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The people in the chapel looked as if they had seen a ghost.

The chairman was upset seeing them.

Regardless of the whispering, I looked straight at Mina on the podium.



Mina’s gaze shook.

As she grabbed her sleeve tightly with her trembling hands, Reginald rushed to help Mina.


“Leblaine… that kid…”

Reginald looked at Mina, who was pale, and then glared at me.

Then he shouted at the holy knights guarding the chapel.

“Bring her out!”

As soon as the holy knights were about to approach me, I opened my mouth.

“For what reason”

Reginald’s expression distorted at my words.

 I unfolded my crumpled hood with my fingertips and said with a gentle tone.

“Is there a reason why I, the child of fate, can’t come to the prayer meeting that is open to the public”

Then Reginald shouted.

“Don’t call yourself the daughter of God!”

“You’re funny, Reginald.”


As Reginald frowned, the faces of the priests surrounding the podium also became harsher.

“T- that rude…!”

“Rather than being ashamed of trying to push the true daughter of God out of our sight, are you trying to ruin the sacred place”

I shrugged and said.

“Wasn’t it the temple of Neliard that made me a daughter of God What made me who I am today as a child of fate, who knew nothing at all, was the temple.”


One priest shouted.

“We’ve asked for verification several times to correct the mistake of announcing you as God’s daughter!”

“That’s right! What’s the reason we couldn’t properly verify it Dubblede and you have conspired to strongly reject education and verification in the temple since childhood.”

“We haven’t been able to ascertain the evil energy that has recently flowed from the Dubblede Territory.”

“You wouldn’t have refused to contact the temple for more than a decade without knowing that you were not a child of fate!”

The chapel was buzzing again.

A few agreed with the priests, and after a while people started pointing fingers at me.


“A creepy bitch who coveted the place of the daughter of God!”

A smirk appeared on Reginald’s lips.

 Mina looked at me, supported by him.

I spoke without avoiding their gaze.

“Why is the temple convinced that I am not a child of fate”

Reginald replied.

“Because God has sent the true child of fate.”

“Then what’s my crime What did I do wrong Should I be blamed”

“You should have confessed to the temple the moment you doubted your own divinity.

The moment you claimed to be a fake to take power, you became a sinner.”

I laughed and approached the podium.

Mina flinched, the priest and holy knight blocked me.

A barrier came from the back of Reginald’s hand.

“Don’t come near us.

If you try to harm God’s daughter, I will not sit by.”

I stopped and looked straight at Mina.



“They say I’m fake because of you.

Do you think so”


“They say I’m a sinner because I doubted my divinity and kept my mouth shut.

Have you ever doubted your divinity”


“Do you think you’re the true child of fate”


“Answer me, Mina!”

My voice resonated in the quiet grand chapel.

Mina, who was holding her sleeve with a pale face, looked at me.

The shaking of her eyes stopped before I knew it.

Mina slowly opened her mouth after gulping.


The girl straightened her crouched back and looked at me who was under the podium.

“There is only one child of fate.”


“Only I can save this world!”

I was waiting for this word.

I shouted out my etwal, which I had been hiding.



The chapel shook with a huge roar.

People, surprimg by the loud sound, looked around.

“Protect the empress and prince!”

“Your Majesty!”

People hurriedly surrounded Empress Yvonne, Prince Andre, and Empress Dowager.

The Duke of Marche, the Marquis of Shuheil, the Duke of Grimoire, and other nobles looked at me firmly.

At that moment, a pillar of dazzling light rose.

Someone’s shadow was seen in the light.

That person’s dress fluttered in the light.

She had her eyes covered with a white cloth, as she slowly began to walk toward me.

When she stepped her bare foot into the ground, thick branches stretched out from the ground.

Then the greens slowly grew on the thick branches.

It was an elsa tree.

As soon as she approached me, a white cloth covering her eyes fell toward the floor.

When she lifted her head, people could see her beautiful golden eyes that seemed to shine brightly like the sun.

She is completely different from the valiant description in the legends, but no one here doubted that she was Aslan.

Except for not wearing armor, it was exactly the same as the devil Mina summoned, Amy.

Reginald’s expression collapsed, and Mina covered her mouth with trembling hands.

I said,

“You and I, who actually summoned Aslan”

Me and Mina’s eyes met in the air.


Leblaine left and the chapel was in chaos.

While believers were in a hurry to ask for the truth, Reginald took Mina out of the chapel as if they were running away.

Reginald, who returned to the vatican, took Mina to her room.

Mina was shaking fervently.

“How… how did Leblaine…”

“Calm down and listen.”

Mina caught Reginald who was about to leave.

“What happened How did Leblaine have a passage for Gremory Huh”


“I’m anxious.

I’m so anxious…!”

“Shut up and listen to me-!!”

Reginald shouted.

When Mina crouched down, he grabbed Mina’s shoulder harshly.

“Stupid bitch, do you think I’ll have time to appease you now”


“Answer whatever I ask.”


“Have you ever seen that girl have a golden etwal”


“In your previous life You said you can see the previous life.”

“I’ve never seen it.”

“Then how did this happen-!!”

Reginald ruffled his hair and groaned.

“Damn it, damn it…!”

Reginald, who stared at Mina as if wanting to tear her to death, murmured.

“From the beginning, I shouldn’t choose a girl like this.

I should have taken the first child’s hands.”

“I told you I’m real.

How can you hold fake child hands In the space closest to God, those words…….”


Reginald, who burst into laughter, stared at Mina with red eyes.

Mina faltered, and stepped back as he approached her with an expression that seemed to be possessed by evil spirits.

He poked Mina’s forehead with his fingertips.

“Among those who know you, the only one who believes in the child of fate is the bloody pope.”


“Soul guided by God The real child of fate Don’t speak nonsense.”


“Do you still believe that God brought you into this world”

“……I beg your pardon”

“There are thirteen souls from the other world, including you.

The moment they are connected to our world, the dead and those who have no regrets in the other world come to this place.”


Mina’s eyes widened.

“Since the establishment of the empire on this land and the creation of the Neliard Church, twelve children have crossed the dimension so far, but none of them have ‘power’.

 So we made you.”


“I put you in a body that was ordained to become the womb of the beginning and the end!”


Tears filled Mina’s eyes.

Mina, who looked at Reginald without blinking once, bit her lips tightly.

“No! I was chosen for this world… chosen…!”

Mina collapsed while screaming.

She closed her ears and murmured constantly, “I’m real.

The fake is Leblaine.”

Reginald pulled Mina’s forearms.

“Listen carefully.

If you stay like this, it’s over for you and me.”


“Do you think the pope will protect you when you eventually turn out to be fake No, what he desperately wants is a being that God loves.”

“A being that God loves”

“The existence of a real oracle.

The person who should have been born by Lisette, who received the oracle.

A being who has been given the mission of the beginning and the end of the world.”


“You have to push Leblaine and you have to be real.”

“… How can I be the real one”

Reginald whispered.

“Kill Leblaine Dubblede.

It’s the only way we can survive.”

“But she’s my older sister.

In my previous life, we were sisters…”

“Currently, the things you saw don’t exist.

How long will you look at the illusion”


Mina gasped and said,

“What should I do…”

“Go to the Duke of Grimoire.”


“Tell him you’re Lisette’s daughter.”

“What is that…”

“Grimoire’s ancestor is Lisette’s biological father.”

Mina’s eyes fluttered slightly.


“Lisette is the Duke of Grimoire’s half sister!”

It won’t be difficult to prove.

Grimoire will not believe what Dubblede said because he resents the death of Lisette, and Mina’s body is originally from Lisette.

‘We can cheat.’

Unless Lisette’s daughter comes back alive.


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