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Chap 4  Saving Her From Water and Fire

At this moment, Huo Junhan and Shen Yaowei were the only ones in the room.

Looking at Shen Yaowei, who had almost lost her mind, Huo Junhan sat by the bed and gently stroked her lips with his slender fingers.

The girl's lips were as delicate as roses dyed with morning dew. They were also hot, making Huo Junhan feel a strange dryness in his throat.

He knew that the other party was just an 'idiot' with the IQ of an eight-year-old child, but he still lowered his head and asked, "Shen Yaowei, are you sure you want me to help you Do you know what Huo Zhao will do if I help you"

Shen Yaowei said nothing and used actions to replace her answer.

She opened her mouth and bit Huo Junhan's finger.

Huo Junhan's hand trembled slightly, and waves surged in the depths of his eyes.

Then, Shen Yaowei hugged him even harder. Her voice was ridiculously husky. "No… I don't care about him… Ninth Imperial Uncle, save me. I'm so sad…"

Seeing his reflection in Shen Yaowei's clear eyes, Huo Junhan's thin lips slowly curled into a faint smile. "Little fool, you can't beg someone like this."

Shen Yaowei was only left with a trace of rationality. When she saw that Huo Junhan was still in the mood to tease her, her rationality collapsed.

She mustered her courage and leaned her face in front of Huo Junhan. Shen Yaowei quickly planted a kiss on his thin lips. Because she was too uncomfortable, tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. "As long as you help me today, I'm willing to give you anything you want in the future."

The girl's exceptionally soft lips and her sweet and warm breath dyed Huo Junhan's light-colored eyes with a strange color.

Huo Junhan wiped the tears from Shen Yaowei's eyes and put down the bed drapes.

An hour passed in a daze.

Lying weakly on the bed, Shen Yaowei opened her eyes lazily and watched as Huo Junhan stood in front of the basin not far away and washed his hands.

The man's hands were slender and beautiful, as if they were made of jade.

The various images from before were still vivid in her mind. Shen Yaowei's face turned red again and her heart beat wildly.

At this moment, she felt like she was in a dream.

Not only was she reborn, but she was also with Huo Junhan…

After regaining her senses, Shen Yaowei felt that the aura around Huo Junhan was like ice, making her feel a little unfamiliar.

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When Huo Junhan was helping her just now, he seemed to be calm and composed. If not for…

She would really think that Huo Junhan was as uninterested in women as the rumors said.

If this rumor was fake, then was the rumor that Huo Junhan was born without feelings true

If the latter was true, why had he helped her like that in her previous life

"Little fool, was my service comfortable for you" As he wiped his hands dry with a clean white towel, Huo Junhan walked back to the bed and looked down at Shen Yaowei.


Shen Yaowei suddenly came back to her senses. Thinking of her indulgence just now, her face Huo Junhan walked back to the bed and looked down at Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei suddenly came back to her senses. Thinking of her indulgence just now, her face quickly burned.

This man's question was too direct.

"It was… comfortable," Shen Yaowei replied softly, lowering her eyes.

As soon as she finished speaking, the man's bony hand grabbed her neck.

Her breathing immediately became uncomfortable and a dangerous aura greeted her.



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