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Looked Stupid

Yan Bei did not dare to answer Huo Junhans question and could not help but hold his breath.

When their masters old illness relapsed, it was indeed very scary.

He didnt dare lie, let alone say he was afraid.

Huo Junhan saw that Yan Bei was sweating profusely and naturally knew the answer. Just as he was about to ask him to get lost, he heard the butlers voice outside.

“Your Highness, someone from the General Manor wants to see you.”

A glint flashed across Huo Junhans eyes.

After a while, he said slowly, “Bring her in.”

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After a while, the butler brought Zi Yun to the study.

From the moment Zi Yun stepped into the study, she felt an incomparably oppressive cold aura. Holding the exquisite box with the sachet in both hands, she lowered her head to Huo Junhan and knelt down in greeting. “I, Zi Yun, am here on the orders of the Eldest Miss to send a thank-you gift to Your Highness.”

Huo Junhans gaze landed on the box in Zi Yuns hand, his gaze unfathomable.

Yan Bei glanced at Huo Junhan, whose thin lips were pursed, and sighed slightly in his heart.

Why didnt the eldest daughter of the Shen family come personally to thank him

He could clearly feel that when the butler said that someone from the Shen family had come, his masters expression did not seem to be so cold.

In the end, his masters expression became uglier when he saw that it was a maid who came.

Huo Junhan did not speak, and Zi Yun did not dare to look at him. She knelt on the ground and maintained the posture of raising the box above her head. Cold sweat quietly broke out on her forehead.

In the end, Yan Bei mustered his courage and took the box from Zi Yun before presenting it to Huo Junhan. “Master, this is Miss Shens token of appreciation. Master, do you want to open it first”

Huo Junhan glanced at the gorgeous box and said indifferently, “Send it back. I dont need it.”

Seeing that Huo Junhan had rejected her so thoroughly, Zi Yun thought of Shen Yaoweis instructions and immediately felt troubled.

Just as she was at a loss, Yan Beis hand trembled and he accidentally opened the box.

He hurriedly knelt on the ground and apologized to Huo Junhan. “Its my fault. Please punish me, Your Highness.”

Huo Junhan frowned and saw the sachet lying in the box.

The stitching of the sachet was extremely rough and it could be seen that the person who made it was very bad at stitching. It could vaguely be seen that it was in the shape of a little tiger head, but it was a little tiger with a crooked mouth and slanted eyes.

It looked stupid.

When Zi Yun saw Huo Junhan frowning and staring at the sachet, she was so frightened that she fell to the ground. “Your Highness, my lady spent a night making this sachet. My lady has never done needlework before, so shes not very familiar with it. Your Highness, please dont take offense…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Huo Junhan reached out and took out the sachet from the box.

A faint sweet smell spread from the sachet, identical to Shen Yaoweis aura.

“Ugly thing.” Huo Junhan sneered in disdain and casually threw the sachet into the charcoal pot not far away.

The charcoal fire was not lit in the brazier, but there was carbon dust, and the sachet fell into it.

“Go back and tell your young lady that theres no need to send anything else. I only took action yesterday because I owed General Shen a favor. Now that Ive settled things with the Shen family, we dont owe each other anything.” Huo Junhans voice was as cold as ice.

“Yes, Ill take my leave.” Zi Yuns teeth chattered uncontrollably as she spoke. She quickly got up and left.



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