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Chapter 296

TL: Zimmings

After telling the servants that I would go to the mercenary guild, I immediately moved to the office.

Seria, who was waiting for me, held out a pile of blue spinel.

“It’s quite a lot.

Will you be okay You’re already not feeling well.”

I shook my hand.

“It’s only hard when I use the devil’s power, something like this is nothing.”

“It must be costly to borrow a skill.”

I nodded my head.

The devil’s power is beyond human power.

No matter how capable a human being is, it is almost impossible to overcome the devil.

Even I couldn’t dream of summoning the devil or borrowing their power without etwal.

‘It should be said that Mina, who summoned Amy without etwal and used its power, attempted suicide.’

What’s even greater is that she’s still alive.

When I put my power into it, the colour of the blue spinel changed with a small vibration.

Spinel ‘processing’ was not time consuming.

 Within a couple of hours, the spinel processing that Seria does has completed.

“Is this enough”


“It’s been a while since I need to demonstrated a spinel that has been charged with divine power.

Are the prospective buyers on the strict side”

“Very much.

But I understand, it’s an astronomical amount of money.

Speaking of which…….”


“They want to meet you in person.”

I frowned.

13 years after the launch of the hope mercenary guild, there were countless merchants who wanted to trade directly with me, but Seria wisely restrained them.

Seria, who has accumulated considerable years of experience as the leader, has never lost a war of words with any big merchants.

‘They’re such a person that Seria is in trouble’

When I touched my chin with a sigh, Seria said.

“There aren’t many mercenary guild to make a deal like this.

It’s because of the condition.”

My conditions are quite tricky.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is none except for this trading partner.

‘Ball-jointed doll, Lane, should be sent… but, we can’t use the Lane right now.”

In the last incident, I remodeled it.

It became impossible to remotely control the core by putting it into defense position.

‘It will take a long time to remodel it again.

Then I might miss the timing of the deal.’

Funds were essential to prepare for the war against the temple.

“Bring a mask.

I’ll meet them in person.

When are they supposed to come

“They’re coming to the mercenary guild to see the demonstration today.”

“I’ll do the demonstration myself.

If it’s a trap, it’ll give us time to prepare.”


Seria immediately brought a mask.

After changing my voice with magic, I covered myself in the robe.

The sun is setting soon.

There was news that people had arrived from the mercenary guild hoping for a deal.

The chairman hid in a small room connected to the office, and Seria greeted the people at the mercenary guild after dressing up as the appearance of Sese, the leader at mercenary guild known to the outside.

Then, the door opened.

People who entered the door were also covered with black robes.

After getting off the robe, an old man with a virtuous impression smiled and asked Seria to shake hands.

As he was from other continents, he had a slight accent.

Seria smiled and reached out her hand.

“Welcome, Lord Trihan.”

“Yes, but that person…”

“It’s the owner.”


The old man put his hand on his chest with his back slightly bent toward me.

It seemed that he had learned the etiquette of the empire.

As a greeting from their motherland, Seveltium, I lightly placed my hand on my lips.

The old man laughed out loud and said.

“I’m happy to meet you.

You were younger than I expected.

It’s amazing that you reign as the head of such a giant at that age.

Let me introduce the owner too.”

Seria was surprised and looked at him.

“Lord Trihan is not the owner of the mercenary guild”

“Didn’t I tell you We’re a union.

I’m the head, but there’s a separate union leader.”

“It’s a different story.

Lord Trihan!”

“Well, let’s move on from trivial things.”

Laughing, he looked at the man behind his back.

“Lord Nicholai.”


I stiffened at the familiar name.

The man in front of the old man lightly lowered his hood, and his pitch-black hair was revealed.

At the same time, I recalled the letters I had exchanged a few days ago.

The name written at the end of the letter.

[Nicolai Grimoire]

“I’m Nicolai Grimoire, the mercenary guild union leader of Seveltium.”


“Lady Dubblede.”

‘He knows exactly who the hope mercenary guild owner is.’

If this happened, I need to take it off.

I took a bite of the soft flesh in my mouth and lowered the mask.

His green eyes and my blue eyes met in the air.


Me and the Duke of Grimoire sat face to face with a sofa table in between us.

With my arms folded, I opened my mouth.

“Since when did you know I’m the owner of the mercenary guild”

“Since the last time I ran into you in front of the office.”

“But how”

“That woman.”

He looked at Seria.

At that time, she was not an old woman known to the outside world, but a young Seria herself.

“I know that woman.”

“How can Your Excellency…”

“Isn’t she a wanted criminal Grimoire is working with the imperial family to develop a magic to track down wanted criminals.

I’ve seen her on the wanted list.”


“I was wondering why Lady Dubblede was with the wanted person, so I found out that she often go to the hope mercenary guild.”

“That’s… that’s….”

“So, through Trihan, I captured her image through the video stone.”

Seria stared fiercely at Trihan, and Trihan turned his head.

The Duke of Grimoire continued.

“I was able to read the magic formula in the video of the leader Sese.

It was a change of appearance.”


“The hope mercenary guild was built shortly after you, the child of fate, entered Dubblede.

A woman named Seria seemed to be your servant.”


“Isn’t it natural to suspect that you might be the owner of the hope mercenary guild Lady Dubblede.”

I sighed and looked straight at him.

“That’s right, sir.

I’m the owner of the mercenary guild.”

“You’re calm considering you’re caught.”

“I know that I left too much trails.

I’ve done a lot in 13 years.

So I was cleaning up the mercenary guild.”


“I’m telling you in advance, but now that most of the mercenary guild has been sorted out, it’s not a threat to me that I’m the owner.”

Duke Grimoire rubbed his temple after supporting his elbow on his armrest.

“If I tried to threaten you, I wouldn’t use this kind of nonsense.”


“At least you’ve saved the maid you cherish like your life.

Well, she’s at the crossroads of life and death, so there’s nothing I could do about it.”

That was definitely about Lea.

I said,

“I forgot to tell you another thing in advance.”


“If you mention Lea’s name again, your mouth will be torn.”

“Are you thinking of calling out the ghost soldiers you’re proud of”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.

If Lea gets entangled, I will turn the world upside down.”

Duke Grimoire laughed.

“It’s not wrong to say that Lea Shavanol is the absolute number one to push all your stepfather and brothers on the family register.”

Boom, boom!


The window of the office was broken at once by the whirlpool of divine power I caused.

“I said I would rip that mouth apart.”

He shrugged shoulders.

“Let’s do it quickly.

I have no desire to be here any longer.

Where did you hide my father”

“… What nonsense is this”

“I guess you don’t even want to be polite anymore.”

“How do I know where Grimoire’s predecessor is!”

“The second child of fate, the cardinal, as well as the Duke of Amity, was fearlessly kidnapped by you, didn’t you kidnap him because he’s my father”

I flinched.

[Child, people will be suspicious of things that you didn’t do because you look like you’re doing it…]

[I’ve known since before that kidnapping was youe hobby.

I recognized it!]

Boone and Chul-soo said one after another.

I coughed as I said, ‘It’s noisy.’

‘How did he know that’

I can see why Grimoire stands shoulder to shoulder with Dubblede.

‘It’s because of their awesome information.’

“I’m really not.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“It’s true.

There’s no reason for me to kidnap Grimoire’s predecessor.”

“It seems like he’s intertwined with the temple, so you kidnapped him and tried to find out.

If it’s really true, give evidence.”

“How can I give evidence of something I didn’t do”

Please say something that make sense

It’s unfair, so I banged my chest.

“It’s true.

I’m innocent.

I’ll swear!”

“I don’t believe in a liar’s oath.”

“Seria! Bring the life contract! If this is a lie, I should at least swear to explode!”

I huffed, and Seria whispered, “Should I really bring it”

But it was weird.

Duke Grimoire was quiet.

When I looked at him thinking what was going on, he hardened.


He grabbed my wrist.

“Wha- what… I’ve never kidnapped him.….”

“Do you have the life contract”

“… I have it.”

“How could you!”

“My mom gave it to me.”

“No way.”

“It’s true though”

“No, it can never be possible.

Life contract is a family heirloom produced by Grimoire.”


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