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Yu Linlang! You Farted!

Shen Yaowei simply sat down beside Yu Linlang and continued to ask, “Its like my first brother, second brother, third brother, fourth brother, and fifth brother. Why are they divided into first, second, third, fourth, and fifth Yu Linlang, I dont understand.”

Yu Linlang looked at Shen Yaowei.

The girls expression was ignorant and confused. She looked like the purest jade, untainted by the dust of the world.

However, the words that came out of that small mouth caused a huge mental attack on her.

She was in so much pain, but this fool was still struggling with her stupid questions!

How could there be a fool who couldnt even tell the difference between three and four!

Yu Linlang gritted her teeth to prevent herself from making a sound. Only then could she suppress her anger and not scold Shen Yaowei for being an idiot.

“Yu Linlang, if everyone is divided, which number are you”

Just when Shen Yaowei finished speaking, there was a crisp sound.

An indescribable stench of rotten eggs quickly filled the carriage.

Shen Yaowei suddenly jumped up from her seat and distanced herself from Yu Linlang. She pinched her nose with her small hand and looked at her in horror. “Yu Linlang! You farted!”

The crisp and ear-piercing sound was very loud and came directly from within the carriage.

The coachman, who was driving outside, staggered and almost fell out of the carriage.

Yu Linlangs face turned red. Her hands were clenched into fists and an unprecedented shame almost engulfed her.

The most terrifying thing was that she felt another gas condense in her abdomen, crazily trying to come out…

“Shen Yaowei, sit down and shut up,” Yu Linlang said hoarsely with her eyes closed.

She could not move now, or something would happen.

She didnt want to talk nonsense with Shen Yaowei. She was afraid she would die of anger.

“Yu Linlang, didnt you say that you were a fairy” Shen Yaowei blinked her big black eyes and looked at Yu Linlang as if she had discovered a new continent. “I heard Zi Yun tell a story previously. In the story, she said that fairies drink dew and never fart…”

“Shen Yaowei, why did you peek at me!” Yu Linlang was about to break down.

She had a habit of looking in the mirror for an hour every day and telling herself that she was a fairy to maintain her confidence.

This habit was also her secret.

Only she knew.

With Yu Linlangs agitation, there were two more crisp sounds.

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This time, the car seemed to be filled with hazy smoke. The stench floated straight out.

At this moment, the carriage stopped steadily.

Shen Yaowei got out of the carriage eagerly and took a deep breath of fresh air. Then she said to Yu Linlang, who was afraid to get out of the car, in a loud voice, “Yu Linlang, stop farting in my carriage. It stinks!”

Her voice was so loud that the guards guarding outside the Shen residence heard her clearly. They all looked at the carriage.

Yu Linlang wished she could die on the spot.

Her face was as red as a cooked prawn, and she was so embarrassed that her toes were almost digging into the ground.

“Stupid fool, damn you!!” A low curse spilled from Yu Linlangs mouth. She wanted to continue calming down in the carriage, but her stomach hurt more and more, accompanied by a crazy urge to release gas.

Shen Yaowei watched as Yu Linlang revealed half of her body from the carriage with a red face. She smiled and said, “Yu Linlang, youre amazing! Ive never heard anyone fart so loudly! It sounds like a cannon!”



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