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Chapter 292

TL: Zimmings

Mina’s trembling gaze moved to follow me as I got up.

She licked her lips for a while, then barely spoke.

“What the hell are you doing”

“The reason for making a video is either to keep it or to show it.

But unfortunately, we’re not in a relationship to make memories to cherish it.”


Mina, who got up, grabbed the bars and shouted.

I could see anger from her eyes.

“How fierce you are.”


“How far are you going to go I see.

The person I knew before is dead, and all that’s left of you is a mean trash!”


Mina glared at me fiercely, so I tilted my head and said.

“If you don’t like my method, doesn’t that mean you were ashamed of yourself”


“Or is there any reason for you to be so angry”

The veins come out in the hand holding the bars.

I said while looking at Mina, who was shaking.

“Think about which part you were ashamed of.”

Turning around, I glanced back at Mina, saying, “Oh.”

“I’ll give you those words back.

The words that the person you knew was dead.”


“You’re not the person I used to know either.

I don’t think this is the justice you’ve been wanting for so long.”

We decided not to ask the question of what made us this way anymore.

In the end, all of this was our own choice, and we’re already sinking in the swamp we created far too deep.


When I came back with the video, Trigon and the chairman were waiting for me.

Trigon, who heard the news said.

“I’ll prepare the magic mirror.”

Just like the last time the priest accused Emeline of faking to be the youngest child and trying to spread the message, we’ll spread the word using the magic mirror.

“Are you going to surrender for kidnapping Mina”

“Are you going to throw away this good chance You can prove that the temple has worked many tricks to target the young lady.”

“Who’s going to drop this chance”

I shook my head and looked at the chairman.

“What are you saying I guess your brain isn’t working because you’re too excited.”

“Please understand Trigon, lady.

Don’t you have a deep grudge against the temple”

As the chairman and I exchanged jokes, Trigon frowned.

“Are you joking in the midst of all this I’m in a hurry!”

“I know, I know.”

“The world will turn upside down when the sun rises.

Since the temple was deprived of the child of fate and the cardinal, there will be an all-out attack.

If we don’t fix the issue of kidnapping before then……!”

“That’s why I’m going to fix that.”


“Trigon, are you an idiot If we blow this chance, they’ll only get a chance to counterattack.”

The temple will wage a public opinion war that I, who kidnapped Mina, conducted brutal torture to receive false confession from her.

Then the suspicions about the temple I worked hard on will subside, and people will start talking about Leblaine Dubblede’s deeds.

Trigon, who was listening to me quietly, asked curiously.

“How can you deal with the issue with that”

I raised the corners of my mouth and said.

“Trigon, I told you the other day.

There’s a student named Sandra at the academy who had a son that was a master of cloning.”


“Go and duplicate this video stone.

I’m going to send it to the temple.”


I giggled as I saw Trigon screaming.

That day, Trigon headed to Sandra’s mansion and returned with a video stone reproduced by her son.

And I really sent the video stone to the temple.


Pope’s office.


A holy knight went inside.

Reginald, who was walking in the room with an anxious face, shouted nervously.

“What are you looking for in this situation…!”

“You must go to the tower.”

“… Are the cardinals finished What did they say Will they break through Dubblede by force Then what will happen to me”

“Discussion has been stopped.”

“It stopped Why did they stop discussing it”

“The video arrived with the name of the first child…”

Reginald’s expression changed as the holy knight continued to talk.

He kicked the door right away and ran toward the tower.

When Reginald arrived at the tower, the video was playing.

[Yes! I’m a hypocrite! I wanted you to die.

So I did what the temple told me to do! But this is all because of you! To get rid of a bad girl like you……!]

Reginald, who was contemplating, touched his forehead with trembling hands.

The second child, that foolish person, eventually might lead them to ruin.

The cardinals were greatly shaken.

Most of them groaned loudly or didn’t know what to do.

Blasio, the only Leblaine supporter among the cardinals, hit the table.

“What are we going to do about this now”

His gaze was directed at the pale Reginald.

“Reginald, who brought out the second child, look at that.

The fact that Dubblede sent the video tape is a threat.”

“Bu- but think about it.

This is an opportunity for us.

This means that the first child kidnapped the second child.”

“It can also be evidence that what Reginald has done by borrowing the name of the temple is true.”

‘I borrowed the name of the temple and did it’

Reginald’s expression froze.

It was like saying that they would blame him for all the sins.

‘Damn it, damn it!’

This was the result of many years of devotion to the temple.

If he was guilty, the temple would easily throw him away.

‘It won’t end with that.’

The temple is his whole life.

He has done everything for the temple in his life.

He can’t forget the blood and sweat he gave to them because of one young girl.

“Can you solve it”

“How could we trust him-”

When one cardinal shouted, the man sitting at the round table silently opened his mouth.

“Give Reginald one last chance.”

It was Cardinal Stefano.

This year is the 6th year since he became a cardinal, and this man was even more influential than the pope.

Even while various incidents related to the temple were taking place, they heard from the people that ‘The pope can’t be trusted, but only Stefano can be trusted’.

Recently, the people’s trust in the temple has been broken, and he had the strongest influence.

The cardinals said,

“But Reginald has been the culprit of all the incidents so far.”

“If something goes wrong again, who’s responsible for it”

Despite the cardinals’ sharp questions, Stefano looked calm.

“I trust Reginald.”

“Sir Stefano…”

Reginald looked at Stefano with a thrilled expression and grabbed his chest.

“If this goes wrong, I will take off my clothes and become a beast myself to protect the Neliard Church.”

The beast, which was seen in the mock battle of the 7 families, was not perfect.

There was still no cure for it and there are still multiple weaknesses.

The way to become a perfect beast was a secret only the cardinals knew, but because it was so cruel, no one could complete the conditions.

“Are you serious”

Reginald shook his head at the question.


In the end, the sword of the temple was given back to Reginald.

The vatican moved under the leadership of Reginald.


I stared at the parchment with the pen in my hand.


Seeing me groaning for a while, the three maids made a puzzled expression.

“Why are you so worried about writing a letter”

These were the words of Yuni, a former loan shark.

I said, lying face down on the desk with the parchment.

“I want to meet Grimoire’s predecessor, but I don’t know how to meet them.”

Dahlia, a serial killer of rapists, replied as she lowered a steaming teacup at my desk.

“Why don’t you ask the master to meet Duke Grimoire first instead.”



I think they’re quite close to each other because they had similar nicknames.

The blue rose and black violet.”

Dahlia couldn’t stand it and giggled.

Then Linda’s nephew, Laura, who was diligently moving next to the three maids, said.

“Oh, don’t say that.

I heard that the three duke of flowers…….”

“Isn’t it the three lords of flowers”

“Now they are called dukes.

Anyway, the three of them hate each other so much.”


I groaned again.

And then, I shouted “I don’t know!” and wrote down the letter.

“Yuni, send this.”

After saying that, when I got up and grabbed the coat, the maid opened their eyes wide.

“Are you going out”

“Yes, because the Empress Dowager called me.

I guess she wants to make sure Aslan is real.

If it’s real, it can cure her skin diseases with the power of healing.”

The reason why Empress Dowager went to the prayer ceremony is probably due to her skin disease.

The maids spoke worriedly.

“But wouldn’t it be dangerous to go out at this time…”

“There’s nothing I can do about it.

It’s better for me to go than for them to come for Mina here.”

The three maids and Laura stood up and pouted their lips with the same expression.

I laughed and said,

“I’ll go now.

Will you take care of the mansion”



“Don’t worry!”

“Okay, lady!”

I left the mansion with four reliable knights.

The weather was very nice today.

‘The weather is really nice.

There must be a lot of people out.’

Throughout the ride to the Imperial Palace, I looked outside the window.

When I was about to cross the mountain to get to the Imperial Palace.


The horse crieff and the carriage rattled.

I was surprised and looked out the window.

People wearing black masks were surrounding the carriage.

A barrier was on the floor, and when I saw the pattern, I got goosebumps.


It is clear that they are all mages.


Outside the window, the horseman was caught by them and he was strangled.

I rushed out of the carriage.

“Who are you”

What I heard was a familiar laughter.

“Do you know who’s the most foolish person in the world”

It was Reginald.

As I turned my head, I saw him wearing a robe among the mages.

“You’re the most foolish person in the world, Reginald.”

“You still don’t know how to be scared.”

“You seem to be unaware of fear, even after being hit like that, you crawled out again.”

Reginald laughed.

It was a creepy laugh as if he was half out of his mind.

“Child, the most foolish person in the world is a foal who runs wild without knowing how to pay for their sins.

Just like you.”

I hurriedly grabbed the etwal.

“If you don’t back down, we will attack you.”

“Are you proud of your ghost soldiers”


“Oh, child.

How foolish you are.

Can the person who summoned Aslan and used their power to call in the ghost soldiers again”

“……Don’t come closer.”

Despite the threat, Reginald walked to me.

Slowly approaching, he grabbed my shoulder.


“You don’t know how much I wanted to rip you apart.”

I lowered my voice and whispered.

“If I die, Mina will die too.”

“Give me the video stone.”

“Leave now.”

“Give me the video stone!”

He let out a shout.

“Damn bitch, damn it…! Because of you, do you know how much I, how much the temple…!”

It was then.

A loud noise began to be heard in the air.

 With the loud sound, about 400 people who were watching Reginald from the sky were revealed.

“What are you talking about Video stone”

“Isn’t that the cardinal’s voice”

I told you.

The weather is so nice today that many people will come out.

Reginald looked at me with a puzzled look, and I answered refreshingly.

“Oh, that Dubblede’s volunteer event.”

“…… What”

Would people believe that I leaked the footage  He has to create a believable situation.

“You, you, this bitch…”

“Were you confident because Stefano is on your side”

Stefano must have done that.

His daughter Emeline, grew up so well after all.

[If you feel a little sorry for me, if you ever thought of me as a daughter, please do so.]


[Please support Reginald… father.]

I hope Reginald will like the play directed by Leblaine, starring Emeline.


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