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Ninth Imperial Uncle! Someone is Bullying Yaoyao!

The others present also saw the golden carriage and were as silent as a cicada.

The originally noisy scene became much quieter.

When Yu Linlang and Huo Zhao noticed the golden carriage, their expressions also turned solemn.

Only Princess Baohua, who had her back facing the carriage, was unaware of the change in the aura around her. She smiled proudly and said to Shen Yaowei, “Im not bullying you. I just want to see your chastity sand. If you didnt do anything wrong, you dont have to be so nervous. As for going to the bamboo courtyard, heh… If you really have the ability to go to the bamboo courtyard, Ill kneel down and kowtow to you to apologize.”

“His Highness Li has arrived—” With the eunuchs announcement, Princess Baohua whipped around to see the golden carriage.

On the carriage sat a man in dark red luxurious clothes with his long black hair tied up with a blood jade crown. He was as handsome as a demon and exuded a noble aura.

When many of the unmarried women saw Huo Junhans handsome and devilish face, their hearts inevitably beat faster and their faces blushed.

His Highness Li was really too beautiful.

Unfortunately, this mans methods were even more cold and cruel than the devils.

Some ministers and nobles also secretly glanced at Huo Junhan with hatred.

Huo Junhan ignored the various gazes from all directions and still sat lazily in the carriage. The folding fan in his hand knocked on the armrest of the carriage, making thumping sounds.

The guard carried the carriage to the pavilion and put it down.

As Huo Junhan got out of the sedan chair and walked to his seat, the Empress Dowager said with a fake smile, “His Highness Li is really busy every day. He actually came even later than His Majesty.”

Previously, be it her or His Majestys banquet, Huo Junhan had never arrived on time.

He was just a subject, but he had actually arrived later than her and His Majesty. It was blatant that he really disregarded the rules.

Huo Junhan lazily looked up at the Empress Dowager and his thin lips curled into a faint smile. “My old illness acted up yesterday and I wasnt feeling well, so I came late. However, Im glad I didnt miss a good show.”

As he spoke, his gaze turned to Princess Baohua and Shen Yaowei.

Shen Yaowei ran straight to Huo Junhan with a bright smile on her face. “Ninth Imperial Uncle!”

Before she could finish her sentence, her small body had already rushed towards Huo Junhan!

While everyone was still in shock, Shen Yaowei had already arrived beside Huo Junhan and was about to hug his arm.

Seeing Shen Yaoweis actions, everyone at the banquet, including the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Those who dared to approach Huo Junhan so boldly must already be buried in their graves!

As the girls sweet breath approached, Huo Junhan frowned. He was about to push Shen Yaowei away when he looked down and saw her soft face.

She seemed to have just cried. Her eyelids, nose, and even the corners of her eyes were red.

But the smile on her face was indescribably dazzling, and her dark eyes were shockingly bright.

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Immediately, Huo Junhans arm turned stiff as if it was fixed by something. He remained motionless and let Shen Yaowei hug his arm.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle! Someone bullied Yaoyao!” Shen Yaowei hugged Huo Junhans arm and said confidently.



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