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It Seems Like She, Yu Linlang, Was Born to Be Below Shen Yaowei

Shen Yaowei looked up and saw a girl in a purple dress running toward her.

Her eyes lit up.

“Zi Yun!” Shen Yaowei shouted happily.

Zi Yun ran to Shen Yaowei, panting. She quickly sized her up. “Miss, are you okay”

She had just learned from Liuers conversation with the other servants that her young lady had experienced a life and death storm in the palace today. She was so frightened that she quickly came to look for her.

“Im fine,” Shen Yaowei said with a bright smile.

Seeing that Shen Yaowei was smiling happily, Zi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. “Its good that youre fine. Miss, you should bring me along when you go out in the future. Otherwise, Ill be frightened to death sooner or later.”

Shen Yaowei smiled warmly and nodded. “Okay.”

Zi Yun was her personal maid who was loyal to her. After she died in her previous life, Zi Yun also sacrificed herself.

Previously, she had only left Zi Yun in the residence because she completely listened to Yu Linlangs secret instigation.

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“Miss, Ive prepared your favorite osmanthus lotus root. Shall we go back to your room to eat” Zi Yun held Shen Yaoweis hand.

“Lets go to Yu Linlangs place first.” Shen Yaowei remembered very clearly that Yu Linlang had said that she would give her sugar balls.

When Zi Yun saw that Shen Yaowei was still going to look for Yu Linlang, she couldnt help but sigh in her heart.

She didnt know if it was a coincidence, but she felt that every time something happened to her lady, Yu Linlang was always by her side.

Even though the other servants in this residence liked Yu Linlang very much, she just did not like her.

At this moment, Yu Linlang collapsed onto her bed, exhausted.

Song Lingyun had already arrived at her room before Shen Yaowei.

“Why did you fail today” Song Lingyun asked when she saw Yu Linlang.

Yu Linlang forced herself to stay awake and said, “His Highness Li helped that fool.”

“His Highness Li!” Song Lingyun couldnt help but raise her voice. “Really Why would he help that fool!”

At the mention of todays matter, Yu Linlang was also very frustrated. She had spent a lot of effort and financial resources to plan todays palace banquet, but it was all for nothing. “How would I know I said before that this method was very risky, but you were the one who insisted on me doing it. Now, not only have we failed to ruin the reputation of the stupid fool, but she has even hooked up with His Highness Li!”

“Im doing this for you, okay If Shen Yaowei really marries into Prince Zhaos residence, you can only be a concubine in the future. Are you willing to be inferior to that fool” Song Lingyuns tone was filled with unconcealable disgust when she mentioned Shen Yaowei. She threw the red amulet in front of Yu Linlang. “This is the amulet Shen Liuan gave you. He also prepared one for Shen Yaowei, but its much better than yours. After all, shes his biological daughter.”

Yu Linlangs face darkened.

Things had always been like this.

Anything the Shen family gave her was worse than Shen Yaoweis.

It was as if she, Yu Linlang, was born to be inferior to Shen Yaowei.

“Mother, that fool will probably come to me for sugar balls later. Give me one more,” Yu Linlang said.

“Why The effect of the sugar balls is incremental.”

When Yu Linlang heard this, she smiled coldly. “Isnt it better to make her even more stupid Its best if shes so stupid that she cant even tell east from west. Who knows, she might fall into the lake and drown one day”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open from outside.

Shocked, Yu Linlang and Song Lingyun looked at the door in panic.



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