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Is It Scary When Im Sick

Zi Yun looked at Shen Yaowei with pity.

Her lady could not wait to give the best to Prince Zhao, but anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Prince Zhao did not have any true feelings for her lady.

That man was only greedy for the power of their General Manor.

Unfortunately, her lady was foolish and would not understand this.

“Then what gift does Miss want to prepare for Prince Zhao Do you need my help” Zi Yun asked.

Shen Yaowei shook her head and smiled mysteriously. “I have to prepare this gift myself.”

Zi Yun was amused by Shen Yaoweis mysterious expression. “His Highness will definitely like the gift Miss prepared personally. Miss, Ill prepare some supper for you.”

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Shen Yaowei waved her hand. “Go on.”

The next morning.

Zi Yun pushed open the door and walked into the room. She immediately saw Shen Yaowei sleeping soundly on the table.

A look of heartache flashed across her eyes. Zi Yun walked to the table and called softly, “Miss.”

Shen Yaowei opened her eyes in a daze and sat up straight. “Is it morning”

“Miss, the carriage from Prince Zhaos residence is already waiting outside,” Zi Yun whispered as she looked at the sachet lying on the table.

The sachet was in the style of an old tiger. Although the stitches were rough, it was cute.

It was obvious that it was personally stitched by Shen Yaowei.

However, Prince Zhao definitely would not care about such a thing. Her ladys efforts were destined to be in vain.

“Zi Yun, send this to His Highness Lis residence. You must personally deliver it to His Highness.” Shen Yaowei picked up the sachet and handed it to Zi Yun.

She originally wanted to send him off personally, but she was afraid that if Huo Junhan rejected her in person, she would not be able to control her tears.

She didnt like it when she shed tears, but she couldnt help it.

Zi Yun knew very well what it meant for a woman to give a man a sachet.

“Miss, are you sending it to His Highness Lis residence, not Prince Zhaos residence” Zi Yun asked carefully, afraid that she had heard wrongly.

Shen Yaowei nodded slowly. “Yes, you have to deliver it to His Highness Li personally.”

Seeing that Shen Yaowei did not seem to be joking, Zi Yun was speechless.

“His Highness Li helped me at the palace banquet yesterday. This is a thank-you gift.” Shen Yaowei did not give Zi Yun a chance to ask further. She waved her hand at her. “Go quickly.”

Zi Yun had no choice but to leave with the sachet.

A moment later, at His Highness Lis residence.

Even though it was in the most prosperous area of the capital, the huge palace still looked especially quiet and gloomy. The people passing by the entrance of the palace were in a hurry and did not dare to stay.

In the study, a faint medicinal fragrance mixed with the calming incense filled the room.

“Master, the medicine is here,” Yan Bei said to the man sitting at the table with the steaming medicine.

The white robe made Huo Junhans face look even paler. It was clearly a very hot day, but his body emitted a material cold aura that made Yan Beis hands and feet feel cold.

There were mountains of memorials stacked on the table, all delivered from the palace.

“Leave it,” Huo Junhan said calmly without looking up.

Yan Bei looked at Huo Junhan and suppressed the fear in his heart. He said carefully, “Master, its better to take the medicine on time. Tomorrow is the 15th. If Master…”

Before he could finish, Huo Junhan slowly looked up.

His cold gaze pierced Yan Beis heart and he immediately knelt down.

“Ive overstepped my boundaries. Please punish me, Master.”

“Is it scary when Im sick” Huo Junhan asked slowly.



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