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Chapter 30: A Breath Exhaled Became Wind, A Snort Became Thunder

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After Monk Hui Shi disguised himself as a bailiff, he really seemed to have become a bailiff who bullied the weak and feared the strong. His attitude was extremely arrogant.

Behind him were more than ten ordinary constables, all of whom were staring fiercely at Cui Heng.

However, no one dared to rush forward.

Even though they didnt see Cui Heng collapse the cells passageway from 40 to 50 feet away, to be able to collapse a building made of limestone to such an extent, he was definitely a top-notch expert in the Pugilistic World and could kill them with a single slap.

Cui Heng looked at Monk Hui Shi and chuckled. “How can a monk have such an explosive temper Arent you afraid that Buddha will blame you”

“Nonsense, Im the head of the Julu County court, not some monk!” Monk Hui Shi was furious. He obviously didnt want to expose his identity, so he directly stepped forward and raised his right hand to grab Cui Heng.

The monk who was pretending to be the head of the county court was clearly not weak in martial arts. Even though he was 20 to 30 feet away from Cui Heng, he had arrived in front of him in one step.

His right hand formed a claw and grabbed at Cui Hengs shoulder.

The strength of this claw was extremely powerful. As it moved, it actually left behind white lines in the air, tearing out waves of wind sound. It sounded like a gale howling in ones ears.

Even if it was a metal object, it would probably be crushed by this claw.

The dozen or so government enforcers who had followed along were dumbfounded. They had never thought that their leader would have such powerful martial arts.

Such martial arts skills were probably even better than top-notch martial artists. Why did he lower himself to be the leader of a small county office

The old man in the cell next door was also a little surprised. His eyesight was outstanding, and he could tell at a glance that this bailiff head had already condensed his True Qi. If he was in the martial world, he would be addressed respectfully as Young Grandmaster.

“Its a pity that this fellow doesnt know that the tunnel to the dungeon collapsed at a distance of 40 to 50 feet.” The old man sneered in his heart. In his opinion, the bailiff head was obviously seeking his own death.

It was not too difficult to collapse a dungeon passage made of limestone.

As long as one stepped into the Marrows Purification realm, Inner Qi would naturally form. It was considered as first-rate strength in the Pugilistic World. Experts at this level could rely on the power of Inner Qi to shatter a millstone-sized limestone with a single slap.

However, Cui Heng had directly collapsed the dungeon passage from 40 to 50 feet away!

This was far beyond the level of a first-rate expert or even a Grandmaster. Perhaps only a Grandmaster who had fully stepped through the Profound Gate realm and started to sense his Inner World could do this.

If Monk Hui Shi knew this, he would definitely not act so rashly.

Unfortunately, he did not see that scene at all.

In the blink of an eye, Monk Hui Shis attack approached Cui Hengs shoulder.

His gaze was ruthless as he wanted to cripple Cui Hengs arm.

The martial technique used by this claw was one of the 81 ultimate moves of Lotus Flower Monastery, the Dragon Claw Capturing Hand.

While concealing the origins of his martial arts, hed also restrained most of his power.

He was best at capturing and dislocating human bones.

It was impossible for a country bumpkin who didnt belong to any sect or clan to defend against his True Qi.

However, just as Monk Hui Shi was thinking this, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right hand, as if he had grabbed onto something indestructible. All of his strength was forcefully reflected back.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

When the five fingers of Hui Shis right hand were three inches away from Cui Hengs shoulder, his flesh suddenly burst apart. The bones inside were all broken and stuck out of his hand!

“How is this possible!”

Monk Hui Shi cried out in shock, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

This extreme shock even surpassed the pain in his hand.

But before he could react to what had happened, Cui Heng let out a light breath.

It was as if he was breathing normally.

The next moment—


A thunderous boom erupted in the air.

A small tornado appeared out of thin air in the dungeon. It was about three meters tall and reached to the ceiling of the dungeon.

At the same time, the withered grass, gravel and many other miscellaneous items on the ground were swept in by the gust of wind, sending sand and rocks flying!

Immediately after, the fierce storm hit Monk Hui Shi.

This expert of Buddhism, who had mastered True Qi and could be called a Minor Grandmaster, was sent flying on the spot and slammed into the stone slab at the top of the dungeon.

However, the violent winds did not stop. Wherever they passed, everything was destroyed. All sorts of torture tools, stones, and prison cells were destroyed by the violent winds.

When the group of government enforcers saw this, they ran away as though they had seen a ghost.

However, how could their speed catch up to the gales They were like pieces of paper in a storm. They were all swept up and thrown in all directions, their fates unknown.


Suddenly, another loud bang was heard. The storm had slammed into the entrance of the dungeon, clearly causing the passageway to collapse.

At that moment, the wind finally dissipated. The entire dungeon was in a mess.

The old man standing not far away from Cui Heng was completely stupefied. He felt as if his mind had come to a standstill and his mind went blank.

What was going on

What was that


He slapped himself so hard that he grimaced in pain.

This was not a dream!

“Oh my god, is this still martial arts”

It was too ridiculous!

He could achieve such an effect with just a breath!


Monk Hui Shi, who had just been blown to the top of the dungeon, fell down. His limbs twitched slightly and his body trembled. He tried his best to raise his head.

At this moment, the disguise on his face had been destroyed, and he had returned to his young monk appearance.

“Since I didnt blow you to death, it means that your cultivation is not bad.” Cui Heng smiled and walked out of the cell. He looked at Monk Hui Shi who was lying on the ground and said lightly, “Get up, take me to see the county magistrate here.”

“I, you, I…” Monk Hui Shi stammered. He wanted to stand up, but due to the twitching of his hands and feet, he fell down. Perhaps due to his strong desire to live, after a few failures, he still tried his best and managed to stand up. He lowered his head and said,” Yes! ”

“You should come too.” Cui Heng glanced at the old man who was still in a daze.

“Ah Me Alright, alright!” The old man immediately nodded and hurriedly followed.

When the three of them arrived in front of the collapsed dungeon passage, the old man immediately rushed forward, wanting to volunteer to move the collapsed stones away.

However, before he could make a move, these rocks actually seemed to have come to life, and they moved aside to automatically open up a path for Cui Heng.

The old man was dumbfounded.

Is this still martial arts

When Monk Hui Shi saw this, his hands and feet turned cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave. He was horrified. “Where did this monster come from!”


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