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Three days later, inside the temple.

Mina, who opened her eyes, looked around.

A familiar voice was heard in her ears as she looked around the strange ceiling and walls.

“Are you awake”

Mina got up when she saw the pope putting incense on the bedside.

“His Holiness!”

“How’s your body”

“I’m fine.

Rather than that, why am I here…”

“You spent three days wandering around the death door.

Even with the healing of the priests, your condition didn’t improve, so I took care of you myself.”

Mina, holding her forehead, tried to think back on her last memory.

She fell down after not being able to breathe for a long time because her lungs were burning.

‘I think I fell down and heard a strange voice…’

[Give…  it.]

Mina hugged the blanket.

Yes, that sound.

A series of strangely distorted creepy sounds were heard before she fainted.

A man in the shape of a fire appeared in front of her.

It was a ghastly sight, just before the fire had completely melted his skin, his eyes had plummeted to the floor.

[Give… it… send it.]


[Send it. Send it.]

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

Send it to me.

At that moment, the man rushed toward Mina.


She screamed and hugged her head.

As time passed, she felt no pain.

So she gently lifted her eyelids, and saw someone in front of her.

“His Holiness…….”

The pope muttered, “Oh my.” and grabbed something that turned into a fish.

His arms did not seem to belong to a human at all.

The veins protruded and distorted in several places, making it look more like a devil than human.

The flapping fish in his hand soon became ash and disappeared.

Mina asked after gulping.

“Is that a devil So I summoned…”

“An angel.”

Mina looked at the pope.


The pope, seeing the disbelief in her eyes, said,

“Are you afraid”

“… You’re deceiving people.

I know that the one that just disappeared is the devil.

Gremory is recorded in the history of this world, not Aslan-”

Mina bit her lip once and whispered.

“It’s Amy.”


“We’re fooling people! This by no means…… is not justice…….”

As Mina’s expression darkened, the pope lightly grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Tell me the pain in your heart.”



“…I’m anxious.”

Mina murmured, clutching the pppe’s robe tightly.

“His Holiness, maybe I was wrong.

In fact, I guess I had too much greed, so I…”

The pope, bending his knees in front of Mina, slowly took off his robe.


Mina’s expression hardened when she saw his face.

“H, how-!”

His appearance is very different from before.

‘By the way, their voices are subtly different as well.’

As everyone knew, the pope was old.

However what’s in front of her was the lively face of a young man in his 20s.

He seemed to be in his late 20s at most.

A sharp jawline and soft curved lips.

His white hair that reached his neck fluttered lightly as the wind blew in through the window.

The gold and purple eyes that were visible through the messy hair seemed to attract people.

His appearance was even comparable to that of a celebrity or an actor.

He was one of the most beautiful people Mina had ever seen.

The pope who smiled, held her hand.

“Mina, this weak body has been waiting for you for a very long time.

From the moment I knew that God was sending your soul down to this earth, until now.”


“I knew for a long time that I would welcome a spirit led by God.

Ever since I was an immature boy.”


“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you.

You are the only one who allowed a poor boy who had nothing to endure living.”


“How could this emotion be worse than the affection of a man and a woman, the affection of a parent, the affection of a friend”

He placed his forehead on the back of Mina’s hand and whispered with a beautiful voice.

“There is nothing I can’t do for a true daughter of God.”


“If Mina is not on the right path, this weak body will destroy all the roads of the world and make it the only way to reach the destination.”

“His Holiness…….”

He hugged Mina.

His scent reassures her trembling body.

“You are the being our God has arranged for this land.

Every path you take is the right way.”

Mina grabbed his sleeve and let out a shaky breath.

She is now relieved

After comforting her for a long time, the pope, who was lying in bed, asked in a friendly voice.

“Is your body really fine”


“If there’s something wrong with your divine power, you should tell me without delay.”

“I will.”

“I can’t put off my anxiety because you’re a kind person who cares about others before your body.”

The pope briefly put his hand on Mina’s forehead and left the room.

Reginald, who was waiting by the door, bowed his head toward the pope.

“Take care of her, so that even every strand of Mina’s hair doesn’t get damaged.”


The pope glanced at Reginald.

“Remember that it is only for the sake of the daughter of God that you put your feet on this earth.”

“…Yes, His Holiness.”

After the pope left, Reginald covered his lips.

 His pale hands trembled.

After gulping several times, he opened the door.

Mina, who was touching the end of the blanket, smiled as she saw him.

“Reginald! …Huh You have a bad complexion.”

“Are you okay”

“I’m fine because the pope took care of me.

I can feel that my body is full of divine power.

It’s his power, right As expected, he is amazing.”

“How long will you be able to keep Amy”

“Reginald, I think you should take a look at your body before talking like that.

Your complexion is so bad-”

“I ask how long you can keep the devil-!!”

Reginald shouted.

Mina hardened, and Reginald grabbed her head.

‘Damn it, damn it!’

That girl is fake.

She can’t keep the devil.

Without the vatican knowing, if mana had not been injected to her, Amy would have disappeared soon.

Then they would be tearing apart that fake.

The pope doesn’t believe that the girl is fake.

This was because there was no existence that could replace Mina.

The pope’s obsession with “God’s daughter” was also persistent.

He believed in the daughter of God as if he had lost his reason.

‘She summoned Amy and turned it into Aslan, and we got to finally turn the game around.

But if Amy disappears…’

Holding a proven child of fate was a power that none could compare.

Thanks to the child of fate, the distrust of the people toward the temple subsided.

In addition, investigations into various cases were suspended.

The fact that Johann was cursed in the mock battle of the 7 families was also included.

Thanks to that, Reginald was still a cardinal.

But Reginald knew.

‘That girl is fake.’

The existence of another devil cannot be contained in the etwal.

The pattern of God was also created along the pattern seen from Leblaine Dubblede.

‘I must not be caught.’



Mina muttered.

“If you are not feeling well, would you be able to go out today”

“I think it will be difficult to get there……”

“Didn’t you say that the Duke of Amity is being captured by Leblaine Dubblede”

At those words, Mina’s expression hardened once again.

Reginald said as he grabbed her coat.

“We must get that girl out of the empire as soon as possible so that we can get the Duke of Amity back.”

“What can I do”

“A prayer meeting is held in the central temple.

Show them the angel there.”

So that the girl doesn’t have a place to stand.

Even if it turns out that Mina is a fake, that girl won’t put the temple and him in danger.

Mina nodded.


In the chapel.

The central temple planned to protest against the vatican.

The people were allowed to enter the large chapel, which only priests could enter, and the royal family, the nobles, and outstanding citizens of the city were invited.

The chapel, which can accommodate about 10,000 people, was full.

 It’s because a few hours ago, news came that Mina would be attending.

Dressed in a robe, I secretly headed to the main chapel.

The first floor of the chapel was filled with invited people such as imperial family, nobles, and merchants.

“Marche, Shuheil… ah, even Duke Grimoire.”

When Seria, who was wearing a robe said that, the chairman answered with a low voice.

“If it’s a temple, it’s only natural that the Empress Dowager also came to visit.

Isn’t Empress Yvonne also accompanied by Prince Andre”

“… Everyone here is her enemy.”

Seria muttered in a quiet voice.

The chairman did not answer, but silence was a heavier agreement than any other answer.

I looked at the huge platform.

Soon after, a person came up to the podium.

The curtain covered the window at once, and the light on the podium pointed to a person walking in.

It was Mina.

A thunderous roar erupted.

Mina, who walked to the center of the podium, bowed her head shyly.

“I don’t know what I can say to you, but I’ll convey my sincerity.”

It was the beginning of the prayer meeting.

When she put her hands together, a group of lights began to light up behind her back.

Then, I slowly got up and took off the robe, with the symbol of God on my forehead.

“Leblaine Dubblede…!”

When someone shouted, everyone in the chapel looked at me.


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