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Chapter 42.1: Date

“Rice ball.” Yao Yi bowed her head and flipped through the printed test questions with one hand, and bit into the rice ball with the other hand.

While chewing the rice ball, she discovered that there was shrimp inside.

Delicious food was always a pleasure.

Yao Yi sat cross-legged under the tree, suddenly feeling more energetic to complete the competition questions.

On the contrary, it was Qin Li who glanced at Yao Yi’s lunch box from time to time.

He was resentful, and abruptly felt that the bread in his hand was suddenly tasteless.

However, Yao Yi only cared about her own test paper, and had no intention of sharing the lunchbox with him.

Finally, Qin Li couldn’t help it anymore, and swallowed his saliva: “Help me look over this test paper, I’m going to go to the cafeteria to get a boxed lunch.”

Yao Yi nodded casually, keeping her eyes on the paper, and took out another rice ball.


The soup was a bit more troublesome to drink.

Yao Yi considered not drinking it, but looked down and saw a straw beside her.

Yao Yi took out the straw, inserted it into the insulated box, picked it up and drank it.

This method did not interrupt her process of looking over the test questions.

After a while, Qin Li came back with a gloomy face.

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Fu Chuan was excellent in every subject, and of course he sometimes made some small mistakes.

But apart from Yao Yi, judging from his performance alone, he could choose any subject to compete in.


The teachers of each subject felt that Fu Chuan could go further, and they all wanted Fu Chuan to apply for his own topics.

Of course, after passing the league first.

Fu Chuan stood upright, and his loose school uniform couldn’t hide his pine-like posture.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Fu Chuan answered casually, not paying much attention to the league.

“That’s fine, you can think about it after you finish the league exam.” Lao Han didn’t make things difficult for him, and said some words of encouragement, and let Fu Chuan go back.

It was just that after the league exam, Lao Han found that Fu Chuan didn’t place into any of the high rankings

“It’s not surprising.” Zhou Hui heard her colleagues talk about this matter in the teaching and research room, and shook her head.

“He has convulsions from time to time.

I suspect that he may not be able to get a place in the competitions of other subjects.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of it.” A teacher seemed to think of something, “Fu Chuan was also like this at the school in the capital.

When he wants to do an exam, he goes to do the exam.

Sometimes he just writes his name and then turns in the papers.”

In the end, Lao Han didn’t specifically speak to Fu Chuan.

The competition was just icing on the cake for students like them.

If he really didn’t want to take the exam, he couldn’t force it.

Of course, Qin Li and Yao Yi successfully passed the league exam and achieved a good result of being tied for first place.

“Why doesn’t it feel difficult” This was the first sentence Qin Li said to Yao Yi after the exam.

Yao Yi glanced at Qin Li strangely: “We have been working on the training team topics, fo course the current one is not difficult.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Under the influence of eyes and ears learning from other people, Qin Li also learned the word “Oh”.


After a while, Qin Li asked again: “Did you really study their topic I think the questions aren’t that hard now.”

“I’ll give you a similar type, and there won’t be too much difference.” Yao Yi was now used to this way of thinking, but still felt a little tired.

The certificates of ranking came down very quickly, and those in the class who participated in the mathematics league at least had a third ranking prize.

After all, they were all the best students from key middle schools.

“Where’s your award” Yao Yi lay on the table, watching her classmates get up to receive the award one by one.

However Fu Chuan’s name was not called, even till the end.

After Lao Han said a few words of encouragement to everyone, he began to give the lecture.

Fu Chuan looked down at Yao Yi, and murmured in a low voice, “I didn’t feel well that day, and I didn’t finish the test paper.”

Yao Yi sat up straight for a moment, looked at Fu Chuan worriedly, and put her hand on his shoulder: “Is it better now You need to eat more, so that your immunity can be strengthened, so you won’t get sick easily.”

Fu Chuan laughed in his heart, but his face remained calm and self-possessed: “Who told you such a thing”

Of course, it couldn’t be what Father and Mother Yao said.

Yao Yi was very obedient when eating since she was a child.

A big bowl of rice was placed in front of her; as long as she was put on a chair, she would eat it obediently with a spoon.

This was what a relative said to his child when she went to someone else’s house to pay New Year’s greetings.

Yao Yi repeated it to Fu Chuan from memory.

“It’s accurate anyway, you have to be obedient.” Yao Yi frowned, still resting her hand on Fu Chuan’s shoulder.

Zhao Qian turned his head at an angle stiffly.

After seeing Han Jiaojiao listening to English through earphones, he could only turn around and hold back.

What were the two people in the back doing They talked strangely every day, causing people to misunderstand.


Fu Chuan lowered his eyes, hesitating in his voice: “Can you introduce any delicious meals My house cook was hired locally, and her food is not to my liking.”

“Oh, I’ll ask Zhao Qian for you later.” Yao Yi usually didn’t even know what she usually ate, so how could she know delicious dishes

Zhao Qian who overheard: No, I don’t want to tell you.

Two months after the start of school, the students in Class Zero who had become sophomores had more or less changed.

For example, because of the increased evening self-study, more and more students regard the school classroom as their home.

Another example was that Yao Yi was crushed by Fu Chuan in the monthly exam in October once again.

After the results came out, Yao Yi’s dislike for Fu Chuan deepened, but at the same time, feelings of guilt grew.

The biggest change was that a classmate left.


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