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Blood of the Heart as a Sacrifice, Can Be Exchanged for the Rebirth of the Dead!

This was the seventh day after Shen Yaowei died and her soul was trapped in the throne room.

Ever since she died tragically seven days ago, her originally silly mind had gradually returned to normal. However, for some reason, her soul had been following Huo Junhan. At this moment, she was lying on Huo Junhans back and opening her eyes in a daze.

The first thing that came into view was the big red word “Happiness” pasted on the gold dragon pillar. Seven days ago, after experiencing the war, the throne room had returned to its former glorious and domineering state. Today, it was even decorated with lights.

Shen Yaowei couldnt help but be stunned. A surprised expression appeared on her face.

“Huo Junhan, this big baddie, is getting married”

Didnt they say that Huo Junhan was born rebellious, heartless, and didnt get close to women

She was suddenly curious. What kind of woman was this big baddie marrying

She floated to the center of the hall and saw Huo Junhan.

He was wearing a gorgeous red wedding gown that formed a sharp contrast with his white bony arms. He looked strangely beautiful.

His black hair was tied up neatly with a blood-colored jade crown. The mans handsome face looked a little sickly pale, and his thin lips were as red as blood. His light brown peach blossom eyes were lowered as he looked at the skeleton in his arms, his gaze as deep as the abyss.

The fiery red mole between his eyebrows made his god-like face look even more flirtatious. The words he said also made ones hair stand on end.

“Little fool, today is our big day. Youre my only queen. Are you happy Youre usually so afraid of me. You must be very unhappy to marry me now,” the man said gently as he hugged the skeleton in his arms. “Dont be angry, I have a surprise for you. You said youre afraid of the dark. It must be very lonely on the road to the afterlife, so dont walk too quickly alone…”

The familiar title made Shen Yaoweis eyes widen and her soul tremble.

How, how was that possible

The skeleton in Huo Junhans arms was actually hers!

She had seen Huo Junhan hugging this skeleton since seven days ago. He even hugged it to sleep and eat.

And the person he was going to marry today was actually her!

While Shen Yaowei was in shock, the eunuchs trembling voice sounded from outside the hall.

“Your Majesty, Huo Zhao and Lady Yu have been brought over.”

“Tell them to hurry up.”

As the mans cold voice sounded, a man and a woman tied together with a rope were dragged forcefully into the hall by the guards.

The man in the prison uniform no longer had his usual handsome appearance. He looked miserable, like a beggar. The woman beside him also did not have her usual glory. Her clothes were tattered and she was covered in injuries.

Shen Yaoweis gaze turned to the man and woman, her eyes filled with hatred.

A monstrous resentment emanated from her body, causing the atmosphere in the entire hall to turn cold.

This couple was the cause of her death.

The man was her fiancé, Huo Zhao. The woman was her biological cousin, Yu Linlang.

In order to shake her off, this adulterous couple had fed her the most vicious poison in the world, making her suffer seven days of torture before dying. Her corpse had directly turned into bones.

After Huo Zhao ascended the throne, he directly charged her family with treason and killed the entire Shen family.

Back then, she had been poisoned by Yu Linlangs mother. Her mind was as simple as a seven or eight-year-old child, which was why she was easily played by this adulterous couple.

It was only before she died that she saw their true colors.

On the other side, Huo Junhan raised his eyes and glanced at Yu Linlang and Huo Zhao.

Just this cold gaze made Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang kneel down.

However, Yu Linlang still straightened her back stubbornly and looked at Huo Junhan angrily. “Huo Junhan! Youre unfilial and trying to usurp the throne! You even coveted your nephews fiancée. Arent you afraid of being punished by the heavens!”

Huo Zhao said anxiously to Huo Junhan, “Uncle, I really didnt kill Yaoyao! If you kill me for Shen Yaowei, youll really be punished by the heavens!”

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“Punished by the heavens” Without waiting for Huo Zhao to finish, Huo Junhan raised his eyes and glared at him. His cold gaze made him and Yu Linlang feel as if they had fallen into an ice prison. “I never believed in the heavens. I only believe in Yaoyao! If anyone dares to harm Yaoyao, I will definitely destroy them! Let alone you ants!”

The atmosphere in the hall became even more oppressive and the air almost stopped flowing.

This was the first time Shen Yaowei had ever felt so shocked.

Huo Junhans actions today had completely subverted her understanding.

Seven days ago, Huo Junhan had launched a coup détat and seized the throne. Those who had participated in harming her were all imprisoned, implicating their entire family.

She had thought it was just a coincidence. It was just that he was about to plot rebellion and those people happened to kill her. In the end, was all this for her

She had not interacted much with Huo Junhan in her previous life. The most she had heard were all kinds of shocking rumors about him relying on his power and ruthlessness to obliterate human nature.

It could be said that she was most afraid of Huo Junhan, the Demon King. However, this ruthless Demon King was actually willing to take revenge for her, theidiot in the eyes of the world.

Looking at Huo Junhan in a daze, Shen Yaowei was more touched than shocked.

On the ground, Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang wanted to say something, but Huo Junhan clearly did not have the patience for the two of them.

Huo Junhan casually waved his sleeve, and a golden red flame appeared out of thin air, turning into fiery red lotuses that quickly engulfed Huo Zhao and Yu Linlang.

“Huo Zhao, Yu Linlang, didnt you coax that little fool to like you the most when she was alive Shes so afraid of the dark, she must be very lonely on the road to hell.” Huo Junhan looked at the two people surrounded by fire and smiled coldly. “Then Ill let you both go down and accompany her.”

In an instant, the two of them were swallowed by the fire. The demonic red-gold fire spread throughout the entire hall like a blooming fire lotus.

On the other hand, Huo Junhan sat on the throne without moving, letting the flames around him accumulate. He lowered his head and looked at the skeleton in his arms, his jade-like fingers gently stroking its cheek.

The hot fire shone on his pale handsome face, as if it was plated with a halo. His usually cold and murderous face seemed surprisingly gentle.

“Its on fire! Huo Junhan! Leave quickly!” Shen Yaowei shouted heart-wrenchingly at Huo Junhan.

Huo Junhan did not care about the flames that were gradually surrounding him. His thin lips curled into a smile. “Little fool, you should be happy now that Ive avenged you, right Since youre happy, listen to me and live well on my behalf.”

Shen Yaoweis pupils trembled when she saw Huo Junhan take out a blood-colored dagger.

It was the Reincarnation Dagger!

Using the blood of a heart as a sacrifice could exchange for the rebirth of the dead!


“I, Huo Junhan, am willing to use my soul as a sacrifice in exchange for my wife, Shen Yaowei, to be reborn and be safe…”

“No!” Shen Yaowei cried in despair as she watched Huo Junhan send the dagger into his heart without hesitation.

The fire had already spread quickly to the dragon throne. Before her consciousness was swallowed by the darkness, Shen Yaowei saw the man sitting on the dragon throne smiling at her dotingly and gently…



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