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I looked at the Duke of Amity with a disheartened look.

I had no choice but to come out because of the condition.

The duke was silent.

After staring at me for a long time, he soon took the lead.

I chased him from behind.

There was only awkward silence between us.

The situation is uncomfortable.

In addition, my legs were short, so it was hard to chase him.

“Where are we going”

“To the old black tree.”

Old black tree.

To be precise, it was a dead tree with only the root left.

The old black tree is only in name.

There is a legend about it.

One day, thunder struck a thousand-year-old tree.

The tree burned black, leaving only the root.

Surprisingly, however, sprouts grew in the root of a dead tree.

The sprouts spread little by little, creating Wenton forest.

Because of such a legend, people regarded old black trees as sacred.

Mothers with children, those who were about to take exams, and those who suffered from diseases gathered to make wishes on the sacred tree.

‘Why are we going there’

I grumbled inside.

Because it was a place where I didn’t have good memories.

The duke and I reached the front of the old black tree.

There was always a shallow water pit around the old tree.

In the pit, there is money that people throw while making wishes.

The Duke of Amity threw a silver coin into the puddle.


I was surprised and quickly picked up the silver coins thrown by the duke.

“If you take out the money here, you will be cursed.”

When the Duke of Amity said strictly, I snorted inside.

What curse

“Everything is a lie.

The forest keeper always sleeps.”

I turned my head stubbornly, biting my lips tightly.

The Duke of Amity stared at me.

As if to check something.



There was a long silence between us.

Oh, I really hate this forest.

To be exact, I hate the memory of this forest.

This is a place where I have the most precious memories in my first life.

“Father, what’s this tree”

“It’s a sacred tree.

It’s a place for those who have worries and hopes.

Parents sometimes visit here to pray for their children’s fortune.

My father brought me here and wished me happiness.”


“I wish you happiness.”


“So that you don’t get sick, that every day is extremely happy, that the misfortunes that you face sometimes become just a talk of tomorrow.”

At that time, the silly Leblaine was just staring at the back of the Duke of Amity without knowing what to do.

When I returned to the mansion late at night without saying thank you, I cried endlessly in a blanket.

I was so happy.

I’m overwhelmed that I have a father and that I have someone who wishes my happiness.

Leblaine, who was foolish in my first life, died hugging only those memories, so I hate this place.

I don’t want to think of myself as a fool of that time, I don’t like that I’m still holding onto these few memories, and I don’t like to realize that the Duke of Amity’s steps have slowed down little by little for me.

I hate myself who can’t hate that person.

“In my dreams, I knew you, who didn’t know what to do after hearing my words, but I couldn’t finish my words.”

“… let’s just go.”

“I don’t know how to approach my first daughter.”

“Didn’t I say let’s just go”

“Even now, I don’t know how to approach you.”

“I’m going!”

I shouted to him.

I’m going back.

I’m going to my dad.

Not the duke, but my dad.

I’m going to go to my dad who doesn’t make me sad!

Even though I knew I shouldn’t say that, my child’s body screamed before thinking.

I kept crying because I was sad.

I cried with my lips sticking out.

Why did he say that

I was just a desperate child before.

I was just a child who didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to disappoint my first family, but why didn’t he treat me well before

Why didn’t he smile kindly in front of me All Leblaine wanted at that time was her father’s smile.

He said to me, while I stare at him with a resentful face.

“Look at your tears.

How can everything be just a fantasy”


With a grim look on my face, I looked at the sausage the duke bought from the Wenton Forest Store.

I wanted to reject the sausage that the duke gave me, but after crying for a long time, I was hungry.

‘It’s a big deal if I can’t think like an adult at this rate.

That’s why I receive it.’

While hesitating, I quietly reached out my hand and said.

“…It’s not because I like you that I accept this.”


“It’s because I’m hungry.

A child’s body needs to eat a lot.”

“I know.”

I received the sausage as if I were stealing it.

Then, I sneaked a glance at him as I put it in my mouth.

He looked at me with a surprised face.

He seems surprised that my table manners are not like nobles.

I bet the Duke of Amity know that I was fully aware of the noble’s table manners.

He didn’t know that I desperately endured it before because I wanted to be a proud daughter to him.

The duke was almost certain that his visions are true.

‘I shouldn’t have cried there.

Stupid, stupid.’

He must have brought me to the Wenton Forest to see what I was like in front of the old tree.

I know that, but I couldn’t hold back my tears because I was resentful.

My ancient body is much more sensitive to emotions than my original body.

‘Besides, who would believe him just because he’s sure’

I munched on the sausage and stared carefully at the duke.

“I’m going home now.”


The duke quickly shook his hand as he wipe his oily hands with a handkerchief.

Somehow, I had the illusion that he seemed to have become sullen.

I left the Wenton Forest with the Duke.

I couldn’t go back with the teleportation scroll.

The Duke of Amity, who became the head of the investigation team, is drawing attention everywhere he goes.

Anyone would be curious why he went here with a child.

If they saw that I use the scroll, many would be suspicious of me.

“What about the carriage”

“They’re waiting for me at the shopping district.

If we communicate, they will come.”

“Go to my carriage.”

“I like standing up.”

“If you do, I’ll wait with you.”

“What if people saw us”

“Isn’t there something you need”


I thought about it for a while.


It’s better to end it today than to ask to meet again on the pretext of giving what I want.’

He wouldn’t cry easily because I asked him to cry outside in broad daylight, but let’s ask him to cry in the carriage.

I headed to the Duke of Amity’s carriage with a disheartened look.

‘Was the carriage always this shabby’

I was surprised to see Amity’s carriage from afar.

I didn’t even know it was shabby in my first life.

My current dad, who only has things that are far better than others, alwats gave me the best out of all he had.

Amitier’s carriage looks shabby compared to my carriage, which is made of ebony wood and has some magic.

It was then.


The driver of the Amity family walked up to him.

“What’s going on”

“So that’s… I…”

It was the moment when the driver was fidgeting with an awkward look.


A familiar voice was heard.


She seems to be chasing the Duke of Amity.

During the shopping district riot, her hair color apparently changed to blonde, but she returned to her original black color.

‘Did her color change for a while as the aftermath But the hair isn’t a mana sensor yet it changes color in a flash’

While thinking so, Mina came out and looked at the Duke of Amity.

She didn’t look good.

“I heard that there was a fire near the investigation team building yesterday.

I kept contacting you because I was worried, but there was no answer.….”


The atmosphere between the two was strange.

It was a completely different atmosphere from the shopping district.

‘I’m not the only one who saw it in the vision.

He must have seen that he loved Mina so much.’

Mina grabbed her skirt tightly and asked.

“Duke, you must think I’m weird.

But I’m so worried…”

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

“It’s a relief.

I heard the smoke was severe, so I asked the temple for medicinal herbs.

It’s good for a damaged throat.

I moved it in the carriage, so…….”

Mina’s eyes were filled with tears.

However, the Duke of Amity, who was staring at me, carefully reached out to me.

“You’ve gotten thinner.”


“Are you eating well”

I nodded my head.

It was something I hadn’t heard in my first life.

It doesn’t matter how affectionate he suddenly become anyway.

Meanwhile, my communication device blinked.

I went a little from the two with the improved tool in my ear.

[It’s Trigon]


[We found the reason why the lady’s condition was strange.]

“What is it”

[The divine power of two person was mixed inside the lady.]

“What It’s ridiculous!”

Divine power cannot be mixed.

I don’t know if I have a special quality of divine power that can be matched against opponents like Adrian.

The reason why priests cannot share the divine power is that the divine power cannot be of the same quality.

Chul-soo points this out and says, ‘We also mustn’t mix different blood types!’

[That’s not the case… If it is between parent and child.]

‘What are you talking about You mean I gave birth to Mina…… Wait a minute.’

I glanced back at Mina.


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