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‘Hes a familiar guy, by the appearance.

As soon as I tilted my head, I suddenly remembered my first life.

“Please send me out of the country.

How long do I have to wait”

‘No way, was that him

The old man who came to visit late at night.

He was the one who shouted so desperately in the middle of the night, asking for Duke Amity.

When I remembered who Teramore was, the scene of the day I saw him passed through my head.

The urgent face of the old man, was seen through a small door gap.

The butlers voice rang out

“Its your fault that life is in danger.

Youve been so cruel to the child and avoid his caregivers eyes, so its understandable that hes growing up and targeting you.”

Theyre all going to grow up eventually, abuser.

‘Teramore had no child.

Just who….

At that time, Isaac had another intense staring contest with carrots, i suddenly remember them.

‘The only children Teramore can reach are Isaac and Henry….

And only the three confucius, children who has power, enough to get Teramore begging to be sent out to another country.

Thinking so, I shook my head inside.

‘No way.

He wouldnt be out of his mind to abuse the Dukes children is he

There are often stories of crazy tutors who slap their hands on their children in the absence of their parents.

They all went so far as to claim that it was a rod for their childs education.

And it wasnt just a story.

The butler went out when he was stopping the Duke of Amity, who was trying to help Teramore escape.

“It happened where I lived.

The maid abused the child, and the teacher slapped the child in front of the other children.

Parents always find out the truth late.

Its a terrible thing.”

The thought of it made me angrier.

If Teramore is really abusing a child, which of the two

According to the butler, there seemed to be one abused child.

Henry is smart, so I dont think he can touch him easily.

A child who makes slush funds and invests in domestic and international situations cant be easily abused.

Then Isaac

Isaac seems to be a lot more impulsive than Henry, but he endured abuse until he was all grown up

‘Or maybe the butler didnt know.

It could be both.

Then, on the side, Nos called me.

“Little miss”

I turned my head with an anxious face and he smiled.

“Does the meal suit your taste Should I ask them to give you another one”

I replied, “No… tasty”

‘Its likely that its a wild guess, but lets just check it out.


That afternoon.

I glanced close to the corner and found someone coming out of the door and ran off.

“Nyos (Nos.)”

I clung to his legs and looked up

Nos was surprised to see me for a moment, but soon sat down laughing and squatting.

“Whats the matter, little miss

“That, I wyant to go.

Twaining gwound (I want to go to the training ground)”

Henry and Isaac were confined to the training ground after the breakfast.

I have to go there to see the children, but I dont know where the training ground is.

Nos asked with his eyes wide open.

“The training ground right now”

“Tw—ai—ning—gr—ound! (Training ground!)”

“Its TRaining ground~”


I took hold of my waist, and then sighed.

This son of a bitch pronunciation.

My growth rate is slow by nature, so even if i practice much, i wont get any better.

“The maids told me not to take you to the training ground.”

I closed my eyes tightly because he said it regretfully.

I gathered my hands together with an earnest look.

And looked at Nos with sparkling eyes.


Then Nos groaned.

Soon he reached for me

“Lets go, go”

Nos, who carry me, moved his steps.

When I arrived at the training ground, I saw Henry and Isaac holding a wooden sword.

I jumped out of Nos arms, and the children who sees me on such a day opened their eyes.

Isaac asked,

“Why are you here”

“Im gwoing to pway with Henly and Isyac! (Im going to play with Henry and Isaac!)”

“Oh me.

Did you come here because you miss me to pester me”

Isaac said so, it seemed to mean “follow me” and “be a good girl.”

I walked along with Henry and Isaac, while looking under the sleeves and at his neck.

No bruises or wounds on the neck.

Not even on the ankle.

Under the sleeves….

‘I dont know if it was a training wound or a beating wound.

Besides, both of them had a scratch.

I couldnt find any big bruises.

while I was focusing on looking at the two, my body was tilted as my eyes staggered.

‘Im falling—‘

Someone gave me a hand.

“Twanks, Henly.

(Thanks, Henry.)“

“Youre welcome.”

Henry smiled with courtesy.

Hes building a wall…

‘But I dont think hes a bad guy.

Even if they seem cold, they always answer back.

Isaac glanced at me, saying “You cant even walk, idiot.”

I trampled on the rock that I had caught and let it sink into the dirt.

What the hell is up with Teramore How scary it must have been.

Then, someone came to us.

“Are you three playing together”

It was Teramore.

He bent over and made eye contact with me.

“Youre more adorable, up close.”


“My name is Austin Teramore.

Ive been with Dubbleds for a long time.”

“Lets shake hands”

He held my hand and laughed.

“Childrens hands are really soft, too.

I can feel the sharp glare in his eyes.

He looked down at my hand and whispered.

“Youre gentle.”


“I dont think you need to be punished if you keep being this gentle.

Isnt it”

He looked at me and the corners of his mouth rose.

“In the future, I will assist Master Henry in his studies.

Im here to say hello.

Together in the study–”

To take the kids

‘You cant do that.

I shouted loudly.

“Nwos! Nyos!! (Nos!Nos!!)”

When he heard my shout, Nos, which was far away, came running at once.

Why would I bring Nos without bringing another servant to the training ground

Because there was Lord Teramore in the castle, i needed a close ally of the Duke who could protect the children.

Nos hardened when he saw Lord Teramore.

“Whats going on here”

“I came to say hello to my cute students.”

“Are you in charge of education again”

“I dont think theres anyone else who can help them with their talents.”

Teramore slowly stroked his beards and looked at the two children.

“Id rather say hello next time.”

When he said so, he bowed his head lightly and disappeared.

Nos looked at Teramore, which was moving away with a glare.

There was no need to find a child who was abused separately.

There was a child who will meet Teramore.

It was Henry.


Henry and Isaacs training has resumed.

As Nos left, I sat in a chair that he had arranged for me at the training ground and played with my skirt.

‘What should i do now..

Should i tell the duke

But there is no evidence

What if he say that they got bruises or wounds while training

In this case, the abused child had to tell him himself, but Henry seemed to be hiding the abuse.

Otherwise, the kid cant get rid of Teramore.

‘But why is Henry hiding Teramores atrocities

I was thinking so, but at that moment, someone suddenly jumped.I was greatly surprised while turning my head to the source.

When Isaac grab his sword,

Kugugugugu -!

The ground vibrated, little stones and dust floated around the child.

At that time, Isaac stepped on the ground and quickly leaped to his feet, his sword instantly turned red.

‘Oh my god…what

I knew Isaac was using aura, but I didnt know it was manifested at such an early age.

Does it make sense for a child that young, to be using an aura

I cant believe it even though I saw it with my eyes.

Isaac narrowed the distance at once, and the opponent quickly turned himself in a hurry.

Isaac quickly hit his opponents legs with his left foot, and soon his opponent has been knocked down.

“Ive got him.”

He laughed and threw the sword with his aura as flipped his wrist over to receive it again.

With a grin on his face, he lightly handle the sword loaded with aura

It would have weighed heavily but he handles it with ease

Then, he go into the other side at once, and finally catch the opponent.

“I surrender!”

“Theres no surrender.

If you face each other and lose, you lose.”


The opponent managed to avoid it, but the armor pierced by the sword containing the aura is broken.

Isaac really had no intention of letting him go.

He raised the sword once again.

I murmured casually at the dreadful scene.


Isaac flinched.


When he looked at me in surprise, he coughed in vain.

“Thats not scary”

Then he threw away the sword and withdrew from the opponent.

‘That opponent was lucky.

Im glad Isaac stopped.


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