, Mina’s face contorted.

“You’re still narrow-minded, Leblaine.”


“You don’t understand at all.”

Mina’s expression turned cold in an instant.

“Why is it you”


“Why did God reach out to a selfish person like you How come people are fooled I’m the one who can truly save this world.…!”


With the sound, the surroundings shone and a devil was summoned in front of me.

It was Badin, a muscular old man at the interrogation room.

As Badin spread out his hand, a huge spear appeared.

He immediately swung his spear into the air, but was blocked by Boone’s sword.


The blades struck each other sharply.

 Flames welled up from where Bardin’s spear touched.

And Boone’s sword became ashes in an instant.

That was Bardin’s ability, .

‘The power to burn everything in the world.’

In terms of attack power alone, he was unbeatable.

Even a soul can be burned.

Badin laughed.

“Did you forget that even your master, Gamagin, was burned by my fire, Boone!”

“Do not dare speak his name!”

The two confronted each other fiercely.

The building trembled mercilessly.

Even the wall cracks.

Then, a group of holy knights and cardinals who became monsters appeared.

The cardinals laughed, as if they’re guaranteed victory.

‘If the tower collapses like this……!’

I took out my long-distance teleportation scroll.

“You want to run away You’re pathetic, Leblaine.”

It was when Mina laughed.

“Who wants to run away”

I tore the teleportation scroll and threw it to Mina.

The surroundings shone.

And when I opened my eyes again, it was an empty lot near the island.

Mina and the paladins hurriedly looked around.

“How can we…!”

“Did you think you’re the only one who prepared for war”


‘This is the second teleportation scroll of Dubblede, developed and advanced by Veronica.’

The brothers took out the communication device at once and shouted.

“Second unit.”

The Irie under Johann,

“Black wolves.”

Henry’s assassination squad,

“Dubblede’s army.”

Dubblede’s army under Isaac appeared on the empty lot.

In addition, Aunt and Emeline wearing armor appeared with the white horse battalion, and the chairman’s army also joined.

I called Pur and looked at Mina.

It was incomparable to the soldiers Mina brought.

The cardinals looked at Mina with firm faces.

“Oh, child.”


I looked at Mina and smiled.

“You want to know why God chose me”


“Because I always think ahead of you.

Pur, the rain!”

Bang, bang, bang-!

A thunderstorm cut through the sky and dark clouds flocked in an instant.

It started to rain cats and dogs.

Badin’s fire went out in an instant.

‘Just as Boone is weak against Bardin, Bardin is weak against Pur!’

Mina looked at me with a cold expression.

“You always make things worse.”

“That’s why you always surrender.”

“You don’t even care about your people at all.

 Didn’t you feel sorry for your people who will die against my power”

Having said that, Mina grabbed etwal.


There was a huge pillar of light in the vacant lot.

A red-haired man walked slowly out of the pillar.

Pur and Boone flew away while groaning.

“Chairman, connect the magic tool.”

When I said that, Mina chuckled.

“Are you going to shake people’s faith again and steal my strength But it won’t work this time.

People easily feel despair in the face of overwhelming power.”

“I don’t think that’s what a child of righteous fate would say”

“I will urge those who are desperate to wake up.”

At that moment, the chairman connected the magic mirror.


The Imperial Palace’s magic mirror flickered.

The nobles that gathered for the Dubblede independent case looked at the tool at once.

Empress Cecilia, Empress Yvonne, and even the emperor who were attending the meeting, turned their eyes to the mirror firmly.

The emperor shouted.

“Summon the court mages.

How can the Imperial Palace’s magic mirror…!”

“Your Majesty, look.

It’s the Dubbledes and the temple.”

People’s attention was focused on the words of Empress Cecilia.

[You won’t be able to fool people any more, Leblaine.]

[You can’t take advantage of poor people.]

[You are brave about having the devils that cannot match Agareth.]

Marquis Shuheil exclaimed.

“Give the Imperial Army for Dubblede’s support, Your Majesty!”

Count Brivi also exclaimed.

“If they can’t win even after lending the Imperial Army, the people’s hearts will be greatly divided!”

“Are you saying that we shouldn’t do that”

“Let’s look at the situation.

Didn’t you all see it in the interrogation Your Majesty, the power of Dubblede is excellent, but it has not surpassed the power of the temple.”

“But in the end, Dubblede’s daughter drove the temple out!”

“She was lucky.

I can’t guarantee that the Dubblede’s daughter will be able to defeat the temple again this time!”

The nobles split into two parts and raised their voices.

It was when the emperor, who was watching the scene with a firm face, opened his mouth.

“Stop it-”

[Who says my devils can’t beat yours]

[Prove it.]

[Okay Then your proud Agareth can beat this one too, right]


Leblaine took something out of her arms.

A dark green emerald.

As she gently grabbed the emerald, an earthquake happened.

It was such a huge wave that it even reached the imperial palace far away from there.

And a large pillar comparable to Agareth appeared in the landscape.

The pillar of light disappeared, and there was a man with dark blue hair.

He looked at Leblaine and said.

[I am the first pillar, Baal.]


[Really, it’s been a long time.]

His eyes were bent affectionately.

As if he knew her.

Leblaine, who looked at the man, laughed.

[It was you.]

[I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time.

You, the younger sister, child, and hope of the pioneers.]

Having said that, he slowly looked at Mina.

[Then, give me an order.]


[Who is your enemy that I will slay]


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