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I Dont Want to Share With Prince Zhao

“No, I dont want to share it with Prince Zhao,” Shen Yaowei said. She stood up and walked slowly toward Yu Linlang. “Yu Linlang, I want to share the sugar ball with you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Linlang and Song Lingyun were stunned.

Shen Yaowei walked to the bed and her pale face revealed a faint sad expression. “I accidentally took the wrong pill and caused you to suffer. Yu Linlang, youve worked hard to take care of me. Have you never eaten this sugar ball Try it. I guarantee youll like it too.”

With that, she held one of the sugar balls in front of Yu Linlangs mouth.

An especially sweet scent immediately entered Yu Linlangs nose, causing her expression to instantly become dazed, and her eyes to be a little blurry.

When Song Lingyun saw Yu Linlangs expression, she rushed over and snatched the sugar ball from Shen Yaoweis hand. “Linlang cant eat this!”

Her slightly sharp voice trembled.

Yu Linlangs expression sobered, but her face turned paler.

She had opened her mouth and was so close to eating the sugar ball.

These sugar balls contained extremely addictive medicinal herbs. However, the smell of them was almost irresistible. If she ate one, she would definitely be addicted.

“Why cant Yu Linlang eat it” Shen Yaowei looked at Song Lingyun unhappily. “Why cant you bear to let Yu Linlang eat such a delicious thing Arent you her mother My father said that all mothers are willing to leave the best to their children.”

Song Lingyun felt that Shen Yaowei was exceptionally difficult to deal with today and was very frustrated.

She also realized that she had overreacted just now. Forcing a smile, she tried to give an excuse. “This is indeed very good, but Yaoyao, youre the most important person in this family. Linlang cant eat such good food. There arent many sugar balls left, so of course I have to leave them for you.”

“But I want to share it with Yu Linlang,” Shen Yaowei said very stubbornly. “If she doesnt eat it, I wont eat it either! Yu Linlang, didnt you tell me that good things have to be shared with my good sister”

With that, she turned to look at Yu Linlang.

Yu Linlangs hand gripped the blanket tightly. She looked at Song Lingyun for help.

For the first time, she found it difficult to deal with this fool.

Song Lingyun met Yu Linlangs gaze and was about to speak when she heard Shen Yaoweis voice again.

“If you dont eat this sugar ball, youre looking down on me. Ill tell Daddy and Big Brother that you dont want to be sisters with me!”

What Song Lingyun and Yu Linlang were most afraid of was that Shen Liuan would find out about the sugar ball.

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“Yaoyao, dont be angry,” Song Lingyun said quickly. “Since its your kindness, Linlang cant refuse.”

With that, she handed the sugar ball in her hand to Yu Linlang and gestured for her to eat it.

Yu Linlang knew too well what the sugar ball was. She could not believe that Song Lingyun would really let her eat it. “Mother…”

As she opened her mouth, Song Lingyun stuffed the sugar ball into her mouth.

The fragrant sugar ball melted in her mouth. Yu Linlang wanted to vomit, but she couldnt control her body.

She swallowed it.

When Shen Yaowei saw this, she smiled and leaned in front of Yu Linlang. Seeing the tears flowing from the corners of her eyes, she said, “How is it Yu Linlang, are you crying because its delicious”



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