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Little Fool, Dont Touch Me Again

Seeing that Huo Junhan did not push Shen Yaowei away, and Shen Yaowei actually dared to complain to him, everyone present could not help but look up at the sky.

Was there going to be blood rain today

Huo Zhaos gaze was fixed on Shen Yaoweis hand that was holding Huo Junhans arm. He was about to go forward and say something when the corner of his shirt was pulled back.

He turned around and saw Yu Linlang shaking her head gently at him. He immediately understood the impulse of what he had just wanted to do. Helpless, he could only grit his teeth to hold back the surging anger in his heart and stand still.

On the other side, Princess Baohua, who had returned to her senses, looked at the scene in front of her. A chill ran from the bottom of her feet to her head.

“Shen Yaowei! I didnt bully you! Your Highness Li, dont listen to Shen Yaoweis nonsense! Shen Yaowei colluded with an adulterer and did something treasonous. She even dared to lie and say that she went to your bamboo courtyard. This is tarnishing your reputation! You cant believe her!” Princess Baohua said anxiously to Huo Junhan, her expression filled with fear and anticipation.

She was afraid that Huo Junhan would deal with her because of Shen Yaoweis words.

She was looking forward to Huo Junhan believing her and killing Shen Yaowei personally!

At this moment, Shen Yaowei was no longer interested in listening to Princess Baohuas clamor. Her eyes were filled with Huo Junhan as she squatted beside Huo Junhan and looked at him with bright puppy eyes.

Huo Junhan looked away from Shen Yaowei and pulled his arm out of her grip at the same time.

Princess Baohua looked at Huo Junhans actions and was delighted. The anticipation in her eyes intensified.

Just as she felt that Huo Junhans next move was to kick Shen Yaowei away, Huo Junhan looked up at her.

In an instant, she felt like she had fallen into an icy hell and even her soul trembled. Before she could react, she saw Huo Junhan flick his finger.

The next moment, a pig-like scream came out of Princess Baohuas mouth.

An invisible spiritual power pierced a bloody hole in her right calf. Princess Baohua staggered and fell to her knees.

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“Kneel well,” Huo Junhan said indifferently. “If you dare to fall, then you dont need your other leg either.”

Princess Baohua, whose vision was blurred from the pain, immediately tried to stabilize herself. She knelt there trembling and widened her eyes at Huo Junhan.

She wanted to ask him why he was doing this.

The person he should be dealing with was Shen Yaowei who was spouting nonsense, not her. However, she didnt have the courage to speak.

Shen Yaowei did not expect Huo Junhan to suddenly attack Princess Baohua. She glanced at Princess Baohuas tragic state and then at Huo Junhan, feeling the urge to grab his arm again.

However, the man reached out and placed the tip of his slender fingers on her forehead to stop her from moving forward.

“Little fool, dont touch me again.”

His deep voice still sounded cold, but in everyones eyes, it was laced with an indescribable doting.

Shen Yaowei puffed up her cheeks and stopped moving forward. She stared at Huo Junhan with her wet puppy eyes.

“Your Highness Li, what are you doing” At this moment, the Empress Dowagers voice slowly sounded with a hint of deep displeasure. “How can you attack a princess at the royal banquet! How can this be”

“Princess Baohua asked to kneel and apologize. Im just fulfilling her sincerity.”



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