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Christian was able to see his past life in his dream because his mother was a gypsy from the Shayman tribe.

Just as Lisette was able to see the future, or the Lisette mother, Lynford, had a monster-like hearing that could hear sounds a kilometer away, Christian’s ability was also “God’s blessing given only to the first clans.”

He dreamed about his past life.

The beginning of his dream was always a dirty back alley.

He was a young and worthless boy, and he was barely able to feed his younger siblings on behalf of his parents who died in the war.

He was in a bad condition, and his whole body was exhausted.

Since he was overworked on his body, giving up is natural.

No one looked back on the boy who collapsed with his head stuck in a pile of stones.

But just when he thinks he’s going to die like this…….


A hand always appeared, a hand full of scars that cannot be called beautiful.

The woman who reached out was always desperate.

She hugged him and ran hurriedly.

She didn’t know how to stop even if her hood was pushed back and her white hair was all messed up by the cold wind.

[Can’t you look at the child This is a clinic built by God for everyone]

[If you don’t give this child a bed, I’m going to report it to the person in charge of this area right away.]

[What are you doing!  Hurry up and bring the herbs!]

In the midst of it, he stared blankly at her.

In a world that was all achromatic to him, only she had color.

Her blue shining eyes and red cheeks were vivid in his memory.

She was an amazing woman.

She angrily demanded people to save him.

But there was no one who hated her.

People grumbled at her for causing a fuss, but soon laughed.

From some point on, she settled in the village and treated the sick people.

Even though the clinic was full of people, it was shabby because it was not well managed.

The expressions of the villagers brightened up.

And he was no longer afraid of the night.

At night, his anger towards the world and fear weigh him down.

But he could endure all of that because she’ll be there in the morning.

As she pulled the curtains,

[Did you sleep well Good morning.]

She always give him a friendly greeting

There were always all kinds of noises around her.


Cry of excitement.

Grateful words such as thank you.

But the commotion around her is so sweet and pure as it fills every corner of the street.

Even after he was cured, he diligently went to and from the Zelkova Clinic where she was.


[Hello, goddess.

I, this…….]

She opened the envelope and smiled broadly.

[Oh my gosh, it’s the herb I was looking for!]

[I saw it while passing by, and I remembered that you needed it!]

[Thank you, nice child.]

Her every word was so sweet.

It was not in vain that he spent the night rummaging through the mountains.

[Now, what reward do you want]

[Money is fine…]

[Buy some snacks on your way home.

But you can’t give it all to your siblings, okay]

[Why is the goddess so nice to me]

She ruffled his hair and smiled bitterly.

[When I look at you, I think I know why God can’t give up on humans.]


[Maybe it’s because of precious souls like you.]

Since when did he fall in love with her

When she finds him dying in the back alley

When she calls him a precious soul

Or was it when he found out that her name was Meria


He couldn’t fall asleep on the day he got to know her name.

Because it was such a sweet name like her hand that reached out to him.

When she secretly sang, the sweet echo from the tip of her tongue tickled his heart.

For the first time in his life, he learned what it was like to be happy.

Then one day, an uninvited guest appeared at the clinic.

[A fake like you dared to use God’s name]

Suddenly, a man came in and shouted at her.

He was a handsome man with a tall height, pale face, sharp eyes and nose.

[You’re noisy, close the door.]

As always, she cared for nothing but the sick.

[Let’s see.

How is your stomach today]

[Can I go to pick up firewood today]

[Your stomach sounded strange.

Are you taking the medicine I gave you]

[Of- of course.]


[… It’s a waste to use it.]

It was actually a lie.

He slept with his stomach out or ate spoiled food to make an excuse to go to the clinic.

He didn’t take any medicine she gave him.

Because she only cares about the sick.



[Use edioria.

He’s been ill, so the herb you picked up won’t work.]

She only cares about the sick…

[Give me that ediora.

You have it right Give it to me.]

Only for the sick…

[Let’s take a look at your herbs, huh If you have something good, share it with us, okay]

[This is crazy! Crazy girl! Whose back do you dare ride on!]


She has only been interested in the sick…

The man was seen more and more by her side.

[Oh, kid.

I was very tall, now I’m taller than Meria.]

[Why are you here every day No work]

[How could it be I became a pioneer as Hyugat had passed away…!]

[Isn’t that a lie Are you deceiving Meria]

[Even a pioneer can die.

When the predecessor dies, the next pioneer will manifest their supernatural powers and succeed them.]

He hated the man.

He hated the man who was by Meria’s side without excuses every day.

After Lars Stor, the man appeared, he wished he could grow up sooner.

When he’s taller, older, when he’s an adult, he should tell Meria then.

That he loved her for a very long time.

Many people appeared around her while he was looking for an opportunity to confess.

[Boone, Pymon!]

[Child, it’s been a long time.

It’s a pity that I haven’t shown my face for so long.]

[How dare they make me run an errand]

[Why did you come What is this… Did brother Neliard send you]

He knew it.

Those guys and he can’t compare.

Many beautiful people were around her at that time.

In the first place, there was no opportunity to confess.

How insignificant is he compared to those brilliant ones

He left her behind and walked away.

Soon after, a war broke out.

A war of gods was different from the war of humans.

Countless people died, and Meria ran out of the village.

He followed her.

[Goddess, Goddess! It’s dangerous, back-]

His voice couldn’t reach her.

Shortly after she ran into the temple, a scream was heard.

A thunderbolt cut the sky and the ground, as their tears became bloodshot and polluted the river.

Inside the temple, there was Neliard hugging her body and sobbing.

And that happened.

Serga used all of his last remaining power to seal the pioneers on 72 pillars.

After that, Neliard, who was wrapped in a chain, gradually became transparent.

A huge earthquake broke out, lava flowed out of the mountain, rivers and sea flooded the villages.

It was the fall of ancient civilization.

And at the last moment.

He hugged her body.

‘After all, it was me, Meria.’

He’s the only one who stayed with her until the end.

In the last moments of his life, he rejoiced.

He had such a dream every day.

So he was always looking for the girl.

She must have been reincarnated too.

This time it’s different than before.

Now he has the strength to be by her side.

But no trace of her could be found anywhere.

 As the years had passed a prophecy came down.

[A child born on the perpetual moon, will become a womb of the beginning and the end.]

As soon as he saw the prophecy of Lisette, he knew it.


That is Meria.’

It was Meria who started and ended the war of the gods.

The child to be born to Lisette is Meria’s reincarnation.

However, Lisette’s child died, leaving Christian alone.

‘Meria cannot die so easily.’

Wasn’t Lisette’s child Meria’s reincarnation

What if the soul of another world possessed Lisette’s body

Did Serga take away Meria’s soul

Will she come back if he kills the evil God

‘Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria, Meria.’


Every effort was made to see her again, but she never came back.

When he gave up everything like that,

“I’m the fourth child of Dubblede!”

She showed up.

“Humans! You’re the only one who can save yourself!”

She was as strong as she were back then.

At that time,

“His Holiness……”

Mina, who opened her eyes, got up hastily and dug into his arms.

“Where have you been, where are you…!”


“I’m anxious.

I’m going to die of anxiety.”

The pope’s expression looking at Mina was cold.

‘What a weak soul.’

A weak soul that is incomparable to the strong her.

He smiled affectionately at Mina, who looked up at him.

“Don’t worry, child.

I’ll put the world in your hands.”

It doesn’t matter what the world is like.

He could give everything up just to embrace Meria.


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