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What If You Scare My Precious Yaoyao

Shen Liuan raised his hand and slapped the back of Shen Yifengs head. “Rascal, watch your tone when you talk to Yaoyao! What if you scare my precious Yaoyao!”

This slap almost made Shen Yifeng fall to the ground. He looked at his father helplessly. “Im just anxious to know what happened to Yaoyao.”

“Daddy, dont hit Big Brother. Itll hurt.” Shen Yaowei held Shen Liuans hand and tried to control her tears. “I just missed Daddy and Big Brother too much.”

Shen Liuan was stunned for a moment, then he laughed. “Hahahaha, Yifeng, did you hear that Yaoyao said she cried because she missed me too much.”

Shen Yifeng glanced faintly at Shen Liuan.

His sister had clearly said that she missed him too.

However, if he dared to say it now, he would not be able to escape being slapped again.

Shen Yaowei looked at Shen Liuan and Shen Yifeng with an indescribable satisfaction.

After experiencing a life and death crisis, she finally understood what the most precious thing in the world was.

In her previous life, after she met Huo Zhao and fell in love with him at first sight, she placed all her attention on him and completely ignored her family.

How stupid.

Shen Liuan squatted down slightly facing Shen Yaowei and pinched her dough-like face. “Yaoyao, Daddy and your brother have indeed been busy recently. Your third, fourth, and fifth brothers still need some time to come back. Its really been hard on you. Daddy promises you that after my matters are settled, Ill apply for leave from His Majesty and spend some time with you.”

Shen Yaowei nodded slightly. “Dad, havent you caught that monster yet”

Recently, there had been a series of murders in the cities around the capital. It was said that evil spirits had escaped from the underground forbidden area.

His Majesty had handed this case to their General Manor.

In her previous life, she remembered that her father had worked hard for two months to catch this evil monster.

Logically speaking, his father should be busy with this at this time, but now he was suddenly back. This was different from her previous life.

Could it be that because of her rebirth, the trajectory of some things had changed

“No.” Shen Liuan never treated Shen Yaowei as a fool. He felt that his good daughter was just slower than ordinary people, and her mind was too clean and pure. He did not avoid talking about things with her. “Yaoyao, dont go out alone for the time being. That monster is very scary.”

“Dad, dont scare Yaoyao.” Shen Yifeng squeezed between Shen Liuan and Shen Yaowei and said to her with a smile, “If you want to go out and play, tell me. Ill bring you out.”

Shen Yaoweis heart warmed, and her eyes curved into crescents.

At that moment, a voice broke the harmonious atmosphere.

“Big Brother, Yifeng. Youre really back.” The gentle female voice was filled with surprise.

Shen Yaowei turned her head slightly and watched as the beautiful woman in a long white dress and exquisite bun walked into the front hall.

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The beautiful womans eyebrows were somewhat similar to Yu Linlangs. Because she had taken good care of herself, she looked to be in her early 30s at most and had a faint charm.

It was Yu Linlangs mother, Song Lingyun.

When Shen Liuan saw Song Lingyun, the smile on his face instantly faded a lot. “Fenger and I are just here for a while. Well be leaving soon.”

Shen Yaoweis lips twitched when she saw Song Lingyun staring at her father ever since she entered the front hall.

Why hadnt she realized how this woman felt about her father in her previous life

“Youre leaving so soon…” Song Lingyun couldnt help but look disappointed. She finally turned to look at Shen Yaowei and smiled. “Yaoyao, can you bear to let your father and brother leave so quickly”



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