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Adrian nodded his head.

‘Oh my God, did he mean that Amy is a devil he summoned’

When I first met him, he created two beings with his divine power.

Amy and Amand, however Amy disappeared.

The last time I saw it was at the temple.

‘Right, Amand still exists 10 years later, but it’s strange that only Amy has disappeared.’

But how did Adrian manage to keep the devil

When I thought so, Boone came to mind.

When Boone was first summoned, his wish was to find the jewel “goddess’s tears”, a devil’s passage.

‘Boone said that his master is the devil of the goddess’ tears.’

“Is it possible that Amy was a devil that served your mother, Empress Elsa as its master”


On behalf of my mother who died and disappeared, Amy protected me.”

“How could you, not a child of fate, hold Amy…”

“It was the empress who summoned Amy.

So, right before she died, she exhausted all her powers.”

“Then how did you maintain it”

“Human sacrifice.”


Adrian looked at me silently.

“Even if I’m disgusting, don’t throw me away.”


“Don’t throw me away, Leblaine.”

I hugged him quietly.

“It must have been difficult.”

How hard did he struggle to survive in a world with no support

Leaning his face on my shoulder, he muttered.

“I could bear it when you’re next to me.”


“With you, I’ll be fine.”


I stroked his hair.


Adrian sent me off.

I regretted saying goodbye to him and backing away.

We told each other to go first and it turned into a small argument.

After that, Adrian returned to the castle first as if he had lost.

Someone approached me the moment I glanced at his back.

It was the chairman.

“It has begun.”

He must have meant that the attack on the temple had begun.

“They’ve given us a lot of time.

I thought Mina would come out right away to drive out the fake because she became real with the proof.”

“Mina’s condition seems to be serious.

It must be taxing to summon the devil without etwal.

But I remember that you weren’t in that condition even after summoning Boone.”

“I don’t think the problem is that she summoned the devil.

It’s because she used the devil’s powers without etwal.”


“It wasn’t Gremory that Mina summoned.”


I looked at the chairman who was bewildered and said,

“The devil that Mina summoned is the 58th pillar, Amy.

It used its ability to disguise itself to make it look like Gremory.”


“Let’s go.

We’ve found a way to attack.”

I headed to the carriage first.

Outside the mansion, protests were in full swing demanding that the fake child should be put on a guillotine.

The protesters are very violent.

Some threw tomatoes or rotten eggs at the carriage.

As soon as I entered the mansion, my family ran to me.

Isaac and Henry, who hurriedly checked me, hardened.

“Kid, how are you…!”

When I got off the carriage and got hit by a tomato, my appearance was messed up.

 Seeing the tomato dripping down from my head, Isaac did not know what to do, and Henry hurriedly turned towards the door.

I caught Henry as he tried to go outside.

“What are you trying to do! Don’t go!”

“…… Let me go, Leblaine.”

“If you harm them, the target will change from me to Dubblede.”

“They’re already targeting Dubblede.

Otherwise, they can’t do this to Lady Dubblede.”


“I won’t let them off.

Let go of me!

It was really rare for Henry to scream.

‘Henry is more aggressive than Isaac at times like this.’

I took a deep breath and shook my head resolutely.

“To them, I’m not Lady Dubblede.

The reason I was adopted by Dubblede is because I’m a child of fate.

If they find out that I’m a fake, I’ll naturally be dismissed.”


“I know how you feel.

Thank you for your concern.”

As I smiled, the faces of the family become grim.

“But rather than making the fire even bigger, we should take complete revenge!”

I pretended to be bright, and Henry clenched his fist tightly.

While my dad and brothers were gloomy, a familiar voice was heard.


It was aunt

I was startled and ran to my aunt.

“When did you arrive from the castle”

“Just now.”

“Then, who is in charge of the castle”

“I left it to Viscount Dubos.

Johamm is about to go there on my behalf.”

Considering the future war, it would be better for Johann, the successor, to go there.

Looking at me, my aunt smiled bitterly and wiped my hair with a towel brought by the maid.

“Remember the faces of those who made you like this one by one.”

“Of course!”



I want to tell you something.

Let’s all go to the study together.”

“What’s wrong”

“We need revenge.”

When I laughed wickedly, my family’s expressions became puzzled.

My family, chairman, and Nos moved to the study together.

Seeing the people sitting around the sofa, I took a deep breath and started talking.

The story about Empress Elsa, Gremory, and Adrian.

Of course, I took out the story of the first kiss I had with Adrian.

Because I was worried about his life.


When Leblaine finished the story, everyone was astonished.

What did she mean by saying that Empress Elsa is the devil Gremory

It was more shocking than Mina who summoned Amy to create a fake Gremory.

“W-wait, Gremory is a demon, how can it grow up”

As Isaac asked, Theodore, who had a firm face, tapped the armrest of the sofa and said.

“A lot of people have seen Empress Elsa when she was young.

I do too.

Although she was very weak, she continued her social life at the behest of her father.



“Around the age of 19, I was confined to the castle for two years.

But I heard that she was seriously ill.”

Henry sighed and shook his head.

“Did you say that the emperor made a pact with the Marquis of Chantelle A promise to put the daughter of the Marquis of Chantelle as the empress.”


“What if the young girl of the Marquis of Chantelle died, and the marquis, who could not give up his greed for the position of empress, summoned a devil for that reason”

Leblaine asked the devils.


Is this possible What do you think, Boone’

[If Gremory’s power is Amy….]

[Yes, child.

The master and servant exchange some of each other’s power by signing a contract.

The same goes for me and my master.]

“It seems possible.”

Isaac smirked and folded his arms.

“I’m sure of it.

The Marquis of Chantelle exchanged his daughter who died with Gremory.”

Johann nodded and looked at Leblaine.

“So How are you going to use this to get revenge There’s no way to find out if she turned into a Gremory by Amy’s power.”

“There is a way.”


“We just need to summon the real Gremory.”

“But he’s the devil who was summoned once.

The passage that summoned the devil loses its function and other minerals become the passage.”

Then, Storas’ record, which recorded the existing passage, will be useless.

In other words, it takes a lot of time to find the new passage.

Leblaine said,

“There are two ways.”


“The first is to find Amy.

The devils seem to know its passage.”

“Are you going to contact the temple But they’re going to kill you right away”

“There’s a second way, but this one seems to be more difficult…”

As Leblain frowned, Isaac clenched his jaw and urged her.

“What is it”

“I think we’ll focus on the jewels that were meaningful to Empress Elsa.

The jewels might be the new passages.”

“It must be so, but how could we get that”

Just then,

“I have it, a jewel that has a deep meaning to her.”

Leblaine looked at Javelin with a bewildered look.

‘That’s right, my aunt was the captain of Empress Elsa’s escort!’

“Where is it”

“In this mansion.”

It was her room where Javelin was headed.

The shabby room used by Lisette.

Javelin looked at the desk’s drawer.

The diamond in the center of the pendant still shines brightly.

“Say it, Javelin.

Is it okay if I leave the ideals we shared and go the other way alone”


“Is it okay if I marry the emperor”


“Are you really okay alone”

Her hand that was holding the pendant trembled.

Then, someone was caught snooping around the door.


“Why are you here”

“My aunt looks sad.

So… I don’t want you to be left alone.….”

“Javelin always looks sad.

So you can’t be left alone.”

Javelin looked at her niece sadly.

Why did she look so much like her She even acted the same as her.

Javelin smiled bitterly and handed a pendant to Leblaine’s hand.

When the diamond touches Leblaine’s hand…


The ground vibrates violently.


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