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Always Letting My Daughter Use These Lousy Things! Do You Really Think Were Beggars


She wanted her to keep her father.

Shen Yaowei lowered her eyes and smiled with a dark light swirling in her eyes. “Daddy and Big Brother are going to deal with the big monster. Yaoyao supports them!”

Song Lingyuns expression froze.

Shen Yaoweis answer was unexpected.

It had been nearly half a month since Shen Liuan and Shen Yifeng left the capital.

A few days ago, this fool had clearly gone to look for Shen Liuan and Shen Yifeng.

“Yaoyao, youre so sensible.” Shen Liuan took out something from his arms and handed it to Shen Yaowei. “Yaoyao, I specially asked Master Ciyun for this amulet. If you carry it with you, itll protect you. Its time for Daddy and your brother to leave. Be good at home, okay”

Shen Yifeng also took out something from his pocket and handed it to Shen Yaowei. “Yaoyao, I specially went to the spiritual mountain to ask for this protective bracelet for you. Take it with you.”

Their precious Yaoyao was most afraid of ghosts.

Under Song Lingyuns envious gaze, Shen Yaowei took the amulet and bracelet and kept them properly.

“Yaoyao is so lucky.” Song Lingyuns smile looked a little stiff. “Unlike Linlang, who has no father to dote on her since she was young. But Big Brother, Yifeng, dont worry. Linlang and I will definitely take good care of Yaoyao when youre not around.”

“This is the amulet I prepared for Linlang. Although its not from Master Ciyun, it was also made by an accomplished monk.” Shen Liuan took out another amulet and handed it to Song Lingyun. “The evil spirits have been a little fierce recently. Get Linlang to carry the amulet with her.”

Song Lingyun glanced at the red amulet.

Its quality was not as good as Shen Yaoweis.

Song Lingyun slowly raised her hand and took the amulet from Shen Liuans hand. She said calmly, “Thank you, Big Brother, for still thinking about Linlang.”

“Father, its getting late. We have to go,” Shen Yifeng said to Shen Liuan.

Shen Liuan looked at Shen Yaowei reluctantly. “Be good at home. If anyone bullies you, tell Uncle Jiang.”

Shen Yaowei could not bear to leave Shen Liuan either, but she still smiled sweetly at him. “Daddy and Big Brother have to finish their matters and come home as soon as possible, okay”

Shen Yifeng raised his hand and affectionately rubbed Shen Yaoyaos face. “Okay.”

Shen Liuan and Shen Yifeng both turned around and left. Soon, only Shen Yaowei and Song Lingyun were left in the front hall.

Shen Yaowei couldnt be bothered with Song Lingyun and walked out.

As Song Lingyun looked at Shen Yaoweis departing figure, the smile on her face was replaced by coldness.

After Shen Yaowei walked out, she threw the amulet on the ground and stomped on it a few times.

“He always let my daughter use these lousy things! Does he really think were beggars!”

Although Song Lingyuns voice was very low, it still entered Shen Yaoweis ears.

There was no change in her expression. Shen Yaowei was already used to Song Lingyun and Yu Linlang being greedy.

Her mother had passed away not long after she was born. Coincidentally, Song Lingyuns husband also passed away because of an illness. Hence, Song Lingyun brought Yu Linlang to their Shen residence and helped her deceased sister take care of her daughter. She has since lived in the Shen residence for more than ten years.

Because her mother often told her father before she passed away that if Song Lingyun was in trouble in the future, she had to help her, so her father had always treated Song Lingyun and Yu Linlang as family and let them live in the Shen residence without worries.

However, Song Lingyun was not satisfied at all. She wanted to be the mistress of the Shen family and had gradually shown her ambition in the past two years.

Perhaps this woman had entered the Shen residence from the beginning because she had designs on her father. That was why she had poisoned her and made her a fool so that she could give up her position to Yu Linlang.

Their Shen family had never let Song Lingyun and her daughter down.

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Just as Shen Yaowei was immersed in her thoughts, a pleasant voice sounded from ahead.




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